Breakfast’s Little Beige Dress

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Training Calls for: Rest (yogAHHH)

Miles Run So Far: 173.1

Days Left: 78

Hi! My name is Bethany and I like to make my oatmeal taste like dessert.

Exhibit A:

Chocolate Covered Cherry Oatmeal:

🙂 ¼ cup Trader Joe’s Quick Cook Steel Cut Oats

🙂  ¼ cup light vanilla soymilk

🙂  ¼ cup water

🙂  ¼ cup small curd cottage cheese

🙂 ½ cup pitted dark, sweet cherries, cut in fourths

🙂 🙂  a small palmful (maybe ½ T) of Hershey’s Special Dark chocolate chips.

In my renewed commitment to eating healthy and eating to fuel my training, I tried for a balanced, filling breakfast today.  After a half hour of basic, flowy yogAHHH, I hauled it into the kitchen and dumped all the above ingredients into a saucepan.  When it started to boil, I brought it back to a simmer for a few minutes, then pulled it off the heat to let it thicken.

Oatmeal is breakfast’s little black beige dress.  If you claim you don’t like oatmeal, I’d bet it’s because you never mix anything in.  Who can claim to like a plain lumpy mess of grain?  Um, only the brave, strong few.  The rest of us need a little help, ala mix-ins.  Mix it up to make it taste like your favorite sweet treat.   If you add PB and a few dark chocolate chips, it tastes just like a no-bake cookie.  Scouts honor.  Going for something a little more complex?  Here’s an example: if you love carrot cake, maybe throw some shredded carrots in, add some cinnamon, raisins or walnuts and vanilla.  A pinch of brown sugar could be delicious, too.  Voila!  Instantly better oatmeal.

In fact, I think I know what I’m having for breakfast tomorrow, now! 😉

YogAHHH was just what the doctor ordered this morning, although it was pretty tough to get out of bed for it.  Sam (to my surprise) asked to join me in my private studio (the basement) for this morning’s session.  Alarms were set for 5:30…we didn’t get down there until 6, which is saying a lot considering we only had to roll out of bed and walk maybe 50 feet.  Mondays are tough.

Once the mat was rolled out and the DVD was buzzing, it felt good to stretch and just ease into Monday.  It instantly put me in a much better mood, woke me up (maybe the coffee helped, too) and got me ready to get back in the groove.  I’m feeling much more balanced.

The monsters and I rambled through the neighborhood for about a mile and a half.  I was delighted it wasn’t boiling hot!  Maybe we’re getting to the part of the year where we turn the corner into fall.  Oh please, oh please.  Mother Nature, are you listening?

My healthy breakfast inspired a healthy lunch:

I packed a salad with red romaine lettuce, spinach, tomato, cucumber and carrot, polka-dotted with a hard-boiled egg and sprinkled with Colby Jack/Pepper Jack shredded cheese.  On the side, a plum, banana, carrots sticks with PB and yogurt with mixed berries.

Funny how when I get back to natural eating, my cravings disappear.  I no longer scavenge through cupboards for leftover candy from Halloween.  A week ago, I was definitely in scavenger mode – think a raccoon in a garbage can.  I was hunting for junk.

P.S. A note about carrot sticks with PB – after seeing Meghann from The Inner Workings of a College Graduate eating carrots with almond butter, I decided to put my misgivings aside and try it.  Delicious!  It seems odd at first, but you’d eat PB with celery, wouldn’t you?  I rest my case.

Sam made dinner tonight, his famous, original One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, Pork!  I do love a man that can cook.  Good thing I married one.

Although, we had a little miscommunication about when the pork would be done versus when I should start roasting the Brussels sprouts, so these babies were like a second course.

And then, of course, there was pie.  A little sliver with a little scoop (or two)  of all-natural ice cream.  Delicious.  Best pie I’ve made in a long while.  Must have been that rolling pin.

There’s a three mile run on tap for tomorrow and I’m going to make an effort to get to bed a little early tonight so that alarm doesn’t seem quite so rude…oh, who am I kidding?  At least I’m going to bed with the feeling that it’s going to be a good, good, run.

What do you put in your oatmeal?!  How do you dress breakfast’s little black beige dress?

A Teachable Ten

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Training Calls for: 10 miles

Miles Run So Far: 86 miles

Days Left: 86

Well, hello there!  Good to see you again ;).

We traveled far and wide (really just across the state) to spend this weekend with Sam’s family.  His sister just took the MCAT and we are ALL celebrating the fact that part of her journey towards the M.D. is OVAH!  The amount of effort that goes into becoming a doctor makes running a marathon look like something you could do at the drop of a hat.  Serious determination and dedication, friends.  Fortunately, my sister-in-law is made of tough stuff!

The only meal worth blogging about from yesterday was dinner:

We each made our own shish kabobs (or in Sam and my dad-in-law’s case man-kabobs) and enjoyed them alongside wild rice, mixed berries and a great tossed salad.  I love shish kabobs because A) everyone can format them they way they want B) you get a power pack of veggies C) you can still enjoy your meat without over doing it.  Next time you’re grilling, consider shishing your kabob ;).

Since I knew we had 10 miles staring us down the next morning, I practiced some hydration responsibility and only had one small glass of wine and a ridiculous amount of water.

The alarm went off way too early this morning (well…not that early, but does anyone ever feel like it goes off at just the right time?).  Heading downstairs to eat a light breakfast, I heard thunder in the distance. Boo.

I munched on a well-rounded breakfast of a toasted sandwich thin with PB and leftover mixed berries while waiting out the rain.  The storm passed relatively quickly and we were off!  My dad-in-law gave us a pretty good route that would cover 10 miles without forcing us to loop around or re-track our steps.

While running the first 5 miles, I came up with several blog post titles for this post:

Soybeans to the Left, Corn to the Right

Hills, Hills, Hills

Maybe You Shouldn’t Try to Run Me Over, Truck

Thank Goodness for Shade

And on and on and on.  It was a toughie, that’s for sure.  We don’t often run many hills, though it is something Sam and I both know we need to work out.  I feel like this run might have covered us for a while ;).  It was good, though, that we challenged ourselves and kept a pretty good pace while trucking it up and down all those inclines.

It did feel a little defeating, though.  After 5 miles, I started to feel really low.  I would look up and see another hill and just feel like I was never going to make it through 5 more miles.  We ended up walking quite a bit for the remainder of the run and finished up, pretty exhausted.

I decided after a bout of negativity (mile 7.5) and a slew of defeatism (mile 8.25) that I needed to turn this whole attitude and run around.

We sat for a while on the front porch, stretching and cooling down.

Check out those sweat marks we left behind ;).

As we chatted, Sam and I decided to list some victories from the run.  These include:

🙂 Running 10 miles for only the third time.  Ever.  Go us.

(That’s my best Zoolander face)

🙂 Taking on a smorgasboard of hills and doing really well with our pacing.

🙂 My IT band felt great and I know the strategy I’m taking with stretching and yogAHHH will help me complete training, injury-free.

🙂 We used a new water bottle system (the kind that slips on your hand) and this really helped.  (So did my dad-in-law driving to meet us at the halfway point with more water bottles — Thanks, Dad!)

We also talked about where we could learn from this run and how we’ll implement this from now on.

🙂 Working on pacing — starting slower, increasing speed for a stronger finish.

🙂 Running earlier in the day.  We wrapped up at about 11:30 and it was really hot and really humid.

🙂 Tackling more hills.

🙂 Stretching — Sam said he didn’t feel he had stretched as much as he needed for this bad boy of a run.

Here’s the point: when you have a run that leaves you less than pleased, when you feel like it’s a miracle you slogged through it, you need to learn from it.

This run was a very teachable ten for me.

I was nervous to run this morning because I was here in W-town (Sam’s parents’ hometown) when we ran that last 10 mile training run for half marathon training.  We all remember how stellar that was *sarcasm*.  I felt so much trepidation between my IT band and the memory of a crummy run that I was pretty psyched out about this.  It wasn’t a good run, but I’m going to learn from it.  I’m going to have to run 10 miles again, and more than 10 miles again.  And again.

I can’t move forward if I’m not armed with a plan.  Negativity and defeatism doesn’t move you forward, it stalls you out and freezes you in place.  A plan and a positive attitude will help push you even when you aren’t sure if you can make it.

So I’m working on it.  Boy, am I working on it.

I ate a recovery breakfast of oatmeal (made with water and milk), a spoonful of PB, and a banana.

I had lovely company.

Zora.  Puppy <3.

We ran some errands and I snacked on a Clif Bar (Dear Clif Bars, Please find LaraBars and make bar babies) and drank a Vitamin Water Zero for some electrolyte replacement.  It was necessary, even if it wasn’t all that natural.  *sad face*

I picked the least un-natural I could find.  I was shocked that the second ingredient in one of the Powerades was high fructose corn syrup.  What?!

It’s time for a little relaxation and family time…and more celebrating.  I love my sister-in-law and am so proud of her for all her hard work.  She’s been studying for almost a year for this test.  Now that it’s behind her, she’s on her way to being Dr. Sister-in-law.  Even though it won’t be her specialty, I’m totally going to call her in the middle of the night when our kids are running fevers, instead of our GP.  🙂  She’s been forewarned, it’s cool.

How do you handle a crummy run or a less than stellar workout?

Lights Out!

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Training calls for: 3 miles

Miles so far: 6

Days left: 124

Whew.  Well, yesterday was quite a day.  It was such “quite a day” that I didn’t get a chance to blog.  My computer was complaining of low disk space or some such nonsense, so it took a while to load the photos and then *poof* I needed to hit the hay for my early wake up call.

A little rewind, if you will.

After swallowing a piece of whole wheat toast with PB whole (sorry, no picture), I made my way to work.  For new readers or readers who need a refresher — I’m a public radio announcer…so I’m on the radio.  Early.  Way early.  I started off on-air at 5am and 20 minutes later, some crazy technological phenomenon caused my radio board to crash.  All the lights when out, nothing was working, I was freaking out.  I ended up having to call a co-worker at home to come in a fix the problem.  I felt terrible, but I am not the techie-est of techies.  No way could I have solved the problem on my own.

A good hour after the situation started, it was resolved (thanks to Steve).  I was back — but my eyes were glued to that radio board for the rest of the day, worrying we’d have another “lights out”.

After all the stress, I was so glad to turn to this for breakfast:

Dark chocolate cherry oatmeal.  Yuuuum.  Chocolate covered cherries are my favorite luxury sweet treat, so when I snagged a pound of cherries at a super reasonable price last weekend, I knew these would be transforming some oatmeal soon.  Check that out.

Think of oatmeal as the little black (beige?) dress of breakfast.  Boring by itself, but jazzed up with the right accessories, truly incredible.  I like trying to make it taste like dessert ;).  My next creation might just channel the flavors of carrot cake.  Mmm.

A few morning snacks while I plowed through the rest of my day:

+ Watermelon.

After a quick, post-work errand to Walmart, I came home and crashed.  Right before my own personal “lights out”, I ate a delish egg sandwich.  Oh, runny yolks, you are so gross and so good.

Two slices of all-natural whole wheat bread (toasted) with a schmear of REAL mayo, sprinkle of Creole Seasoning and one egg + one egg white.  I noshed on some veggies straight out of the bag for a side dish.  Side bag?  Eh, whatev.

That’s right, veggies, I’m lookin’ at you.

In between a long to do list of housework and homework (summer classes, anyone?) I squeezed in a 3 mile training run.  Feelin’ good so far (ha, it’s only day 4!).  I tried to do a little speedwork by picking smaller distance points and running a little faster.  So I’d tell myself: “start picking it up at this tree and book it to that tree and then resume normal pace”.  I’m not sure if this is the technical way of doing this, but I shaved a few seconds off my overall time, so maybe?

I think running in the heat kind of killed my appetite, because dinner was just a little whole wheat rotini pasta with some all natural spaghetti sauce.

This is unusual — especially for me.  Especially for me during any kind of training.

Does the weather affect your appetite?  What about working out in warmer weather?

I’m usually a beast when it comes to eating…so I was surprised by dinner last night, but I wasn’t about to stuff myself.

Tune in later…I’ll explain how this pup is teaching me a thing or two about adaptation:

Puppy love. ❤

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