You Know You’re in Training…

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…when your wine bar no longer furnishes a libation to “soften” the day, but instead, looks more like a shelf at the local sporting goods store:


Training Calls For: 3 miles

Miles Run So Far: 31

Days Left: 110

You know those days when you don’t really want to follow the schedule and instead, have a hankering for pizza and beer and a night in?  Yep, having one of those.  Still going to lace up my running shoes soon, because the hardest part of a run you’re not that excited about is the first few steps you take…out the door.  I’ll get in to the groove and then eventually, it will all be done.  Another day ticked off on the Hal Higdon Novice 1 Marathon Training Schedule.

Eats for the day:

All natural, whole wheat toast with a smidgeon of Kroger-brand Nutella.

A “tropical” Green Monster Smoothie.  (Spinach, soymilk, protein powder, half a banana, a cup of frozen pineapple and a few drops of coconut extract)

A PB and Mango/Passion Fruit jam (ooh, fancy ;)) sandwich, on somemore whole wheat bread.

“Pita” chips I fashioned out of an aging Aldi multigrain wrap…cut it up, stuck it in a bag, shook some EVOO, cinnamon and a lil’ brown sugar.  Baked for about 10 minutes at 350 and boom!  Tasted amazing!

And a lemon Larabar made itself at home on my desk :).

I had a few unpictured noshes, but nothing too exciting…an apple here, some tortilla chips there, maybe a cuke came into play.  Just sayin’.

It’s time to hit the path and get my miles out of the way.  We’ve got some fun plans tonight — a farm team baseball game.  It’s half-dollar dog night!  (hot dog, not real dog — woof woof!).

Have a good one!


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Training Calls for: Rest 🙂

Miles Run So Far:  31 miles

Days Left: 111

Can you guess what that title stands for?  T.G.I.R.D.?  Thank Goodness It’s Rest Day!  WOOOOOOO!  I took it pretty seriously, too.  First, let’s back up.

I disappeared over this weekend for a number of reasons, some of them being:

🙂 I had some friendly friend things to do (a farewell party 😦 and a cookout :)) and being such a social butterfly left little time for blogging.

😦 Our wireless internet was down at the house.  Boooo.  After some surgery, Dr. Sam was able to fix it, so I’m back!!!

Saturday morning, I took the monsters to the dog park then indulged in some yogAHHH.  Oh my.  I can’t even believe how long it’s been since I’ve done a little yogAHHH.  Almost a month (oh, the archival powers of a blog!)  It felt great to stretch and loosen up.  I won’t go a month again without a little yogAHHH in my life.

Sam was out of town on Saturday and we wanted to run our long run (7 miles) together, so I waited for him and switch/swapped/flip/flopped Saturday with Sunday.

BOOM!  We powered out those miles.  What a great run.  For the first mile or two, we chit chatted, then fell into a pattern of silence, just ready to get to the turnaround point (3.5 miles).  Sam kept track of our pace with his watch and we left the iPods/iPhones at home.  It amazed me that just a year ago, I couldn’t run without music (for fear of hearing my own huffing!) and now, I almost actually prefer it.  It’s very Zen ;).

We kept up a good pace and at the last mile, Sam said, “let’s kick it up a notch.”  I agreed and started telling myself, “I can do anything for a mile, I can do anything for a mile.”  We were running pretty fast and really powered it out at the end.  It wasn’t a super fast run, but it definitely felt good to finish so strong.  I did the math and I dusted my 10K time by a few minutes. Yessssss.

One thing that made this run especially enjoyable was the fact we carried water bottles with us.  Sam found these 10 oz. bottles at Aldi for muy cheapo.  They are perfect for holding your hand without being burdensome on a long run.  He carried one, I carried one and we were pretty well hydrated.  Excellent.

Our refueling dinner included a new favorite: sweet potato with baked beans.  If you aren’t eating this, you are missing out on one of the simplest, most delicious, filling meals.  It’s packed with protein, fiber, Vitamin A and fits a number of nutrition-specific lifestyles (vegetarian, gluten-free, etc.) Oh, and according to my calculations, this dinner cost $0.75 a person.  Now that’s a value meal.  Have I sold you yet?!  Yuuum.  I also had a protein shake, but made it with water.  Ewww.  I don’t know if I’ll do that again.

I didn’t photo-document all my meals today, but the one I loved the most is a newbie:  Cottage Cheese oatmeal.

Oooh, so good.  I’ve seen around the blogword peeps adding cottage cheese to their oatmeal to up the protein level and the staying power.  I’m down with that.  Since I started marathon training, I’m back to feeling like an eating machine and I need food that sticks!

Last night, I combined:

🙂 1/3 cup of Trader Joe’s Quick Cook Steel Cut Oats

🙂 1/3 cup light vanilla soymilk

🙂 1/3 cup water

🙂 1/3 smooth cottage cheese

Mix mix mix and pop it in the fridge.  If you’re wondering what “smooth cottage cheese” is, let me explain.  Sam runs the small curd cottage cheese through the food processor to eliminate the lumps.  It smooths out to the texture of marshmallow fluff.  I’m a texture person and have a real issue with curds.  Even the word: curds.  *shudders*

This morning, I nuked it for about 2-3 minutes.  The result was the smoothest, creamiest oatmeal I’ve ever eaten.  I added half a banana and smidge of brown sugar.  My amateur nutrition calculations tell me this oatmeal had about 20 grams of protein since I added the cottage cheese.  Supah.  Supah dupah.

After a full day of work (we’re in week four of six with this early morning shift…hooray!) and about an hour and a half at the library for my online class (statistics, anyone?), I headed home and truly made it a rest day.

I did nothing and it felt glorious.  It was just what I needed.

Always listen to your body.  If it says, “nap on the couch” or “chill out”, listen and act accordingly on your rest days.  If you’re a busy booger like me, you can run the risk of burning out.  Feeling like the candle is burning at both ends usually only means you’re going to burn your bum at some point.  Take time to be nice to yourself.

I’m off to take the monsters for a spin around the neighborhood.  Rumor has it (um, and that the high temps will only be in the low 80’s tomorrow.

Someone cue the Hallelujah chorus!!! 🙂  I’ll drink to that!

An Open Letter to My Grade School Gym Teacher

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First off, do me a favor and head over to A Girl, A Cat and A Bike and leave her a little comment love.  My former college roommate and bestie, Kelly, is preparing to do the Bike to the Bay — a 100 mile ride spread over 2 days.  It’s a daring challenge, but she’s ready for it.  Kelly decided a while ago to start taking her health in her own hands and this bike ride is part of the mission.  If you’re a blogger or a blog reader, I’m willing to bet you know what it feels like to face off against your first major fitness challenge.  Wish her luck…because encouragement is empowering, no matter who it comes from!  Thank you :).

And now, an open letter to my grade school gym teacher.

Dear Coach H.,

I bet you don’t remember me.  It’s okay, I wouldn’t expect you to, what with all the children you’ve taught who have passed over the squeaky gym floors of my old elementary school.  Let me jog your memory:  I’m one of the chubby little girls you told would never be an athlete because of our poor performances on the pull-up test.  Still don’t remember me?  Okay, how about: I’m the little girl who used to worry herself sick the night before the “run test”, stressing out if I would manage to run for 3 Popsicle sticks (signaling .75 miles) or 4 (a mile) and what kind of  disappointing speech I would have to hear from you when I didn’t succeed.  The way you talked about my failure to finish the Presidential Fitness test — I thought I would be deported.  Getting clearer?  I’m the little girl you made sit out for breathing too hard during the shuttle runs.  You told me I must have something wrong with my heart if I was acting like that.

I think you know me now.  It’s been a long time, Coach H., but I wanted to let you know that yesterday, I ran an 8:45 min/mile.  In fact, I didn’t just run one, I ran three of them.  I’m not writing to throw this in the face of the woman who made me think I would always be a little bit too heavy to enjoy exercise — on the contrary: I’m writing to thank you.

When I realized how fast I was running yesterday, I immediately thought of you and every time I started to slow down, I pounded out another step just at the thought of how elementary school gym class made me feel — discouraged, useless, incapable.  I pushed myself and ran extra hard yesterday, not for you, but for the little girl with pigtails from the past who deserves a brighter fitness future than the one you painted for her.

Thank you, Coach H.  I’ll take it from here.  I’ll take it with the knowledge that even though you won’t be there, I’ll see you at the finish line of those 26.2 miles.

And you can kiss my finisher’s medal,


Kah-razy Day

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Training Calls for: 3 miles

Miles Run So Far: 19.5

Days Left: 117

I had such high hopes for yesterday.  Such high hopes.  Early in the morning, I drank a Green Monster Smoothie that matched my shirt perfectly…

…and got ready to tackle the day.  Instead, the day tackled me.  About three hours into my work day (so, about 7am…yikes) our radio station sustained a power outage which kicked the stations off the air.  No radio.  None.  Gah.  Don’t worry, things were back up and running in just a little bit (perhaps no one noticed in their morning-routine induced stupors?!) but it caused some major computer problems in the studio where I work.  Computers are the lifeblood of the American workplace and the radio station is no exception (in fact, it’s more the rule than the exception).  I had to wait while the co-workers who held the keys of computer knowledge made their way in to fix the problem.

Somewhere in all of this, I played footsie with a doorstop and things got ugly.  I was holding the door open with my heel and I somehow slipped my foot underneath the doorstop so that when I pulled my foot forward to take a step, I ended up gashing open my Achilles’ heel area (not the actual Achilles’ tendon…let’s don’t be overdramatic ;)).

Since other, more pressing issues were afoot (ahem), I ended up taping a Papa John’s napkin to my ankle.  Medical professionals everywhere would be proud doing a facepalm.   Later, a co-worker gifted me a band-aid, but for the first couple hours of Gash-gate 2010, I pranced around with this accessory in tow:

Hawt.  Please ignore the obvious need for a pedi.

Things finally got back to normal and I was able to sit still, eat my oatmeal in a PB jar, play with some of my food to make myself feel better (and hopefully make you laugh) and photograph an apple.

Back at the homestead, all I could think about for lunch was French Toast.  The greatest downside to working the early morning drive time shift is my breakfasts are pretty limited.  A girl needs some variety!  Lunch is the new breakfast, just as 30 is the new 20 and 20 is the new puberty.

Here’s a thought: the next time you’re craving a little fruit-somethin-somethin on top of your waffles, pancakes or French Toast, turn to jelly or jam.  I like to spread a little of the reduced sugar kind (who needs all that sugar anyway?  it’s FRUIT!) in between slices.  The warmth from the F.T. thins the jelly out and you don’t even have to use syrup.  In my experience, the reduced sugar jellies only have about 35-40 calories a serving, so that’s a good bang for your caloric buck.  I added a few cherry halves on top for good measure.

Fast forward through lunch, a power nap with the monsters, and a mountain of homework and that brings us to the part where I waited for Sam to return home for our 3 mile run.  I was so excited to run with him, I even got all dressed so I would just have to lace up the sneaks and go.  I took the monsters out to do their tour of dooty and experienced the heat for the first time in five hours.

Oh, dear Lord.

I can’t be super-scientific with how hot it was or how hot it felt, but I felt like I was standing in a hair dryer.  After much discussion (okay, maybe like 3 minutes total), Sam and I decided to scrap the run.  Just as I had to set boundaries with how cold a temperature I would run in during the winter, I need to do the same with the summer heat.

90-something is my boundary.  I plan on making up the miles on Friday, so I just swapped a rest day for a run day (if you’re keeping track on the Hal Higdon Novice 1 Marathon training schedule).


Teriakyi-marinated boneless pork chop topped with pineapple chunks (poor woman’s Polynesian) with corn.  Plus water…lotsa water.

We spent the evening under the elm trees on the campus green, listening to a free community concert with some friends.

It was still hot, but at least I was sitting still and not trying to push myself through a run.  After the concert, there might have been some ill-advised experimentation with beer and frozen custard.

The words beer float were thrown around.  I blame the heat.

Remember: it’s important to make decisions about swapping out rest days and run days based on how you’re feeling.  I believe if you’re burned out or super-tired, it’s better to call it a rest day and give it your all tomorrow.  However, if you find yourself feeling constantly burned out or you’re always looking for a reason to skip and swap…maybe you should consider your overall goal and adjust accordingly. 🙂

Group Run

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Training Calls For: 3 miles (again?!)

Miles Run So Far: 19.5

Days Left: 118

Yesterday, I decided I needed a little support for my 3 mile training run.  I’ve done most of the runs for marathon training on my own so far and I sure could use a running buddy lately.  Yes, I know, Sam is my built in running buddy, but with this crazy work schedule (5a-noon) I’m working, it’s hard to coordinate.

So, I took along the next best thing(s).

Well, hello, monsters.  Get ready to run.

I’ve taken Zora running before, but it’s been a while since Ruby hit the trails, so we took it a little slow.  I didn’t bother to wear my iPhone with my RunKeeper Pro.  Instead, I relied on the mile markers along the bike path.  We stopped to walk twice, probably for a quarter-mile total, which was a welcome change of pace for the puppers because it was about 85*.  Don’t call PETA just yet — I brought the necessary tools for a warm weather run:

Water for me, water for them (in the polka dot bowl Zora chewed up as an adolescent puppy).  Post-run was spent lounging in the grass under the shade of a giant tree (them, not me), panting hard (them, not me) with a look of disbelief that run just happened (okay, all of us).

Adorable.  Zora could have kept running (we think she’s part Husky…so go figure) but poor Ruby was tuckered out.  She didn’t even want to get out of the car after we got home.  Even so, I tried to take a group picture to commemorate our group run:

I think that pretty much sums up how everyone feels:  Zora and I are smiling, Ruby is trying to run away and get in the air-conditioned house.  She’s lunging for the front door in the picture, that’s why I’m grabbing her.   No come back!

Even though she was pooped, 30 minutes later, that dog was mosey-ing around the house with a doggie smile on her face.  I think she had a runner’s high!

Dinner last night was really the only meal worth photographing:

Make your own thin-crust pizza.  I used an Aldi multi-grain flat wrap, wiped it down with EVOO, sprinkled Italian seasoning, schmeared pizza sauce, plopped tomatoes and tossed basil on top and covered it with cheese.


There was also a pro-tini served in a mega wine glass, for class’ sake ;).

It’s been a crazy day so far…and I have a feeling it’s only going to get crazier.  I’m looking forward to today’s 3 miler (although I’m ready for a little switch-up in the distance, Hal) as a means of stress relief.

Do you go on group runs?  Who is your running buddy?

Lesson Learned

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After a busy weekend with female family, traipsing to a butterfly exhibit…

lounging at the pool, laughing, spontaneously line dancing and eating FONDUUUUUUUUUUE…

Monday was a rude awakening. So much so, I never found a spare minute to blog. I hate those kinds of days. 😦 So let’s make Tuesday not one of those days:

Training Calls For: 3 miles

Miles Run So Far: 16.5

Days Left: 119

After my en-lightning experience on Saturday, I had to issue myself an I.O.U. for a 6 mile training run. After breakfast out with the female fam and little more chit chatting, I hit the road and headed home to Sam and the monsters…with that nagging little I.O.U. in the back of my mind. Don’t worry 😉 I got it done. I pounded the pavement Sunday night for about an hour, banging out those 6 miles. I started out strong, grooving a little and shaking my booty to my music. I was trying to practice some restraint with my pace because I know I start out too fast and lose steam midway through. Makes for a lousy finish. I gradually picked up speed until I was at a good pace at the turnaround point (3 miles in) and as I started to head back to the car, I was feeling good.

Confession: Sometimes, when I’m running by myself, I will give high-fives to waist-high wildflowers and low-hanging tree branches. I pretend they are marathon spectators and it is M-day. Nothing wrong with a little whimsical day dreaming while you’re churning out the miles ;). It usually pumps me up all over again.

I made like a bread truck and hauled buns for the last quarter mile and finished up my sixer, but as soon as I stopped running, I felt light-headed and weak. I had to sit down on a log…fast. Sam had luckily stopped by on his way back from some errands, so he ran to the car and got my water while I put my head between my legs. My goodness!

I think I know now I was feeling like that because I didn’t eat enough over the course of the day to sustain an hour of running. I’m not kidding, y’all, when I say the heat makes me feel like I have zero appetite. So, Sunday, the combination of a late breakfast, smallish lunch, nagging I.O.U. run and lack of planning made for one weak chica.

You learn from your mistakes. This is true in life, in school, in training, in everything. I learned I need to plan much better. I thought I had this training in the bag because I just finished working my way up to a half-marathon — what’s not to know?

Um, how about:

😦 No dairy before running in the heat. I am convinced the human stomach will turn milk into cottage cheese given the right temperature. Yuuuuuck.

😦 Constant hydration in preparation for runs, esp. long runs.

😦 Proper fueling leading up to a long run…as in, more calories than you’re going to burn, Bethany.

I am not a fan of calorie counting or food journaling. I think these can be useful tools in the right setting for the right people with specific goals, but I’m not in this to lose weight, so the thought of that kind of tracking kind of gives me the heebie jeebies. It might be something I have to start, however, if I want to avoid feeling like ickky-poo after a run.

What are your thoughts on calorie counting and food journaling?

Points for Trying

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Training calls for: 6 miles

Miles run so far: 10.5

Days left: 122


The score now stands:

Mother Nature 1

Bethany 0

Bah.  I attempted my 6 mile run this morning, as mandated by the Hal Higdon Novice 1 Marathon schedule, but was thwarted.  Not by the rain and foul weather, mind you, but by the lightning that struck twice while I hoofed it around the path near the pond.  With three more laps to go to complete my 6 miles, I made the call to can the run.  I’ll run in rain (every time it rains, I remember these drowned rats and suck it up), but I won’t run in lightning.  I like my life, I’d like to keep it that way — alive.

I was still sufficiently soaked when I got home.

See the rain line?

My shorts are actually light grey…ehem, thanks, water.

The women are off to a butterfly exhibit, but before I jet, I’ll recap yesterday for you.

Breakfast was one egg + egg white and a piece of whole wheat toast with a nanner on the side.

I helped the mumsie tidy the house for a while, vacuuming and windexing away.  I rewarded myself by doing a little damage at Target with my sister, Lisa.

What can I say?  I love Tar-jay.  Lunch was all ready for us when we returned home (ah, I love being home and being cared for).  This is what we affectionately refer to as “Taco Plop”.  Just tortilla chips, black beans, tomatoes, cheese, lettuce, and taco-seasoned ground beef.  Yum.

All the troops rallied around dinner time and after a glass of wine and some chit chat, we got to work making our own little pizzas.

Brilliant choice on my mom’s part.  I have yet to meet someone who just HATES pizza and making your own ensures you get to follow your own eating style (vegetarian, naturalist, dieter, etc).  Mine was topped with cheese, green pepper and onion.  Oh, and some pepperonis snuck on.  How did those get there?

More conversation and laughter later, we headed over to The Cone.  The Cone is a landmark ice cream joint in my parents’ area and they have the good stuff…

A butterscotch dipped vanilla cone…in front of a giant plastic cone.  Check out the line:

Always go to the places with the long lines, it’s usually worth it ;).

I hope you’re having a pleasant Saturday and the rain isn’t ruining your exercise plans.  I think I made the right decision, though, when my mom pointed out, “Bethany, you don’t want to be running in this, especially after Jesus just got struck by lightning.”

So true, so true. (P.S. That statue is just up the highway from my parents’ town)

Hasta luego, friends :).

Remote Location

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Training calls for : REST!

Miles Run So Far: 9

Days to Go: 123

Bojour, mon petit chous!  (that’s about all the French I know ;)).  Hope you’re having a slammin’ Friday!

I’m blogging to you from a remote location this afternoon…

My dad’s study.  Yup, I’m at the parental casa this weekend for a very special occasion, but more on that later.  In Dad’s office, I feel very educated.  In that leather chair, I feel like I should be smoking a stogey, discussing the current events of the nation with my fellow ex-pats, Ernest and F. Scott.

I’m home for a weekend of women…more specifically, the weekend of women in my family.  A couple of months ago, my Aunt Sarah suggested a weekend of the women on my dad’s side of the family.  We’re all getting older, the cousins are all growing up (*ahem* some of us are already grown up ;)) and life is taking hold.  My extended family has never been the kind of all live in the same city/town/state, so it’s hard to spend time together often.  This weekend offered a chance to bring us together.  It’s going to be a good time.

Before heading to my parents’ side of the state, I had to battle through a work day.  A Green Monster Smoothie helped:

Followed by some fruit…

And a scone + coffee Sam brought to me later in the morning.  He’s been on a business trip (you guys know I don’t mention that kind of stuff until after the fact for creeper reasons, right?) so I had been missing him somethin’ fierce.  It was good to see that handsome face.  I was too busy talking and flirting to take a picture of the scone.

One of the best side effects of Sam being home was the fact that we could take our scheduled 3 miler together!  Yay!  It wasn’t nearly as humid and we ran along the shady part of the bike path.  3 miles in 28:30.  Not too shabby.  I really love having a built-in running partner.  About a half-mile left, Sam asked, “wanna pick it up?” and we pushed ourselves to the very end.  It felt great!

I’m not kidding when I say this heat is zapping my appetite.  It’s something I think I’m really going to have to work against.  I ate a banana after my run for starters:

Noshed on some chocolate Sam brought back from his trip…

and re-fueled again with a LaraBar (Key Lime Pie) while I buzzed along the highways.  The flavor was okay…I was kind of disappointed.

An Asian-inspired dinner was waiting at my parents’ house.

And I had a beer to kick off the start of my 3-day weekend.  Yay.

So let’s talk for a minute about how this puppy is helping me think about adaptation:

Oh, Zora, one of our little monster.  Zora is a Lab/Husky (or Shiba Inu) mix…either way, the girl is covered in fur.  Fur upon fur.  While most of this fur ends up on our couches, bed and floors, miraculously, some of it stays on her four-legged body.  With the weather heating up, I’ve noticed her changing her ways a little to adapt.  I’m taking my cues from her as I experience running and training in the summer heat (yikes).

Adaptation #1:  The monsters’ water bowl is constantly empty.  I cannot keep up with them.  I’ve seriously considered SkyMalling one of those pet auto-water stations.  Srsly.  Zora sucks up the agua like it’s her job — so I’m following suit.  I’ll be hydrating all the time, especially in the hours before running.  The weather is causing me to sweat even more and I do NOT deal well with dehydration, so H2O is my best friend.

Adaptation #2: If you pet Zora now, you will undoubtedly unleash mounds of hair from her adorable body.  Shedding is in full swing in our house and I recognize this is Zora’s way to cooling her coat so she can survive in this heat.  I’m taking a cue from this and changing what clothes I’m running in.  Lighter colors and more dri-weave are at the top of the drawer now.  I’ve switched out my socks, too, because I’ve noticed my feet swell a little bit in the heat.  Thinner socks = happier feet.  I’m even going to *gulp* run in just my sports bra on occasion.  I’ve done it twice already and honestly, I’m not as self-conscious as I thought I’d be.  I basically reason it this way: um, I’m out in the heat, workin’ my bod…if someone has a problem with how I’m dressed or thinks I’m being a floozy, they can stuff it or run in front of me with an air conditioning unit the entire way.  Up to them.

Adaptation #3: This pup-princess is currently worshiping the air conditioning vents in our house.  No kidding.  I’m not even sure Zora knew we had AC before this, but now, she not only knows the location of each vent in every room, she is permanently stationed in front of them (see above picture).  Unless, of course, she’s lounging on the bed with me, in which case, she’s expressing her love for the tower fan.

She knows she’s hot and she needs to remedy it.  My similar adaptation will be to appreciate the breezes when I feel them, love AC when I’m inside and most importantly, listen to my body.  Heat stroke is fo’ real and I don’t feel like playing that game.  It is always important to listen to your body for health reasons, but especially when you’re pushing it in extreme weather.

So there you go.  While I’m not crazy about training in the summer time, I AM crazy about running a marathon and it’s more important to me than a little sweat.

Now, pass the water, please.

Do you adjust your routines according to the season?  How do you adapt?  Do you have a “monster” at home ;)?

Lights Out!

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Training calls for: 3 miles

Miles so far: 6

Days left: 124

Whew.  Well, yesterday was quite a day.  It was such “quite a day” that I didn’t get a chance to blog.  My computer was complaining of low disk space or some such nonsense, so it took a while to load the photos and then *poof* I needed to hit the hay for my early wake up call.

A little rewind, if you will.

After swallowing a piece of whole wheat toast with PB whole (sorry, no picture), I made my way to work.  For new readers or readers who need a refresher — I’m a public radio announcer…so I’m on the radio.  Early.  Way early.  I started off on-air at 5am and 20 minutes later, some crazy technological phenomenon caused my radio board to crash.  All the lights when out, nothing was working, I was freaking out.  I ended up having to call a co-worker at home to come in a fix the problem.  I felt terrible, but I am not the techie-est of techies.  No way could I have solved the problem on my own.

A good hour after the situation started, it was resolved (thanks to Steve).  I was back — but my eyes were glued to that radio board for the rest of the day, worrying we’d have another “lights out”.

After all the stress, I was so glad to turn to this for breakfast:

Dark chocolate cherry oatmeal.  Yuuuum.  Chocolate covered cherries are my favorite luxury sweet treat, so when I snagged a pound of cherries at a super reasonable price last weekend, I knew these would be transforming some oatmeal soon.  Check that out.

Think of oatmeal as the little black (beige?) dress of breakfast.  Boring by itself, but jazzed up with the right accessories, truly incredible.  I like trying to make it taste like dessert ;).  My next creation might just channel the flavors of carrot cake.  Mmm.

A few morning snacks while I plowed through the rest of my day:

+ Watermelon.

After a quick, post-work errand to Walmart, I came home and crashed.  Right before my own personal “lights out”, I ate a delish egg sandwich.  Oh, runny yolks, you are so gross and so good.

Two slices of all-natural whole wheat bread (toasted) with a schmear of REAL mayo, sprinkle of Creole Seasoning and one egg + one egg white.  I noshed on some veggies straight out of the bag for a side dish.  Side bag?  Eh, whatev.

That’s right, veggies, I’m lookin’ at you.

In between a long to do list of housework and homework (summer classes, anyone?) I squeezed in a 3 mile training run.  Feelin’ good so far (ha, it’s only day 4!).  I tried to do a little speedwork by picking smaller distance points and running a little faster.  So I’d tell myself: “start picking it up at this tree and book it to that tree and then resume normal pace”.  I’m not sure if this is the technical way of doing this, but I shaved a few seconds off my overall time, so maybe?

I think running in the heat kind of killed my appetite, because dinner was just a little whole wheat rotini pasta with some all natural spaghetti sauce.

This is unusual — especially for me.  Especially for me during any kind of training.

Does the weather affect your appetite?  What about working out in warmer weather?

I’m usually a beast when it comes to eating…so I was surprised by dinner last night, but I wasn’t about to stuff myself.

Tune in later…I’ll explain how this pup is teaching me a thing or two about adaptation:

Puppy love. ❤

“Did I stutter?”

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Training calls for: 3 miles

Miles Run So Far: 3

Days to Go: 125

Whoohoo.  Day 2 of the marathon training (and the first real run day) is behind me.  I’m on my way!  I struggled a little to get my motivation up for today’s run.  In fact, my feelings toward training in general are a little shaky.  It isn’t so much that I don’t want to do this or that I’m unsure, it’s that I’m a little bit scared.  Every time I think about training, in my head I hear myself say it “m-m-m-marathon training”.  Just like that.  Nervous little stutter.  M-m-m-marathon training.  It’s going to be a long 18 weeks if every time I think about training I’m mentally stuttering.

So I gave myself a little pep talk…drawing on one of my favorite scenes from The Office (you guys know I love that show :)).   Michael is pestering Stanley and pushes Stanley to backtalk him, saying, “did I stutter?”

In my version, Michael is my uneasiness at taking this m-m-m-marathon training on.  It’s the part of me that thinks I can do it, but isn’t really sure.  It’s that little voice going “c’mon, doubt yourself, c’mon, worry about it”.  I need to be all Stanley with that voice and say “it’s MARATHON training.  Did I stutter?”

Nope.  I did not.

BTW, I dominated those 3 miles.  Even in the heat and humidity.  BOOM!  The secret weapon?  This run was powered by pigtails.

Obviously, I took this picture pre-run.  Puh-lease, I definitely do not look that perky after a run in 88* heat with 100% humidity.  I’d like to meet the woman who does.

After a weekend of many indulgences (hello, beer, massive snacking and mindless eating) and straying from all natural eating (oh, it’s you, sugary birthday cake!), I’m ready to clean up my eats.  I did a pretty good job for today, if I do say so myself.

Breakfast at home:

Green Monster Smoothie, clearly.

Breakfast at work:

Fruit salad.


Plain all natural yogurt with Trader Joe’s granola.

Lunch was a little random: Cascadian Farms Cinnamon Crunch Cereal.

Not exactly an adult meal, but the nutrition stats aren’t terrible, so I’ll give in to the craving.

However, the cereal doesn’t have much staying power, so a little later, a random piece of string cheese  came into the picture…

…and half a Chocolate Coconut LaraBar.  Surprisingly, not my favorite flavor.  This was the first time I tried it and I should have known the deck was stacked against it because I rarely like anything chocolate flavored that doesn’t actually contain chocolate.  People, please, let’s leave well enough alone in that department ;).

I’m trying to use up all the leftover food from the party (that’s why you’ve seen so much fruit!!!) so I chopped up some of the veg from the veggie tray and sauteed it in a pan with a little EVOO.

I threw those veggies in a multigrain wrap (from Aldi ;)) with a little cheese and scrambled eggs (two eggs, one egg white).  I obviously mis-judged the veg-to-wrap ratio, so I ended up with auxilary vegetables.  What can I say?  It’s a tough formula.

I’m pretty stuffed from dinner, so I’m thinking dessert will just have to wait.  Good thing, too, because there’s leftover birthday cake staring me down and I need to trash it or take it in to work and force my co-workers to deal with the temptation I obviously can’t.

What?  You know you do it, too.

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