The Man Cave: Straps, Laps and Rhythmic Beating

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A product review from the depths of the Man Cave. Take it away, Sam.

It all started on that fateful trip to FleetFeet in Cincinnati: my sister, Katie, was looking at getting a Garmin GPS watch to help with her training. There I was, beholden to a plethora of nerd-tactic devices all designed to make my life as a runner better. Ah, yes, technology.

While I didn’t really have a need for a GPS watch (I’d been running using RunKeeper Pro on my iPhone), I was intrigued by the idea of zone training. Zone training is just a fancy phrase some Russian exercise physiologist came up with during the Cold War to describe using your heartbeat as a pace setting tool.

(And just in case you were wondering, no, you did not just time-warp to the 80s, and I have no plans to start marathon training in a neon-colored Adidas track suit.)

There were a few things that peaked my curiosity about zone training:

1) I’ve heard several times that you can determine how “in shape” you are by your resting heart rate. Naturally, I wanted to find out what mine was.

2) I had been struggling on some long runs lately, and I wanted to see if I could find an explanation. Was I exceeding my target heart rate (HR) during the run? Not pushing myself hard enough?

3) RunKeeper Pro has the ability to add your average HR to your workout logs, and I’d been approximating for the last few months during runs. This was *way* too unscientific for me.

4) CrossFit (the workout regiment I do outside of running) really pushes my cardiovascular capabilities, and I was curious in a) the number of calories I was actually burning during the workouts and b) what range my HR was in for the 15-30 minute sessions.

So I picked up the Polar RS100 on Amazon for roughly $80 (about $20 less than it retails for). It’s their low-end monitor, but has the capability of recording up to 99 laps, is water-resistant and uses a chest-strap monitor that communicates with the watch. This was critical especially for CrossFit, where I didn’t want to have to stop my workout to get a quick reading.

The chest strap doesn’t bother me as much as I thought it would; when I first picked it up I worried it would restrict my breathing and cause me to cramp. It’s actually quite comfortable and made from a soft, flexible, plastic-y type material with a neoprene hook-and-latch to go around my back. It’s also machine washable (critical when you sweat as much as I do).

Since using it, I’ve learned a few valuable lessons I want to share with you:

1) I had no idea how many calories I was actually burning while running. This was the most surprising lesson learned, as RunKeeper Pro (which automatically calculates your calories burned using a time / distance algorithm) was *grossly* underestimating how much fuel I was using. In some cases I was actually burning TWICE the calories RunKeeper said I was. (12 mile run: Polar, 2,134 calories; RunKeeper, 1,024 calories)

2) With that in mind, I realized part of the reason I was struggling so much during the long runs was because I didn’t have the fuel I needed. I’d get up first-thing in the morning without eating anything, and was relying on my glycogen stores (essentially, how much energy I could store up / carry over from the previous days) which rapidly depleted. I’ve started to eat a small something before running and am intentionally consuming more energy gels, electrolyte-loaded liquids and thinking more proactively about the types of foods I consume before I run.

3) I was exceeding my target zone routinely by about 2-3 percent. Last week I tried to cap my HR at 85 percent, and noticed a positive difference in how I felt after mile 10. I still think 85 is low for me, so I’ll be toying with 87-88 percent to see if I can still feel the same difference at that level.

4) I’m not as “in shape” as I thought I was, or, I have a better sense of a good target to shoot for. Right now my resting HR is around 68 BPM. My goal is to have my resting HR be closer to 60; this would mean my heart is more efficient at distributing oxygen to the bloodstream and, therefore, needs to beat less frequently.

5) Indeed, I am a nerd. It’s just neat to be able to break down the metrics of your run; I really appreciate being able to analyze (with data) my progress, issues and trends.

More to come after I use this more, but I am so far very pleased with my purchase. If you’re in the market for a new HR monitor, I’d definitely give this one a shot and am happy to give you more specifics. Just shoot me an email at

Happy running and have a joy-filled day,

Points for Trying

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Training calls for: 6 miles

Miles run so far: 10.5

Days left: 122


The score now stands:

Mother Nature 1

Bethany 0

Bah.  I attempted my 6 mile run this morning, as mandated by the Hal Higdon Novice 1 Marathon schedule, but was thwarted.  Not by the rain and foul weather, mind you, but by the lightning that struck twice while I hoofed it around the path near the pond.  With three more laps to go to complete my 6 miles, I made the call to can the run.  I’ll run in rain (every time it rains, I remember these drowned rats and suck it up), but I won’t run in lightning.  I like my life, I’d like to keep it that way — alive.

I was still sufficiently soaked when I got home.

See the rain line?

My shorts are actually light grey…ehem, thanks, water.

The women are off to a butterfly exhibit, but before I jet, I’ll recap yesterday for you.

Breakfast was one egg + egg white and a piece of whole wheat toast with a nanner on the side.

I helped the mumsie tidy the house for a while, vacuuming and windexing away.  I rewarded myself by doing a little damage at Target with my sister, Lisa.

What can I say?  I love Tar-jay.  Lunch was all ready for us when we returned home (ah, I love being home and being cared for).  This is what we affectionately refer to as “Taco Plop”.  Just tortilla chips, black beans, tomatoes, cheese, lettuce, and taco-seasoned ground beef.  Yum.

All the troops rallied around dinner time and after a glass of wine and some chit chat, we got to work making our own little pizzas.

Brilliant choice on my mom’s part.  I have yet to meet someone who just HATES pizza and making your own ensures you get to follow your own eating style (vegetarian, naturalist, dieter, etc).  Mine was topped with cheese, green pepper and onion.  Oh, and some pepperonis snuck on.  How did those get there?

More conversation and laughter later, we headed over to The Cone.  The Cone is a landmark ice cream joint in my parents’ area and they have the good stuff…

A butterscotch dipped vanilla cone…in front of a giant plastic cone.  Check out the line:

Always go to the places with the long lines, it’s usually worth it ;).

I hope you’re having a pleasant Saturday and the rain isn’t ruining your exercise plans.  I think I made the right decision, though, when my mom pointed out, “Bethany, you don’t want to be running in this, especially after Jesus just got struck by lightning.”

So true, so true. (P.S. That statue is just up the highway from my parents’ town)

Hasta luego, friends :).

‘ello ‘ello!

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‘ello ‘ello, little marshmallows. How’s your Tuesday progressing?

I’ve made it through another early day at work and am about to tackle a long list of to-do’s:

🙂 Dr’s appt. — actually, let’s make that a 😦 Dr’s appt.  I just don’t like ’em!

🙂 3 mile run

🙂 walk the monsters — they’ve become little balls of energy since their schedule has been thrown off…since my schedule has been thrown off

🙂 hunt for bedside tables and window treatments for our almost-there-not-quite-finished-not-yet-photographed re-made master bedroom

🙂 work on bedroom renovation finishing touches (the project that will never be done…)

🙂 study for a Spanish final looming ahead on Thursday (yikes)

🙂 start prepping our house for a weekend of family fun (my brother-in-law is graduating – YAY! – and Sam’s grandfather’s 80th birthday party is the next day).

It looks like quite a bit, but I made another of my super Type-A lists, breaking down my time into segments and designating my duties here and there.  I should get everything done and still have time to breathe!  Yay for breathing.  Breathing is good.

Powering me through this day is a litany of awesome, all-natural eats:

Green Monster Smoothie right off the bat at 4:45 am.  Hence the surrounding darkness — although I look surprisingly awake.  Don’t be fooled.  Also, pay no attention to the leftover ladder in the background.  Again — the bedroom renovation is endless.

A bowl of Trader Joe’s High Fiber O’s with skim milk at about 6:30am while at work.

WATERMELON!  The official fruit of summer.  No, that’s not strawberries, those are the official fruit of spring.  Get your official fruits straight ;).

Lunch time came a little early and consisted of leftover tuna cassarole:

Appetizing, I know ;).  Yes, that is the same bowl as breakfast.  When you pack both meals, you have to recycle your silverware and plates.  It’s the green thing to do!  This is the easiest recipe ever.  Sam found it on the back of a Campbell’s soup can in college and we’ve used it ever since.  I made this with whole wheat pasta and soymilk plus cream of mushroom soup, tuna and chicken broth.  Cheddar cheese sprinkled on top gave a little va-va-voom.

I ate an apple, but didn’t photograph it.  Then, there were cucumbers:

I look more like a bug than a beauty queen.  Hmm.  A queen B?

Disclaimer: I never played with my food as a child — only as an adult.  Strangely more fun.

I’m pretty excited for my 3-miler today for two reasons: 1) we’re experiencing oddly cool weather for this time of the year — only a high of 75.  Love it. 2) this marks the unofficial start of my marathon training.  I don’t actually start following the Hal Higdon Novice Marathon training schedule until next week, but decided to repeat week 1 to get a jump start and keep my legs rarin’ to go.

Be sure and check back later — I’m taking you on a field trip!!! 🙂

Like Alice in the Rabbit Hole…

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…I fell into my Spanish book and couldn’t find my way out last night to blog.  I know, I was sad, too.  I’d rather be blogging than cramming my brain full of Spanish phonetics.  Trust me.

Dinner was especially tasty last night, so I thought I’d share the goods with you:

I saw Jamie Oliver’s Pork Kabob recipe a while ago and thought it looked tasty.  Last night, I adapted it, because we had most of the ingredients on hand, just not the other kabob elements.  Instead, I made butterfly pork chops.

“Thanks for the Idea, Jamie” Pork Chops:

🙂 2 butterfly cut pork chops

🙂 1 Tbsp. honey, plus drizzle for garnish

🙂 1 Tbsp. EVOO

🙂 1 Tbsp lemon juice

🙂 1/2 tsp. ground cumin

🙂 1/2 tsp. rosemary (I used dried, you could use real, just adjust the amount)

Salt and pepper to taste.

Heat countertop grill (I used our Foreman).  In a small bowl, combine honey, EVOO and lemon juice.  Mix well.  In a separate bowl, combine rosemary, cumin, salt and pepper.  Mix well.  Take pork chop, coat both sides with honey/EVOO/lemon mixture (I used a bbq brush for this).  Sprinkle with rosemary/cumin mixture.  Pat herb mixture to make sure it’s stuck on pork.  Repeat on other side.  Add pork to grill, grill until done (I think mine took about 10 minutes).

Drizzle with honey before serving.  Enjoy!

So simple, yet really tasty.  I served it with smashed cauliflower (a great mashed potato poser) and a mixed berry cup.  Yuuuum.

After dinner, I joined in on a “conference call” with our friends Joe and Kathy.  We’re all going to Miami together (Joe’s parents own a condo down there — score!) and I am SO excited.  It’s rare to find friends you can travel with, these two are keepers and Sam and I feel so lucky to have them as friends.  Hi, Kathy!

All our talk about the trip made it even harder for me to buckle down and study.  I know it seems like I’ve been studying a lot, but I am a classic over-achiever/perfectionist.  No, really? This class is pretty tough and I really like the professor, so I feel this need to do well both for myself and also for the prof.  Some kind of weird “pleasing authority complex” I’m sure.  Seems silly, but it’s how I am.  I always figure better to over-prepare for the first test and then cool it on the second than bomb the first and worry about the second.

I had a little “study power” help last night:

Ice cream is always better in a mug.  I don’t know why.  Maybe it insulates it better and keeps it colder and less melty?  I ate about a half a cup of all-natural butter pecan (Walmart brand).  Yup, all natural, regular fat, and oh-so-good.

This morning, I sipped my coffee with organic half and half and agave and split a Green Monster with Sam (a mini monster if you will) while I prepped breakfast.

French toast!  I threw in about a tablespoon of ground flaxseed to the egg mixture to add some fatty acids.  Go fatty acids, go!

Note: I stuck about a cup of strawberries in the microwave, intending just to warm and soften them.  I set the nuker for 3 minutes instead of 30 seconds and they explode at the 1:30 mark.  Lesson learned: when life explodes your strawberries, make strawberry syrup. 🙂

I managed to get a lot done this morning, most importantly, another 3 mile run.  GLORIOUS.  Yesterday, I realized the twinge in my calf was mostly gone *sigh of relief* and my IT band isn’t bothering me anymore, so I was really looking forward to this run.  It did not disappoint.  Not only did it feel great, but I managed to run it faster than on Tuesday AND achieved negative splits (when your pace gets faster instead of slower during the run).  YAY!  It’s the little things.  Thank you, legs.  Love you.  Mean it.

Lunch was an outside event, as I took my books and used solar power to memorize linguistics.  Yay, linguistics *sarcasm*.

An almond butter and strawberry jam wrap on a Fit&Active wrap, red grapes, strawberries, tortilla chips and salsa.  Look at that oozey goodness.

Want your wrap to NOT ooze?  Try spreading a thin layer of nut butter along the perimeter, fold the edges in and THEN roll it.  The fold holds in the jelly/jam and the nut butter acts like glue (now that’s glue I’d be eating in Pre-K arts and crafts!).

Speaking of which…

Did you eat glue as a kid?  What weird, non-food item did you munch as a kid?  C’mon, I know you ate something.

I ate a dandelion once on a field trip on a dare.  I know nowadays, people actually eat dandelion greens in salads and such, but I ate the yellow flower.  Maybe I was just ahead of my healthful time? 😉

Seven…in heaven?

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I made it!!!

If this was a yogAHHHH pose, it would be “Runner’s Sun Salutation” (with 7 fingers displayed).  Seriously ;).  For the first time in MONTHS, I didn’t have to layer and bundle up, I didn’t have to wear a warm hat and I didn’t have to be covered from head to toe.  Amazing.  It was warm enough for just a moisture-wicking top, pullover and capris.  It was even warm enough for shorts, which I kicked myself for after getting out there.  Oh well.  I have a feeling spring is FINALLY on its way.  There will be another day fit for shorts.

Sam and I left one car at one end of the bike path and the other car at the other end.  We decided it would be better to run in a straight line, so getting from one car to the next was the motivation!  In case you were wondering, 7 miles is also the length of my daily work commute, so running it took on a whole new meaning.  The first 4 miles were great — the sun was out, we were keeping up a great pace, everything was wonderful.  We stopped and took our GU at that point and then after just a little bit of walking, got back to it.

The next 3 miles were terrible.  I can’t be sure what it is, but my stomach began to cramp and I had to stop to walk again.  I think it may have been the GU.  I did the “shot” kind and swallowed it down in about 3 gulps.  Maybe skipping the chewing part of digestion was a bad idea?  It felt like a rock in my stomach.  I had to exercise some serious positive thinking to make it all the way to 7 miles, but I did it!  *phew*

I weighed myself when we got home and found that I had lost 2 pounds (of water, obviously) during our 1 hr+ run.  Interesting.  So, following the Runner’s World article I found a while back after my scary experience, I drank 16 oz. (1 pound) of water for each pound lost.  Good to know.  I definitely didn’t expect it to be as much weight as it was.  Eye-opening.  Or pore-opening.  Eww, gross.

Last night was especially fun because Sam’s grandparents (who live in town) and his brother and brother’s girlfriend met us out for dinner.  My birthday is coming up and they wanted to celebrate.  I know you’re asking yourself how I managed this dining experience with my “If It Doesn’t Have a Mama” March rules, but I did A-okay!

We went to Lui Lui’s, a local Asian “fusion” restaurant.  The owner is a friend of Sam’s grandparents and I knew I could trust her food.  The menu was extensive (Asian, Italian, American styles) and I asked a lot of questions.  Poor server didn’t know she was going to be playing the “Name That Food Neurosis” Game Show.

After a few obstacles (we couldn’t be sure what was in the rice noodles of my usual Chicken Paad Thai :(), I ordered the Pepper-Seared Rare Tuna.  Tuna has a mama, so check on that.  It came with veggies (grow in the ground — check) and rice (grows in the ground — check again).  I also had a house salad to start (the picture came out too dark to post :() with homemade house dressing.  I avoided the bread basket because I’ve learned my lesson with bread…can’t be too sure, better to just leave it be.

Those are carrots spelling out “Happy B-day!”.  I took them home to use them in my salad for lunch today, haha!  There was also wine with dinner — exempted from the challenge, of course ;).  It was a wonderful meal and a great time with family.

This morning’s breakfast kind of pales in comparison!

The usual suspects: Kashi cereal, skim milk, Green Monster Smoothie and coffee with organic half and half.  All within the “If It Doesn’t Have a Mama” March challenge guidelines.

Whew!  Long post!  I’m off to do morning things and walk the monsters.  Stay tuned for a “If It Doesn’t Have a Mama” March week 1 wrap up.  Have a great Monday!

What’s your take on energy gels?  Do they ever upset your stomach?

Mish Mash

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I am SO glad it’s Friday.  I had work-related dreams last night and kept waking up in a panic.  Hate that.  It made for one groggy girl groping for her alarm clock this morning.  It also made me forgetful and I did NOT take a picture of the Green Monster Smoothie and coffee I had pre-run.  Tsk Tsk.  At least I have a “stock” photo of a Green Monster, haha.  So just use your imagination.

The run I was dreading actually turned out okay.  I gave myself a pep talk, took note of the beautiful sunshine and just got going.  Those 4.5 miles flew by and I ran it in decent time (decent for me…).  Sometimes, a run is all about the attitude.  I have to almost talk myself into it being a positive experience.  Then, during the run, I have to keep myself from stopping and walking with the following schpiel:

“Does anything hurt? No.  Is anything broken or bleeding?  No.  Is it just that you’re tired? Yes.  Well, suck it up and keep trucking.  You’ll get your breathing rhythm back and you’ll be glad you didn’t stop.”

Phew.  Sometimes the toughest love comes from within.  By the time it’s over though, I feel great.  RUNNER’S HIGH!

I came back to walk the monsters where I was greeted by one sun-bathing monster (Ruby)…

And one monster (Zora) who is just too much woman for one bed. 🙂

Lunch was yummy today and a little creative.  I wanted to pack a tuna sandwich, but I usually use Miracle Whip (what can I say? I love that zangy zip!).  Miracle Whip, in case you were uncertain, does NOT have a mama and does NOT grow in the ground.  So, it does NOT follow the guidelines of the “If It Doesn’t Have a Mama” March challenge.  Dangit.  Looking around the kitchen in search of a solution to the great dry tuna catastrophe about to descend upon my sandwich and… Bingo.  Avocado and mustard came to the rescue.  Avocado provided a little creaminess and mustard gave great taste.  I’m going to remember this!

Add an apple, cut up pineapple and vanilla yogurt with granola and lunch was filling and delicious.  Best part was I could answer the questions “does it have a mama?” and “does it grow in the ground?” with confidence.  YES!

Now dinner was a little different story (well, in the delicious way, not the challenge-fulfilling way).  I didn’t have any set plans, but got creative with some leftover ground turkey.  I made “mash”.  I sauteed some onion, garlic and shredded carrots, browned the turkey, added some ketchup and pepper and BOOM.  Dinner.

It doesn’t look like much, but I based it loosely off some comfort food that’s a family recipe.  My mom made this Depression-era casserole every time I had my braces adjusted back in the awkward pubescent days of middle school.  It’s a layered dish of ground beef, potato, onion and carrot with tomato sauce and other spices.  In a pinch, my mash tasted almost like it, but not quite.

I’m not going to lie.  Dinner was totally uninspiring and the alternative was a bowl of cereal, so be glad this odd concoction is what you’re looking at.

I’ve got super exciting plans tonight *sarcasm*.   Actually, that’s all right by me.  I’m going to do some good stuff this weekend, so a chill Friday is a welcome wrap up to the work week.   I’m going to attempt to give myself a pedicure.  All this running has done a number on my feet — I don’t even recognize them any more!  I’ve heard Epsom salts can be a pal to rough runner’s feet.

What’s your favorite remedy to the maladies training and exercise can deal out?

“If It Doesn’t Have a Mama” March…Restaurant Edition

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Whew!  Sorry I went missing, it was quite the night.  A date night with Sam and then back to the homefront to glue myself to the tv for the most anticipated arrival of the year (um, Jim and Pam’s baby on The Office….duh).

So how did date night work out?  Was I able to stay within my “If It Doesn’t Have a Mama” March guidelines?  You bethcha, but it wasn’t easy.

We haven’t been out to eat in a long time — well, just the two of us.  I’m talking the “what do you want to do for dinner? nothing? well then let’s go somewhere” kind of going out to eat.  I think this is related to our desire to eat healthy and the fact that the last time we did the spontaneous eating out thing, I came home afterward and downloaded the restaurant’s nutrition fact sheet.  I fainted when I saw the numbers on what I ate.

So I’ve been spooked ever since.

Eating out while following my challenge took a little effort.  Okay, a lot of effort.  I started with the phonebook.  I considered all restaurants in our area.  I ruled out the chain restaurants because I figured if each TGIRestaurant is selling the same thing under the same “quality” standards, then the chances are it contains preservatives and chemicals because they are shipping the same food to all their locations.  I don’t know for sure, but it was an educated guess.

Then I started looking at the locally owned restaurants.  I ruled out the ones we don’t like (what’s the point of eating out if you aren’t going to enjoy it?!) I began calling the ones we do like and the conversation went something like this:

Me:  Hi, I’m calling with a nutrition question about your restaurant?

Restauranter: Okay…let me get our chef.

*awkward hold music*

Chef: How can I help you?

Me: I was wondering if your food contained preservatives?  I have a “friend” who has some unique allergies to preservatives and I wanted to bring her to your restaurant.

And then the chef would answer accordingly.  Now, looking back, it was silly to create a “friend” for this experiment, but the truth is, I just didn’t want to explain it all out.  An obscure “friend” seemed more plausible.  I didn’t want to say I was avoiding specific chemicals or preservatives (because I’m avoiding all of them!) — so it worked.  Next time, though, I’ll stand up for myself and my challenge and explain the real deal.  Promise.

I finally found a restaurant where the chef’s answer was, “no, we don’t use any chemicals or preservatives.  In fact, we go to incredible lengths to avoid them.”

Della Zona.

A pizza and pasta restaurant.  You can read more about their mission on their website and on their menu, but the basic summary is they believe in real food — REAL good food. They buy from local growers and producers, incorporate organic food and cook with the season.  They believe in traditional and sustainable ingredients and they have a cute atmosphere.  It smelled heavenly the minute we walked in.

We ordered an Athena pizza on Etruscan spelt crust — it had tomato, artichokes, onion, sauteed greens, olive tapenade, marinara and homemade Della Zona ricotta cheese.

It was amazing.  I ate three pieces, Sam ate four.  One piece escaped, only to be eaten as breakfast this morning.

I also enjoyed a mug of Rooibos tea (I’ve never had it before, but had seen it on a lot of the blogs).  It was good.  A strong-ish red tea with a slightly musky aftertaste.  I didn’t even use any honey — the flavor spoke for itself.

Sam ran next door and picked up a bottle of red wine from Spain (we’re suckers for the Spanish wines…but that’s another post ;)).  Della Zona doesn’t sell alcohol, but also doesn’t have a corking fee, so you can bring in your own and they’ll supply the glasses.  Perfecto!

The best part?  Price wise, it was no different than if we had eaten out at a traditional chain restaurant.  About $20.  For a “gourmet” pizza, I think that’s a good deal.

Lesson learned here: you may have to do a little research, you may have to create a “friend” to hide behind, but in the end, it is totally worth it to stick to your principles and challenges and find some amazing food.

Bon appetit!

Now, I’m off to run.  I don’t know why, but I have a nervous feeling in my stomach about this run.  Maybe it’s the cold…I don’t know.  Can’t shake it.  Time to start thinking positive thoughts!

P.S. Worth adding for accountability’s sake: I split this Raw Revolution Cookie Dough bar with Sam before we went out for dinner.  Pretty yummy and totally natural.  At first, I strongly tasted the dates in the bar, but after a few bites, the cookie dough flavor became more convincing.


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Welcome!  Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re either related to me or you found this blog by accident.  Either way, I’m glad you stopped by.


This is the blog of one average woman attempting to train, run and finish (without major injury or death) a marathon.  A MARATHON, I said.  *moment of silence* Before I continue, I feel I should go ahead with this disclaimer: my blog was NOT inspired by the Columbia Pictures movie Julie & Julia, I am NOT looking for a movie deal (some movie that would be – just a chick running – yawn) and this is NOT an exercise in airing my grievances on the interweb as so many pre-pubescent/pubescent/post-pubescent blogs do.  I have nothing to share about Mom and Dad taking away my texting privileges or forbidding me to piece my (*insert most popularly punctured body part*).  Instead, this blog, in its most simple form, is going to serve as a way for me to chronicle my training and reflect on how far I’ve progressed or how far I’ve regressed.  Either way, should be a good laugh in about 10 years.


For security purposes, I’ve decided not to post anything personal about myself.  Instead, I’ll work in vague parameters to give you an idea of who I am.  I’m a mid-to-late 20’s something woman living in the Midwest.  I am married, I have no children and according to a quick perusal of Google: I am the average woman in terms of height, weight, shoe size and body composition.  Finally, an answer for why the clearance racks rarely have much inventory in my size!  I work a 40-hour work week just like the rest of you and I would hardly consider my job stressful.  Running for me isn’t about stress relief, but more on that later.

I chose not to go into more specifics about myself because I feel that’s not the point of this adventure.  I’m not writing to be best friends with you.  I’m not writing for your sympathy or your scorn.  I’m writing to have proof of a transformation I believe will take place over the next 6 months.  Besides, maybe, just maybe, this will inspire someone else to start running, and who am I to burden them with specifics?  People will use anything to stop themselves: “I’m not as a thin as she is” “I’m not as tall” “I have smaller feet” whatttttttever.


Ah yes.  “Not Unless I’m Being Chased.”  I know, a little odd.  I struggled with what to name the blog because I really wanted it to reflect my endeavor.  “The Road Not Traveled ” was already taken.  Thanks, Frost.  You steal all the good ones.

Anyway, I picked the name because that used to be my standard response when the general subject of running came up.  “Oh, do you run?” people would ask.  “Not unless I’m being chased.”  It was a good way to deflect my general lack of athleticism and a way to mask the fact that I wanted to run, I just believed I COULDN’T.  I don’t believe that anymore.  I don’t ALLOW myself to believe that anymore.  I’m not going to think anymore that I’m not fast enough, that I don’t have the perseverance or ability.  Hogwash.

So, that gets us off and running (ooh, bad pun) with this blog.  Stay tuned for more on Why A Marathon? and Just How Are You Doing This? annnnnnnd So You’re Already A Runner, Right?

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