Lights Out!

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Training calls for: 3 miles

Miles so far: 6

Days left: 124

Whew.  Well, yesterday was quite a day.  It was such “quite a day” that I didn’t get a chance to blog.  My computer was complaining of low disk space or some such nonsense, so it took a while to load the photos and then *poof* I needed to hit the hay for my early wake up call.

A little rewind, if you will.

After swallowing a piece of whole wheat toast with PB whole (sorry, no picture), I made my way to work.  For new readers or readers who need a refresher — I’m a public radio announcer…so I’m on the radio.  Early.  Way early.  I started off on-air at 5am and 20 minutes later, some crazy technological phenomenon caused my radio board to crash.  All the lights when out, nothing was working, I was freaking out.  I ended up having to call a co-worker at home to come in a fix the problem.  I felt terrible, but I am not the techie-est of techies.  No way could I have solved the problem on my own.

A good hour after the situation started, it was resolved (thanks to Steve).  I was back — but my eyes were glued to that radio board for the rest of the day, worrying we’d have another “lights out”.

After all the stress, I was so glad to turn to this for breakfast:

Dark chocolate cherry oatmeal.  Yuuuum.  Chocolate covered cherries are my favorite luxury sweet treat, so when I snagged a pound of cherries at a super reasonable price last weekend, I knew these would be transforming some oatmeal soon.  Check that out.

Think of oatmeal as the little black (beige?) dress of breakfast.  Boring by itself, but jazzed up with the right accessories, truly incredible.  I like trying to make it taste like dessert ;).  My next creation might just channel the flavors of carrot cake.  Mmm.

A few morning snacks while I plowed through the rest of my day:

+ Watermelon.

After a quick, post-work errand to Walmart, I came home and crashed.  Right before my own personal “lights out”, I ate a delish egg sandwich.  Oh, runny yolks, you are so gross and so good.

Two slices of all-natural whole wheat bread (toasted) with a schmear of REAL mayo, sprinkle of Creole Seasoning and one egg + one egg white.  I noshed on some veggies straight out of the bag for a side dish.  Side bag?  Eh, whatev.

That’s right, veggies, I’m lookin’ at you.

In between a long to do list of housework and homework (summer classes, anyone?) I squeezed in a 3 mile training run.  Feelin’ good so far (ha, it’s only day 4!).  I tried to do a little speedwork by picking smaller distance points and running a little faster.  So I’d tell myself: “start picking it up at this tree and book it to that tree and then resume normal pace”.  I’m not sure if this is the technical way of doing this, but I shaved a few seconds off my overall time, so maybe?

I think running in the heat kind of killed my appetite, because dinner was just a little whole wheat rotini pasta with some all natural spaghetti sauce.

This is unusual — especially for me.  Especially for me during any kind of training.

Does the weather affect your appetite?  What about working out in warmer weather?

I’m usually a beast when it comes to eating…so I was surprised by dinner last night, but I wasn’t about to stuff myself.

Tune in later…I’ll explain how this pup is teaching me a thing or two about adaptation:

Puppy love. ❤

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