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Training Calls For: 3 miles (again?!)

Miles Run So Far: 19.5

Days Left: 118

Yesterday, I decided I needed a little support for my 3 mile training run.  I’ve done most of the runs for marathon training on my own so far and I sure could use a running buddy lately.  Yes, I know, Sam is my built in running buddy, but with this crazy work schedule (5a-noon) I’m working, it’s hard to coordinate.

So, I took along the next best thing(s).

Well, hello, monsters.  Get ready to run.

I’ve taken Zora running before, but it’s been a while since Ruby hit the trails, so we took it a little slow.  I didn’t bother to wear my iPhone with my RunKeeper Pro.  Instead, I relied on the mile markers along the bike path.  We stopped to walk twice, probably for a quarter-mile total, which was a welcome change of pace for the puppers because it was about 85*.  Don’t call PETA just yet — I brought the necessary tools for a warm weather run:

Water for me, water for them (in the polka dot bowl Zora chewed up as an adolescent puppy).  Post-run was spent lounging in the grass under the shade of a giant tree (them, not me), panting hard (them, not me) with a look of disbelief that run just happened (okay, all of us).

Adorable.  Zora could have kept running (we think she’s part Husky…so go figure) but poor Ruby was tuckered out.  She didn’t even want to get out of the car after we got home.  Even so, I tried to take a group picture to commemorate our group run:

I think that pretty much sums up how everyone feels:  Zora and I are smiling, Ruby is trying to run away and get in the air-conditioned house.  She’s lunging for the front door in the picture, that’s why I’m grabbing her.   No come back!

Even though she was pooped, 30 minutes later, that dog was mosey-ing around the house with a doggie smile on her face.  I think she had a runner’s high!

Dinner last night was really the only meal worth photographing:

Make your own thin-crust pizza.  I used an Aldi multi-grain flat wrap, wiped it down with EVOO, sprinkled Italian seasoning, schmeared pizza sauce, plopped tomatoes and tossed basil on top and covered it with cheese.


There was also a pro-tini served in a mega wine glass, for class’ sake ;).

It’s been a crazy day so far…and I have a feeling it’s only going to get crazier.  I’m looking forward to today’s 3 miler (although I’m ready for a little switch-up in the distance, Hal) as a means of stress relief.

Do you go on group runs?  Who is your running buddy?

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  1. Love the “pro”tini!! 🙂 Good job on your run. It’s hard to get out there in this heat, so whatever motivates you to do it, go with it. Wish I had a dog!

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