My Food Philosophy

I believe in real food.  I believe in real, good food.  I believe feeding myself whole, natural foods results in feeling my absolute best and because I’ve only got this one body and this one life, I’m not willing to compromise and eat junk.

I believe in all-natural foods so much, I challenged myself to only eat food with ingredients I could recognize, pronounce and understand for the month of March 2010 — if it didn’t have a mama and didn’t grow in the ground, I didn’t eat it.  During “If It Doesn’t Have a Mama” March, I looked closer at labels for ingredients first, nutritional facts second.
Here’s an excerpt from that challenge:

My feelings are pretty simple: food is good.  Food has been good for a good number of years and then people started messing with it.  We started expecting shelf-lives to become eternal.  We expected to be able to morph our treats into fat-free “all-the-times”.  We stopped eating for fuel and started eating for the emotional spike it gave our blood sugar.

Well, guess what?  Shelf-lives SHOULD NOT be eternal.  Fruits and veggies ROT when let go too long.   Quality bread grows mold.  Meat spoils.  But those snack cakes will live forever.  *one of these things is not like the other….*

Guess what else?  Potato chips were never meant to be fat-free.  Seriously.  I think that every food is fine in moderation, but the moderation part comes when you recognize that fat and salt and grease and other nasties act as barriers.  They make you stop and think, “gosh, I shouldn’t have this all the time, these are a treat.”  Say it with me: Treat-os.  Not Cheat-os.  I don’t even want to start in about those potato chips that caused the “intestinal havoc” so many years ago.  If a food has this affect on your body, it’s a sign something is wrong with it, in my opinion.

That challenged ended, but its effects can still be seen in the way I eat today.  My food philosophy is simple: natural is best.  I eat foods that are fat free because that’s the way nature made them (fruits and veggies) and not because they were chemically engineered that way.  I believe in healthy fat and food with enough calories to sustain my life, not starve my soul.  I believe you should do what’s best for you as an individual.

Most of all, I believe food is love and I’ll never serve or eat something that suggest anything other than that love is whole and natural.


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  1. I’ve recently decided our family should also do this. 🙂 I started slowly replacing all the crap in our kitchen with real food. (Because restocking the entire kitchen in one shot would cost a fortune. LOL) I replaced the overly-sweet jarred spaghetti sauce with fresh tomatoes (when in season) and canned tomatoes that, literally, list two ingredients: tomatoes and water. I don’t even want salt in it, because then I can adjust the sodium levels myself. I’ve started buying breads with ingredients I can identify. I’ve started looking for products that use, say, citric acid as a preservative instead of all those complicated scientific names that could be anything, really, because I’m not a freaking chemist.

    Hopefully I’m successful in making us a little more healthy. 😀

    • Way to go! You’re right — you have to do this change in steps. I’ve noticed it feels pretty good to replace a couple of things at a time. It also kind of stretches out the “out with the old, in with the new” feeling 🙂
      I love your comment “I’m not a freaking chemist”. I want to make a shirt that says that. “I eat REAL FOOD because I’m not a freaking chemist!”.

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