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Training calls for : REST!

Miles Run So Far: 9

Days to Go: 123

Bojour, mon petit chous!  (that’s about all the French I know ;)).  Hope you’re having a slammin’ Friday!

I’m blogging to you from a remote location this afternoon…

My dad’s study.  Yup, I’m at the parental casa this weekend for a very special occasion, but more on that later.  In Dad’s office, I feel very educated.  In that leather chair, I feel like I should be smoking a stogey, discussing the current events of the nation with my fellow ex-pats, Ernest and F. Scott.

I’m home for a weekend of women…more specifically, the weekend of women in my family.  A couple of months ago, my Aunt Sarah suggested a weekend of the women on my dad’s side of the family.  We’re all getting older, the cousins are all growing up (*ahem* some of us are already grown up ;)) and life is taking hold.  My extended family has never been the kind of all live in the same city/town/state, so it’s hard to spend time together often.  This weekend offered a chance to bring us together.  It’s going to be a good time.

Before heading to my parents’ side of the state, I had to battle through a work day.  A Green Monster Smoothie helped:

Followed by some fruit…

And a scone + coffee Sam brought to me later in the morning.  He’s been on a business trip (you guys know I don’t mention that kind of stuff until after the fact for creeper reasons, right?) so I had been missing him somethin’ fierce.  It was good to see that handsome face.  I was too busy talking and flirting to take a picture of the scone.

One of the best side effects of Sam being home was the fact that we could take our scheduled 3 miler together!  Yay!  It wasn’t nearly as humid and we ran along the shady part of the bike path.  3 miles in 28:30.  Not too shabby.  I really love having a built-in running partner.  About a half-mile left, Sam asked, “wanna pick it up?” and we pushed ourselves to the very end.  It felt great!

I’m not kidding when I say this heat is zapping my appetite.  It’s something I think I’m really going to have to work against.  I ate a banana after my run for starters:

Noshed on some chocolate Sam brought back from his trip…

and re-fueled again with a LaraBar (Key Lime Pie) while I buzzed along the highways.  The flavor was okay…I was kind of disappointed.

An Asian-inspired dinner was waiting at my parents’ house.

And I had a beer to kick off the start of my 3-day weekend.  Yay.

So let’s talk for a minute about how this puppy is helping me think about adaptation:

Oh, Zora, one of our little monster.  Zora is a Lab/Husky (or Shiba Inu) mix…either way, the girl is covered in fur.  Fur upon fur.  While most of this fur ends up on our couches, bed and floors, miraculously, some of it stays on her four-legged body.  With the weather heating up, I’ve noticed her changing her ways a little to adapt.  I’m taking my cues from her as I experience running and training in the summer heat (yikes).

Adaptation #1:  The monsters’ water bowl is constantly empty.  I cannot keep up with them.  I’ve seriously considered SkyMalling one of those pet auto-water stations.  Srsly.  Zora sucks up the agua like it’s her job — so I’m following suit.  I’ll be hydrating all the time, especially in the hours before running.  The weather is causing me to sweat even more and I do NOT deal well with dehydration, so H2O is my best friend.

Adaptation #2: If you pet Zora now, you will undoubtedly unleash mounds of hair from her adorable body.  Shedding is in full swing in our house and I recognize this is Zora’s way to cooling her coat so she can survive in this heat.  I’m taking a cue from this and changing what clothes I’m running in.  Lighter colors and more dri-weave are at the top of the drawer now.  I’ve switched out my socks, too, because I’ve noticed my feet swell a little bit in the heat.  Thinner socks = happier feet.  I’m even going to *gulp* run in just my sports bra on occasion.  I’ve done it twice already and honestly, I’m not as self-conscious as I thought I’d be.  I basically reason it this way: um, I’m out in the heat, workin’ my bod…if someone has a problem with how I’m dressed or thinks I’m being a floozy, they can stuff it or run in front of me with an air conditioning unit the entire way.  Up to them.

Adaptation #3: This pup-princess is currently worshiping the air conditioning vents in our house.  No kidding.  I’m not even sure Zora knew we had AC before this, but now, she not only knows the location of each vent in every room, she is permanently stationed in front of them (see above picture).  Unless, of course, she’s lounging on the bed with me, in which case, she’s expressing her love for the tower fan.

She knows she’s hot and she needs to remedy it.  My similar adaptation will be to appreciate the breezes when I feel them, love AC when I’m inside and most importantly, listen to my body.  Heat stroke is fo’ real and I don’t feel like playing that game.  It is always important to listen to your body for health reasons, but especially when you’re pushing it in extreme weather.

So there you go.  While I’m not crazy about training in the summer time, I AM crazy about running a marathon and it’s more important to me than a little sweat.

Now, pass the water, please.

Do you adjust your routines according to the season?  How do you adapt?  Do you have a “monster” at home ;)?

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  1. just go with the appetite decrease, don’t fight it and force food down (not that I think you are). It’s totally natural in the heat and your body knows what it is doing and what it needs, which apparently is less food. There is only thing I think I know better than my body and that is hydration. Unfortunately, I rarely feel thirsty, even when I am dehydrated, so I have to clue in to other signs…like not peeing frequently (something I normally do on an hourly basis), dry mouth (and stinky breath too when dehydration is present), and of course the tell-tale sign–the headache. But I so very rarely “feel thirsty.” Not sure why.

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