Points for Trying

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Training calls for: 6 miles

Miles run so far: 10.5

Days left: 122


The score now stands:

Mother Nature 1

Bethany 0

Bah.  I attempted my 6 mile run this morning, as mandated by the Hal Higdon Novice 1 Marathon schedule, but was thwarted.  Not by the rain and foul weather, mind you, but by the lightning that struck twice while I hoofed it around the path near the pond.  With three more laps to go to complete my 6 miles, I made the call to can the run.  I’ll run in rain (every time it rains, I remember these drowned rats and suck it up), but I won’t run in lightning.  I like my life, I’d like to keep it that way — alive.

I was still sufficiently soaked when I got home.

See the rain line?

My shorts are actually light grey…ehem, thanks, water.

The women are off to a butterfly exhibit, but before I jet, I’ll recap yesterday for you.

Breakfast was one egg + egg white and a piece of whole wheat toast with a nanner on the side.

I helped the mumsie tidy the house for a while, vacuuming and windexing away.  I rewarded myself by doing a little damage at Target with my sister, Lisa.

What can I say?  I love Tar-jay.  Lunch was all ready for us when we returned home (ah, I love being home and being cared for).  This is what we affectionately refer to as “Taco Plop”.  Just tortilla chips, black beans, tomatoes, cheese, lettuce, and taco-seasoned ground beef.  Yum.

All the troops rallied around dinner time and after a glass of wine and some chit chat, we got to work making our own little pizzas.

Brilliant choice on my mom’s part.  I have yet to meet someone who just HATES pizza and making your own ensures you get to follow your own eating style (vegetarian, naturalist, dieter, etc).  Mine was topped with cheese, green pepper and onion.  Oh, and some pepperonis snuck on.  How did those get there?

More conversation and laughter later, we headed over to The Cone.  The Cone is a landmark ice cream joint in my parents’ area and they have the good stuff…

A butterscotch dipped vanilla cone…in front of a giant plastic cone.  Check out the line:

Always go to the places with the long lines, it’s usually worth it ;).

I hope you’re having a pleasant Saturday and the rain isn’t ruining your exercise plans.  I think I made the right decision, though, when my mom pointed out, “Bethany, you don’t want to be running in this, especially after Jesus just got struck by lightning.”

So true, so true. (P.S. That statue is just up the highway from my parents’ town)

Hasta luego, friends :).

Good call

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I think I made the right choice in skipping my run this morning.  After work, this familiar site came peeking through the trees.

Well, hello Mr. Sun.  Haven’t seen you around here lately. 🙂

Sam met up with me for a quick three-miler on the ol’ bike path.  We followed a familiar route from our half marathon training days and ran free of iPhones or GPS trackers.  It was awesome.  I read in Runner’s World a while back that you should aim for one run and make it a free, peaceful run.  Ditch the heart rate monitor, leave the Garmin behind and tell your iPod to take the day off.  I had a fabulous run today and I think it was because I wasn’t concentrating on pace or song or anything other than keeping up a slightly breathless conversation with my hubby.

Good running partners motivate you ;).  Towards the end, Sam started speeding up, then I sped up to keep up, then he started sprinting, then I busted it out full force and we tore across the “finish line”.  What a nice way to end a run.

Notice my outfit?  We all know I can be a little (okay, a lot) thrifty.  Hello, Aldi is a regular on my grocery shopping route.  My running clothes are no exception to my desire to save a buck.  When I started running regularly, the possible cost of clothes overwhelmed me.  My eyes bugged out at the price tag on a DryFit t-shirt or (in the winter months) a pair of compression tights.  I want to pass on my “secrets” to finding inexpensive running (and exercise) clothes:

🙂 Check TJ Maxx and Marshalls for good deals on moisture wicking shirts and running shorts.  I scored a NikeFit cold compression top for $17 at TJ Maxx and I know it was probably originally $50-60.  Score!

🙂 Target carries the Champion line of clothes at pretty reasonable prices.  My cold weather running tights are from Target (yes, those sexy hot-pink striped leggings — you know you’re jealous!) and they carried me through 17 degree-weather runs.  I think they cost $25.  That’s like a quarter for every run I used them.  My pocketbook loves that.

🙂 Check outlet stores.  My favorite running shorts are from the Champion outlet — $15!  Sam got a Nike top at the outlets that was basically 75% off.  My regular running socks were another score at the outlets.  Bingo.

🙂 It’s not all about name brands.  The shirt I’m wearing in this picture (from our run tonight) was bought at Walmart.

It’s moisture-wicking (obviously — check out that belly sweat!), has a shelf bra built in, a racer back that mirrors my sports bra lines (so I’ll only have ONE set of weirdo tan lines come summer ;)) AND…

a media pocket, perfectly sized for an iPod shuffle.  Now, if only I had one. 😉  I feel like that shirt is an awesome deal for $7.  Yep.  Just 7 tacos.  You can afford more than one at that price.  I bought two.

🙂 Finally, if this is something you’re going to stick with, buy out of season.  Shop those “end of the summer” clearance racks.  Grab a pair of shorts to tuck away for next year or get a cold weather top when it’s starting to feel more like spring.  It will be like Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa for you in the coming months when you open up those boxes and say, “I forgot I bought that!  AND I got a great deal!”

Just a few tips I thought I’d pass on — from my cheapskate wallet to yours.  It’s not rocket science, but it’s helpful. 🙂

Tonight was one of those nights where you come home, look in the fridge…

and decide you’re eating oatmeal for dinner.  Sorry, it’s kind of an uninspiring night food-wise.  We’ve all been there.

I ate a double batch of Trader Joe’s Quick Cook Steel Cut Oats with half a can of blueberries (rinsed of their “light syrup”) and a tablespoon of PB.  Mmm.  Melty.

It filled my tummy right up — just what I needed after such a good run.

A shower is in order (peee-uuuu) and then a little reading before bed.  I’m digging into What the Dog Saw by Malcolm Gladwell.  Ever heard of it?

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