5K “Official” Results!

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Whew!  What a race.  😉  The competition was stiff, but we managed to blow ’em out of the water.  Sorry, no pics, those race officials were awfully restrictive!

I’m proud to report that Sam finished first in his age group AND first overall, I placed first in my age group and SECOND overall.

*whispers* this is the part where you laugh because we were the only two runners in the….


It was pretty fun actually, we were just racing against ourselves.  Sam and I set our own personal goals, told one another and then proceeded to OBLIVERATE (yes, I know that’s spelled wrong) them.

Sam’s time was 24:14 with a pace of 7:47/mile.  CRAZY!

My time was 28:49 with a pace of 9:17/mile.  MUCH better than my usual 10:10 pace, so I was pleased.

My splits looked like this:

Mile 1: 8:28

Mile 2: 9:23

Mile 3: 10:05

Mile 0.1: 8:30

Obviously, I was TOO excited and started out way faster than I meant to, but it was a good lesson on pulling back a little.  It also encouraged me to incorporate a little speed work into my training to improve my overall pace.  If I can run the half marathon at a good clip and have my last split be my usual 10:10 pace, I’ll be pretty happy.  We’ll see.  13.1 miles seems sooooooo long right now.

And now, a special introduction.  MEET THE MONSTERS:

There’s Ruby.

And Zora.

Ruby is actually older, though she is considerably smaller.  She’s about 5 years old, a Beagle/Yellow Lab mix and a perpetual puppy.  She’ll wiggle her tail end off trying to make friends with you and she thinks she’s in charge.  We got her more than 3 years ago after Sam proposed and I decided it was okay to bring another living creature into the equation ;).

Zora is a recent addition.  She’ll be 2 this summer and we adopted her last January (of 09).  She’s a Husky/Lab mix and a shy protector.  She’s very sensitive and reads peoples’ moods like you wouldn’t believe.  She’s also a fine running companion and is ready to go for a jog just about any time of day.

They’re both pound puppies — I have a soft spot for the mutts of the world and while they both came to us with emotional baggage (Ruby with a carry-on and Zora with a matching set of Louis Vuitton) with a little stability, regular feedings, toys and a lot of love, they’re turning into wonderful dogs.

But they’re still MONSTERS…mostly based on the mischief they create when we’re at work.  I’ll say they’re cute, but I’ll never say they’re perfect.

They’re ready to go for a walk whenever you are….lace up those sneaks!

See you tomorrow for a special month of March challenge!

Sunday Funday

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I dropped off the face yesterday and for good reason!  It turned into quite a busy Saturday.  After an almost 3 mile hike with the monsters, I decided to mix things up a little with my crosstraining.

I have a subscription to Self magazine and every month, they include cards you can rip out and use for weight training or circuit training.

I have ALWAYS ignored these cards — considering them nothing more than a nuisance like the bazillion little postcards that fall out of the magazine on the first read asking if you want a subscription for well below the newsstand price (where are all these newsstands??).  I tore the cards out this time around, grabbed my 8 lbs. weights and got to it.

This particular series had 8 moves with two parts each, so there was a 1A move and then a 1B move for after.

Most of the muscles worked were butt, thighs and abs, along with some arms.  It took me about 25 minutes to complete all the moves and all the reps recommended and I found it helpful that Self.com has videos you can watch if the written explanations are too tricky (“um, I put my arm where and then move it how???).

Overall, it was a good workout.  It changed up my routine, which I needed at this half way point of the half marathon training, and it taught me some new strength training moves.  I’ll be going back to all my old issues and tearing out those cards to have on hand too. 🙂

After all that, it was time.  Time to open the package from the Fitnessista.  You can read about why I’m getting this loot in this post here — the short of it is I won a giveaway and helped her name her new healthy eatery cafe.

(that’s a “ooh, neat” face, not a “what the hell is this?” face — hard to tell, I know ;))


It was a lot of fun digging through the box.  As soon as the macaroons came out, though, my photographer lost interest in the picture taking and started ripping into the package.

The result?  Well, as the Fitnessista says herself, foodgasms.

These things are AMAZING. When that online store is open, I hope she’s ready for the tidal wave of orders that are coming her way.  They were sweet without being overpowering, with a coconut-y taste and a nutty texture.  Incredible.  When they’re gone, I’ll be sad — which may be sooner rather than later!

I’ll be writing about my thoughts on the other products she sent my way as I work through them — basically everything (with the exception of the honey) is something I’ve never had before, so I’m really excited!

Last night was filled with fun, laughs and overall debauchery as we met up with some friends, had Mexican (yuuuuuuum) and staged our own beer tasting (danger!).

Off to prepare for the Not Unless I’m Being Chased 5k (I’m going to whoop the competition!) and then get started on my post for tomorrow about a challenge for the month of March.

Sometimes, you gotta take what life teaches, peaches!

You Win Some, You Lose Some

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So the score this morning for Not Unless I’m Being Chased household kitchen successes stands at:

Sam 1 Bethany 0

Good old Mother Nature dumped about 3 inches overnight, so we woke up to another winter wonderland.  Pardon my lack of enthusiasm, this is Winter Wonderland 4.0 for us.  The first version was exciting and new, the second one was mind boggling, the third one was annoying and we’re just resigned to accept with the fourth one that spring is never going to arrive.  Sam looked at all the snow and said very softly, “I don’t like snow anymore.”  All the childhood folly has been removed.

So we baked.

Sam got down to business making some of the best french toast I’ve had in a while, as I attempted something no one should try at home.  I tried to bake a Green Monster smoothie.  I don’t know what came over me, but yesterday, sitting at work, I felt like it was a brilliant idea.  In fact, I couldn’t believe no one had tried this before.  I should have taken that as a cue not to try, but unless you mess around in the kitchen, you’ll never know.

I found a basic muffin recipe online, swapped out some of the unhealthies (oil, sugar) for healthies (natural applesauce, bit of honey) and added the ingredients of my traditional Green Monster (spinach, pb, banana, soymilk).

They look cute enough…

But they taste like bread.  I spent all morning whipping up a batch of individual loaves of green bread.  Happy St. Patrick’s day?

Sam actually said he liked the taste, I couldn’t get over the fact that the kitchen smelled less like muffins and more like cooked spinach (note to self — drinking raw spinach is less taste bud offending that eating cooked spinach in bread form).

Luckily, no harm no foul.  I had all those ingredients on hand and really, it satisfied my curiosity.  Doesn’t mean I won’t try again, mwhahaha.

Off to go get a good long walk in with the monsters (Ruby and Zora) while Sam is at his indoor soccer game.  Then it’s back to the casa to open….

MY PACKAGE FROM THE FITNESSISTA!  WOOOOOT.  It came this morning, but I wanted to take pictures and I was still in my pajamas.  No matter my dedication to blogging, I draw the line at bed head and my alumni t-shirt/ancient pj pants combo.  No siree, that image isn’t going world-wide.  Sam said this was bull, as he wanted to put agave on something…anything.  We’re eager to try it all!

Later, tators.


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Cheers!  Happy Friday!

Oh, you don’t have a glass?  Well, let’s fix that!

There…much better.  To remembering the best days of your week, forgetting the worst days of your week and to the wine that’s going to help you do both! Cheers!

I picked up this bottle of Pomelo wine a while back, after being inspired by a real pomelo at the grocery store.  This is a real pomelo (supposedly the ancient ancestor to the grapefruit):

This is the Pomelo I drank tonight:

To quote Mason Cellars’ website, Pomelo wine is  “wonderfully fragrant, floral and grapefruit nose with fig and peach aromas. Very full, round mouth with clean grapefruit flavors. Wonderful to pair with spicy Asian faire, raw oysters, seafood and creamy pastas.”

I would say they were spot on.  Sam and I both smelled grapefruit and I detected a hint of peach.  The wine was very light, had a slight bubble to it (not like champagne, less effervescent) and definitely reminded me of summer.  I wanted to take my glass out on the patio and enjoy sitting in the backyard on a summer’s night.  Too bad it’s snowing again :(.  I believe there are wines for specific seasons and this one was too summery or springy to really enjoy on this winter’s night, but I will definitely remember it when May or June rolls around!  It’s a screw top, too, which I am learning to embrace just like I do their corked counterparts.  Lili, the owner at our fabulous local wine store Bella Vino, taught us in a wine tasting the bottles with screw tops actually have a smaller margin of error when it comes to “off” bottles than the corked varieties do…so actually, screw tops serve a purpose.

Whatever.  They don’t make that cool sound like a cork does.

Dinner was a good hearty stew inspired by the snow.  Something about snow makes me want to eat stew and bake while watching movies.  I know I’m not the only one.

Bethany’s Bean and Bacon Stew


🙂 15 oz. can of chickpeas

🙂 15 oz. can of black beans

🙂 8 oz. of salt-free tomato sauce

🙂 2 beef boullion cubes

🙂 2-3 strips of bacon

🙂 1 medium onion, chopped

🙂 1/2 tsp. cumin

🙂 3 cans of water (using tomato sauce can)

Step 1: Combine beans, tomato sauce, water and bouillon in large sauce pot over medium heat.

Step 2: Fry bacon in pan until crispy, remove and place on paper towels to drain.  Chop into finer pieces.

Step 3: Drain majority of bacon grease, leaving enough to coat pan.  Add onion to pan, saute until translucent in color.  Sprinkle with cumin and mix through.

Step 4: Add bacon and onion to beans.  Bring to a boil, then simmer for 1/2 hour.  Serve with crusty bread!

I know some people might be freaked by the bacon grease part, but in all honesty, if you do it right, it’s not that much grease — just enough to give the onions some oomph.  It is my opinion that it is okay to eat just about everything — IN MODERATION — and if splitting two little strips of bacon among 6 servings of soup is wrong, well I don’t want to be right.  Would you feel bad eating a third of a strip of bacon? (vegetarians, don’t answer this, you skew the results)  Exactly.  It’s the equivalent of that.

I’m off to relax — it was quite a week at work.  Maybe another glass of wine is in order?

Cross training day tomorrow — I’m trying to think of something creative to do to mix it up a little.  Maybe some yoga?  It’s been a while since I did that…we’ll see!

Tools of the “train”

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Nothing like starting the day off right with a Green Monster smoothie.

Yum!  I stay pretty traditional with these and drink them every morning, so it’s probably time to show you what I’m slugging back!

🙂 1 cup light organic soy milk

🙂 1 frozen banana

🙂 1 scoop EAS vanilla whey protein powder

🙂 2 cups (for 4 big handfuls) of organic spinach

🙂 1 big tablespoon of peanut butter

Throw it in a blender and blend til creamy — tastes just like a peanut butter banana smoothie.  I love drinking these because they really fill me up in the morning, they taste delicious AND by drinking it, I’ve already knocked out 2 of my 5 recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables.  Ka-BLAM!  Any time you can sneak fruits and veggies in (especially veggies) you should, in my opinion.  Trick yourself just like your mama would ;).

Today is a cross-training day (since I switched it with Wednesday for a day of rest), so I’ll be hitting the Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred DVD while you’re reading this ;).  I’ve finally made it to level 2…obviously for over-training reasons, I’m not doing 30 days of this (crazy much?) but I kind of want to and see if I really do get “shredded”.  I’ll put that on the blog back burner for now.

In the meantime, I thought I would share some tools I’ve been using for the half marathon training that have worked for me, and may work for you should you choose this special level of insanity as I have.

First up, my Hal Higdon Half Marathon Training Schedule for Novices.

I’m relying on Hal (maybe a little too heavily) to get me through this.  His website was really informative and he has a ton of different levels of training schedules for a bunch of different levels of races (5K, 10K, Half, Full) so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.  Plus, he has definitions of his training terms, so it’s fool-proof.  I keep my copy printed out and I cross through each day I’ve accomplished, keeping track of my mileage for the week (which, scarily enough, just keeps building like the odometer on an old Ford).

Second, I use a training log.

Similar to the training schedule, this is a daily log Sam’s parents got me for Christmas.  His dad used one to train for his marathon in 2006 and found it really helpful.

With a page for each day and spaces to log your workout, weight, water and vitamins and energy levels, this little book has become essential for tracking my training.  Plus, I personalized it.  🙂

I love those Chinese fortune cookie sayings.  I think the best part of the log is the space that’s provided for your own commentary.  Sometimes I write down the factors of my run (weather, illness, etc), sometimes I write down how good I felt after running, sometimes I write down how surprised I am that I even ran at all!  It all depends, but it helps me to identify patterns for the future.

Finally, my last and most beloved tool of the train is my RunKeeper Pro on my iPhone.  I know I’ve mentioned it before (well, her really, because I named her Gertrude) but I thought I’d give you a glimpse into what she really looks like.

So when I’m running, this is the screen I see:

Obviously, this isn’t an actual screen, I had to manufacture one, so don’t judge those stats.  I was walking the monsters (Ruby and Zora) and it was windy AND garbage day, so the rolling Rubbermaids created quite a cautious walk.

Audio cues (which I’ve set for specific intervals) tell me every mile my pace and my distance.  I can play my running playlist on my iPod at the same time, it just quiets the music, Gertrude comes on and tells me (either encouraging or depressing) numbers and then we move on.

I can log on to RunKeeper online to see an accumulation of my stats like this:

I can see maps of where I’ve run, splits for my runs and all sorts of other cool things.  If you have an iPhone and want to start running, I really recommend the RunKeeper.  It’s a pretty cheap app, too, if I remember right.  At least it’s cheaper than a Garmin running watch (which, um, I still covet even with Gertrude by my side.  She understands.  It’s like a celebrity crush.)

So there you go!  Hope any of that inspired you to start training for whatever closeted run you’re thinking about.  Just get out there and start running!  I’ll be back tonight ready to toast the weekend...

What tools can’t you live without?  Anything that you find helps your training or exercise programs?

I guess I overreacted

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Looks like the overnight snow wasn’t nearly as bad as predicted.  We’re supposed to get 1-2 inches on Friday, so we’ll see.  Then maybe we’re done?  Maybe?  Please?

The basketball game we went to last night was awesome!  It was neck and neck the whole game and our team won with a three pointer right before the buzzer.  Beautiful!  It was like watching a hokey sports movie — you just KNEW your team was going to pull it out and win the big game.

I enjoy watching sports, but I’m not hardcore.  Unfortunately, we live in a pretty small, rural community, so you’ve gotta select  your entertainment from the slim pickins.   While we were at the game, I noticed something and it just continued to roll around in my brain during this morning’s run….so here we go.  We’re OFF ROADING.

I think technology is great.  Fantastic in fact.  With the advent of technology, my husband and I can be in the same grocery store, lose track of each another and then spend 3 minutes on the phone trying to find one another — “no, I’m in the frozen foods aisle” and “well, I’m in the produce” and “no, the ORGANIC produce”…makes for interesting shopping.  How did people find each other before cell phones?  Oh, that’s right.  They spent 4 minutes simply walking around the store. 😉

I have to admit, what I’m about to say is a little hypocritical because I myself have an iPhone and I love it.  But last night, I looked around and realized how many other spectators were looking more to their smartphones or flip phones and less to the actual game.  Um, you paid to be here, right?  I don’t get it.  Do they think that the push updates on the game are going to reach their phone faster than the actual action down on the court in front of them?  I mean, really.

When you’re in a closed-off facility where this is going on right in front of you:

Someone is dressed up like this:

And the half time entertainment does this:

And you’re checking your FACEBOOK FEED?  I don’t get it.  I can almost guarantee whatever status update your former elementary school pal is making at that second is not nearly as awesome as what’s in front of your face!

Okay, I’m done now.

Back to training talk :).  I made it out for a scheduled 4 mile run today.  We’re in week 6 of 12 — crazy to think halfway through!  After running that 6 miles on Sunday, I absolutely feel like a half marathon is do-able.  When I started and I was having to stop and walk a lot and I was worried I would never be able to make it, a half marathon seemed about as obtainable as a delicious low-fat brownie.  Exxxxxactly.  No where to be found.

I’m still dealing with the sick — runny nose, cough, goopy throat, but I took a rest day yesterday and knew I needed to get out there and at least try to do something.  ANYTHING.  I ran the first two miles with an okay time, but running in super cold weather (I said it didn’t snow that bad, I never said it wasn’t cold still!) with a runny nose means frozen snot.  Yuck.  Very hard to breathe.  I powered out another mile after a little walking break and then called it a day.  Not what I wanted, but I need to recognize that another mile is something I could have handled under normal circumstances and I don’t want to push myself and get burned out.  It will be okay.  Besides, the “long run” for this weekend is just a 5K.  We’re supposed to be racing, but there isn’t one nearby, so I think Sam and I will be participating in the first ever “Not Unless I’m Being Chased” 5k.  Registration details to follow ;).

At least on my crummy run, I had some little cheerleaders rooting for me every time I passed by our house. 😉

That’s Zora on the left and Ruby (just barely tall enough to see out the living room picture window) on the right.

Don’t worry, you’ll get a formal introduction this weekend :).

Back to sipping tea and laying on the heating pad — I’m came home early from work sick.  I lost my voice and you can’t work in radio without a voice!

Roll With It

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After a two, maybe three day thaw, we’re getting snow.  Again.  Sam shares my feelings on this forecast.  Sadness.

I’m not going to sugar coat it — this weather sucks.  It especially sucks when trying to train.  I’ve enjoyed most of the runs, but not every time I lace up my sneaks am I whistling a happy tune — oh no.  Especially if it means running in the white death.

But what can you do?

You can seek out dessert! 🙂

Bethany’s Roll With It Ice Cream Treat

Step One: Take a handful of granola and crush into smaller pieces.  Place in a bowl.

Step Two: Sprinkle cinnamon on granola.  Sprinkle generously.  Channel falling snow while you sprinkle.  Shake shake shake.  Mix through granola.

Step Three: Select your favorite vanilla ice cream; I used a low-calorie version. (I suppose you can use other flavors, but this was modeled after fried ice cream, so you’re going out on a limb I won’t climb if you do!)  Scoop a medium size roll.  The key is cold cream and a hot scooper (run it under the hot water tap for a few seconds).

Step Four: Place ice cream roll in granola mixture, move around to get granola mixture to stick.

Step Five: Drop in small bowl and drizzle with honey.  Eat.  Enjoy.  Say, “snow, be damned” or whatever crummy situation you’re rolling with.

The best part about this treat is by the time you’ve crafted one little ice cream roll, you’ll have to hurry and eat it before it melts, so you won’t have time to make a second right away.  So you eat the first, then decide, eh, you don’t need a second because the first just hit the spot.  Built-in portion control. 🙂

Oh, you’re welcome.  My snowy loss is your dessert gain.

Off to a basketball game!  Have a great night!

It’s kind of like a baseball game

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First, a matter of very important business: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY WONDERFUL SISTER! My oldest and bestest friend celebrates another year today and I wanted to wish her a happy one in style ;).

Now, on to other matters.

Yesterday was a 4 mile training run, per the half marathon schedule.  Sam and I woke up early and hit the road, but we both complained it was not the best run.  I couldn’t figure out why I was dragging so badly — but it was one of those runs where you can only focus on putting one foot in front of the other.  TERRIBLE!  I think I know why it was so bad now.

My case of the sniffles is now a full-blown cold.  I guess I was just up to bat yesterday — wait, what?  Yeah, that’s right, I like to think of a cold like a game of baseball, with different bases (not the ones you tried to get to on a Saturday night in high school ;)) and everything.  That tickle in your throat, slight ache in your head — that’s the wind up and the pitch.  The start of a sore throat — that’s the swing and the hit.  Your really sore throat is first base, a stuffy nose and congestion is second and that part where you’re just waiting around, not really feeling sick anymore, just trying to get your nose to stop running is third.  Home plate and you’re back to healthy!

I’m on second base right now, I think.

I’m trying to focus on other methods of dealing with this gunk, other than OTC medicine, so this morning, I added some citrus fruit to my breakfast (hello, Vitamin C) and this afternoon, I’m lunching on some yummy soup.  Not just any soup.  SOUPER SOUP.

I lurve this Bob’s Red Mill Vegi Soup.  It is SO hearty.  I appreciate, too, that the folks at Bob’s threw in some alphabet letters, because let’s face it, you never really grow up, you just get bigger.

If I had been more creative, I would have made those alphabits spell out “Not Unless I’m Being Chased”, haha.

A one to four ratio of soup mix to water, simmer for an hour and voila!  A lovely main dish for lunch (ignore our messy stovetop).

Look at those nutritonal stats!

There are the ones I like:

– only 2 grams of fat and NO saturated fat

-low sodium (so many soups are stuffed with NaCl!)


There are ones that I love:

– 8 grams of fiber!

– 20 grams of protein!  That’s a lunch, peeps!  Click here for tips on nutritional label reading.

I only took about a half a serving (it really fills you up) and packed some other “good for yous” in my lunch bag.  I also elected to take my weekly rest day from training today instead of Friday.  I know conventional wisdom recommends you can (and maybe should) still workout if your illness is above the neck (which mine is), but I’m going to listen to my body and take it easy.  It was only a cross training day today anyway.  My 30 Day Shred DVD can just wait until Friday!

Hope your lunch bag is full of “good for yous” and you’re enjoying every bite!  See you later for a sweet treat — just roll with it ;).

…and not a drop to drink

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Well, what a day!  I’ve been stuck in meetings since I got into work this morning — and they have not been pleasant!  My particular place of employment is being especially affected by this crummy economy (really, where isn’t?) so these meetings have been focusing on a lot of unknowns and uncertainties.  Just what you want to dominate your work day, right?  Wah wah wah.  Kind of makes me want to eat a cheesecake.  By myself.  I couldn’t even read my Google reader…24 other blog posts have been piling up without me!  Enough whining.

On to more exciting things, like my scary situation from Saturday.  I want to establish before I post this that I am not a doctor, I am not a registered dietitian or nutritionist and I am not a personal trainer.  I am simply a blogger sharing my experience with you in the hopes you don’t have to later share it with me!

So Saturday was pretty routine.  I slept in a little, tidied up the house because we had friends coming in from a nearby city to visit for the day and then I set out to make up Thursday’s 4 mile run.  I wrote about how it was like running in a refrigerator here. What I never got a chance to write about was what happened after.

I finished up with the run, booked it back to the house and hurried to shower and get prettied up for when our friends arrived.  As soon as the quartet of lovelies showed up, we headed straight out to lunch.  We picked a bar known for its burgers and a fond college memory for most of our visitors.  Being that it was a burger joint, I obviously ordered a cheeseburger and chips (not fries).  I wolfed it down, famished from my run, and washed it away with a beer.  Now, let me give you a visual representation of what my beer glass looked like:  picture your favorite, deep-dished cereal bowl.  Now, put it on a pedestal handle.  That was what I consumed.  Look, I never claim to be a saint or to always make wise choices, and this beer (aptly named an “Aquarium”) was proof of that!  It was probably 3 beers in one glass.  But it was light beer…;)

After lunch, we walked around and visited old haunts.  I started to feel a headache coming on, but as I’ve been having a case of the sniffles lately, chalked it up to maybe a sinus headache and vowed to take some Advil back at home.  When our group made it back, the natives got restless and wanted pizza.  Nothing like re-convening college friends to re-convene college appetites!  While the guys ran for the pizza, my headache got worse.  My concentration on the conversation swayed.  My neck started aching.  I began to feel sick to my stomach.  Again, I thought it was just hunger pains and waited on the food.  With one piece in my hand, I felt the urge to puke and bolted for the bathroom.  With my head on the toilet, I began to shake.  Why did my head hurt so much?  Why couldn’t I make the nausea go away?  Why was I so out of it?  What was going on?  I was pretty scared.  Sam came in and tried to talk to me, but my answers (head down in the bowl) were amplified by the porcelain and pounded in my ears, but sitting up to answer meant I felt like I would puke.  Down I went again.  He prepared and handed me Alka-Seltzer, which I only barely got down with shaking hands and weak stomach.

I passed out in bed (from pain mostly) for the next three hours, while Sam worried and watched.  We (I) ultimately decided a trip to the ER wasn’t necessary because the headache was finally starting to subside.  I was much better in the morning.

Now.  You tell me: in that whole story, what’s missing?

WATER.  I only drank maybe 8 oz. of water after my run and then proceeded to eat salt-laden food, drink dehydrating alcohol and ignore all the signs my body was giving me to stop and for the love of agua, DRINK SOME WATER!!!!

I suffer from migraines, I know what they’re like, and while I’m not an MD, I think I was suffering from a dehydration-induced migraine.  I have never felt that bad in my life.

Some signs of mild dehydration we should all know:

thirst, loss of appetite, dry skin, skin flushing, dark colored urine, dry mount, fatigue or weakness, chills and head rushes (source)

Signs of more severe dehydration:

increased heart rate, increased respiration, decreased sweating, decreased urination, increased body temp, extreme fatigue, muscle cramps, headaches, nausea, tingling of the limbs (source)

– and really serious dehydration has really scary symptoms.

Apparently, I need to learn my sweat rate and learn how to replenish my fluids properly.  I found an article on the Runner’s World website about this very thing.  Basically, I should weigh myself before and after an hour-long run, under the same conditions (so, nekkid) and for every pound of weight I lose, I should drink 16 oz. of water.  Easy enough.  I’ll do that on my next long or long-ish run.

I’m also going to make it a rule that I will not, under any circumstance, consume that much alcohol following a long-ish run (and 4 miles is long-ish to this newbie!).  It may be silly, but I don’t want to chance another feeling like that.  That’s exactly why I didn’t partake at my sis-in-law’s bday dinner.

On the flip side of all of this, one must be careful of hyponatremia…but I feel like this is enough H2O talk for one blog, I’m starting to feel water-logged!

If you’re looking for good tips on hydration, I found the Runner’s World webpage incredibly helpful!  I’ll be referring back to it from time to time.

In the meanwhile, here’s to your long runs, short runs and may you never actually get the runs!  Cheers! (with water, of course!)

Ever done something stupid like what I just described?  Share it and help me feel better.  We all make mistakes, right?

Researching and recipe-ing

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EDITED: This was supposed to post late last night, but apparently, never went through!  My apologies…back in a bit with yet ANOTHER post 🙂

Well, I’m still hard at work gathering some facts for my next post about my scary situation on Saturday…so in the meantime, I thought I would offer up a recipe for you.

From the man who brought you the Turkey Pesto Burger, the one, the only: Sam.

Sam’s Super Homemade Protein Bars (a manly adaptation of Tina’s Re-Fuel Bars)

1/2 cup protein powder (we use EAS vanilla whey protein)

1/2 cup quick cook oats

1/2 cup quick cook steel cut oats (you can just do one cup of whichever you have)

1/4 cup whole wheat flour

1/4 cup all purpose flour

4 egg whites

2 big Tbsp. peanut or almond butter

1/4 cup chopped walnuts

1/4 cup dried cranberries

1/4 cup unsweetened applesauce

a healthy drizzle of honey (or agave would work if you have it)

Mix ingredients well, spray 8×4 pan with cooking spray, spread into pan, bake at 350 degree for 20 minutes.  Makes 5 Sam sized bars of 10 me sized bars.

These pack a punch…according to a few different recipe analysis websites, looks like around 300 calories (for a big bar) but very worth it if you need to replenish your belly after a tough workout.  Hope you enjoy them!  Try a few different mix-ins (walnuts and cranberries have just been his favorites — but others would work too!)

P.S. I am not 100% sure about the calorie count on the bars — it’s a tricky thing, that recipe analysis, so as Lavar Burton would say, a la Reading Rainbow, you don’t have to take my word for it. 😉  Check into it yourself!

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