“Did I stutter?”

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Training calls for: 3 miles

Miles Run So Far: 3

Days to Go: 125

Whoohoo.  Day 2 of the marathon training (and the first real run day) is behind me.  I’m on my way!  I struggled a little to get my motivation up for today’s run.  In fact, my feelings toward training in general are a little shaky.  It isn’t so much that I don’t want to do this or that I’m unsure, it’s that I’m a little bit scared.  Every time I think about training, in my head I hear myself say it “m-m-m-marathon training”.  Just like that.  Nervous little stutter.  M-m-m-marathon training.  It’s going to be a long 18 weeks if every time I think about training I’m mentally stuttering.

So I gave myself a little pep talk…drawing on one of my favorite scenes from The Office (you guys know I love that show :)).   Michael is pestering Stanley and pushes Stanley to backtalk him, saying, “did I stutter?”

In my version, Michael is my uneasiness at taking this m-m-m-marathon training on.  It’s the part of me that thinks I can do it, but isn’t really sure.  It’s that little voice going “c’mon, doubt yourself, c’mon, worry about it”.  I need to be all Stanley with that voice and say “it’s MARATHON training.  Did I stutter?”

Nope.  I did not.

BTW, I dominated those 3 miles.  Even in the heat and humidity.  BOOM!  The secret weapon?  This run was powered by pigtails.

Obviously, I took this picture pre-run.  Puh-lease, I definitely do not look that perky after a run in 88* heat with 100% humidity.  I’d like to meet the woman who does.

After a weekend of many indulgences (hello, beer, massive snacking and mindless eating) and straying from all natural eating (oh, it’s you, sugary birthday cake!), I’m ready to clean up my eats.  I did a pretty good job for today, if I do say so myself.

Breakfast at home:

Green Monster Smoothie, clearly.

Breakfast at work:

Fruit salad.


Plain all natural yogurt with Trader Joe’s granola.

Lunch was a little random: Cascadian Farms Cinnamon Crunch Cereal.

Not exactly an adult meal, but the nutrition stats aren’t terrible, so I’ll give in to the craving.

However, the cereal doesn’t have much staying power, so a little later, a random piece of string cheese  came into the picture…

…and half a Chocolate Coconut LaraBar.  Surprisingly, not my favorite flavor.  This was the first time I tried it and I should have known the deck was stacked against it because I rarely like anything chocolate flavored that doesn’t actually contain chocolate.  People, please, let’s leave well enough alone in that department ;).

I’m trying to use up all the leftover food from the party (that’s why you’ve seen so much fruit!!!) so I chopped up some of the veg from the veggie tray and sauteed it in a pan with a little EVOO.

I threw those veggies in a multigrain wrap (from Aldi ;)) with a little cheese and scrambled eggs (two eggs, one egg white).  I obviously mis-judged the veg-to-wrap ratio, so I ended up with auxilary vegetables.  What can I say?  It’s a tough formula.

I’m pretty stuffed from dinner, so I’m thinking dessert will just have to wait.  Good thing, too, because there’s leftover birthday cake staring me down and I need to trash it or take it in to work and force my co-workers to deal with the temptation I obviously can’t.

What?  You know you do it, too.

Made Do

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Cinnamon raisin French Toast was on my brain when I woke up this morning.  I could settle for nothing less than this carby delight.

Snag.  We don’t have any cinnamon raisin bread.  We never have any cinnamon raisin bread.  I’ve probably never bought cinnamon raisin bread.  What’s with craving things I don’t have/have never tasted lately?

Never one to give up her dreams easily, I made do.  I love that phrase: made do.  I wanted to DO it, so I MADE it work.  That’s what I always think.  I had bread, I had raisins, I had cinnamon.  No problem here.

I took raisins and smooshed them into the bread.


Sure, a few fell out in the egg wash to pan transition, but I captured the escapees and returned them to their whole wheat holding cell.  I sprinkled cinnamon on one side while the other side cooked, flipped that sucker to “warm” the cinnamon and BAM!

Cinnamon raisin French Toast.  *smug face*  Yeah, I made do.  I made did.

I continued to master the domestic arts in the cocina while I whipped up a little somethin’ for lunch.  Can you guess by the ingredients?

All that + unpictured chicken (I think raw chicken is gross and won’t photograph it) = CHICKEN SALAD!

Repeat after me: chicken salad is not bad for me (if I make it myself).  Since I don’t believe any food should be off-limits and I think everything is bueno in moderation, I modify.

My recipe for this delish dish:

Bethany’s Modified Chicken Salad (serves 4)

1 chicken breast, cooked and shredded

2 ribs of celery, chopped finely

1 small Golden Delicious Apple, chopped finely

1 cup red seedless grapes, sliced

1/2 cup of walnuts, chopped

1 tablespoon mayo (I used Hellman’s — the REAL stuff, not the fat-free nonsense)

1/2 cup (ish) plain yogurt

1/2 to 1 tablespoon of curry powder

lemon juice (a good squirt)

Mix celery, apple, grapes and walnuts in a medium bowl.  Add mayo and mix through.  Add half of plain yogurt, mix through.  You be the judge on how coated you want it to be — I only like mine well-coated, not drenched.  Add the rest of the yogurt accordingly.  Mix in chicken and sprinkle curry powder.  Flavor to taste.  Finally, squirt lemon juice, mix through.  Refrigerate before serving.

I cannot hide my pride — I think this turned out wonderfully for being made on the spot.  The ingredients are real, natural and good for ya.  😉

I ate my serving on a bed of red leaf lettuce.  So fresh — reminds me of summer.  On the side, I packed a family of strawberries.

So cute!  The banana, peppercorn and ranch chips (an all-natural Aldi find!) and baked beans…eh, they’re not so cute.

Sorry, guys.  You’re more utilitarian.

I’m off to have a fabulous day, I hope you do the same.  I’m itching to run later today, but work calls first.  Priorities, priorities.

Do you “make do”?

Drip, drip, drip…

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Oh, what an interesting morning!

I got up with the intention to do so yogAHHH for my 10K training mandated cross-training, but when I saw we had a break in the rain, I wanted to take advantage of it.  I convinced these sleeping beauties to get up and take a walk (not that it took much convincing ;)).

(Zora has her own bed, but this morning, felt it was appropriate to spoon with Ruby.  Whatev)

The monsters and I enjoyed a nice mile and a half walk around the neighborhood (which included one unfortunate encounter with a cat) and stretched our legs.  It’s funny — when I walk with the monsters, my pace is pretty fast, almost a jog.  Those dogs are so excited to get out and sniff everything, they move at a good clip.

Post walk, I got industrious and mowed the lawn.  This hardly ever happens, but given the mid-week reprieve from the showers and thunderstorms, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.  Our yard is finally looking nice and I don’t want to lose momentum!

I was just patting myself on the back I got the yard work done just before it started to thunderstorm again as I went to turn on the faucet to wash my hands.

NOTHING.  No water.

Irritated, I called the water company and was told some state-funded road work in our area had required the water supply to be turned off for an undetermined amount of time.  I was also scolded, as the woman explained, for not knowing this was happening because the water district had put notices in the newspaper and on all the radio stations.

Never mind that I work at a radio station and never heard anything about it.  Never mind that as a public radio announcer, it is my job to announce such things.  Never mind, never mind.

We’re under a boil order when the water does come back on…but don’t worry — they’ll let us know when that’s up using the same efficient methods they employed to spread the word in the first place.  *sarcastic face*

After this phone encounter, I started to think about all the things I was thankful for: I am thankful I showered last night after my run.  I’m not usually a night-showerer.  I am thankful I brushed my teeth, washed my face and put my contacts in as soon as I woke up this morning, instead of putting it off.  I am thankful I filled the Brita pitcher and the dogs water bowls while I fixed my breakfast.  I am thankful I started the dishwasher while I ate said breakfast, as I’m pretty sure it had just finished its cycle when this shut off happened.

Happy thoughts, silver lining, if you can’t laugh you won’t last.

I wish I could say breakfast was a phenomenal creation on my part, but I woke up this morning with an intense interest in just plain ol’ cold cereal.  I ate a heaping bowl of the Aldi brand version of Special K Vanilla and Almond cereal with a sliced banana and skim milk.  Of course there was coffee involved.  I think it’s safe to say even if you don’t see it pictured, coffee was involved.  I can count the occasions on one hand where coffee would not start my morning.  One hand, people.  I love me some coffee.

A reader asked me if Aldi is worth it.  In short: yes.  Our little micro-family runs on a tight budget, partly because we’re not millionaires and partly because Sam and I have big dreams for the future and know what we need to do now to make those happen: save money!  Aldi is always on the grocery route because I find produce, spices and baking items, nuts, cereals and eggs are cheaper there.  It was just an added delight to find that a bunch of their products are natural, too.  This was helpful during “If It Doesn’t Have a Mama” March I hit Aldi first because you can’t always count on finding exactly the same thing every time, but what you can find is worth it.

I smell a post brewing.  You peeps seemed to like the “cheapy exercise clothes” tips — just wait ’til you see what I can do with groceries. 🙂

I’m off to hydrate at work while I can.  Who knows what the situation will be like when I get home!

When Pigs Fly…

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Shazaam! I’m back and ready to be regularly blogging once more.  Didya miss me? ;).   It’s okay if you say no, I know you have a life outside the interwebs just like I do. What? She has a life other than posting pictures of her food and talking about running? Shocking but true.  It’s almost a secret double agent thing I’ve going on here.

Vacation was awesome and I was so glad for the time to unwind and enjoy life.  Although, something odd happened while I was in the Sunshine State — I couldn’t get enough sleep! I slept approximately 10 hours EVERY NIGHT and took naps on some afternoons.  Then, I’d fall asleep watching a movie.   Craziness.  At the beginning of our trip, I was also super achy and I couldn’t touch my toes — I could get no farther than my shins.  But as soon as I returned to my Midwestern home state, all my symptoms disappeared.  Bizarre-o.  I have a theory that the median state age of 75 was giving off vibes that made me feel I had oldpersonitis.

Today was an awesome day because I got the chance to pay back some pretty special people for their incredibly inspiring cheering during my half marathon.

That’s my sister in law, Kate, and my father in law, Jim.  Today, they safely completed the Flying Pig 2010 Half Marathon. :).  Let’s back up a little.

Sam and I accompanied them on the trip to downtown Cincinnati to pick up their race packets and tagged along for the health expo the race sponsors had set up. Talk about freebies. It was incredible.

No, the Asics apparel was not free.  I wish.  I got excited nonetheless.  Especially when I saw this tent.

Up until the discovery of the LaraBar tent, I had been telling myself, “now, Bethany, this isn’t your race, this isn’t your free stuff. Do not take a tube of free toothpaste from the P&G people. You aren’t entitled to that Ohio Healthy Living magazine.”. That all went out the window when I saw free samples and they encouraged us to take one of each flavor. Generous folks, those LaraBar vendors.  Double smiley face.  🙂 🙂

You know what happens when you’re surrounded by all those booths in a throng of runners?  You get a hot, steaming case of race envy.  It wasn’t long before I was plotting my next move, picking up pamphlets on upcoming races and mentally checking my calendar for open weekends.  I’ll save my plans for another post this week.

The day of the race (this morning) dawned bright and early — in fact, it came before dawn.  We had to travel about an hour and a half to the race location (downtown Cincinnati), so the whole crew was up and at ’em at 3:45.  Yikes.  I am totally feeling it now, in case you were wondering.  *yawn*  I think you understand in my stupor I forgot to photograph my brekkie, but it was a delicious Arnold’s Multi Grain sandwich thin, natural creamy PB, a stick of string cheese (mozzarella?  who can be sure at a quarter to four?) and coffee.  Good, strong coffee.  Thank heavens for coffee beans.

It poured and lightening-ed and thundered the whole car ride down to the race.  Poor Kate, this was her first half-marathon.  I kept wishing the rain would stop so she didn’t have to run in it…but my good thoughts did nothing and Mother Nature was quite a…well, I think we all know.

I have to say, it was almost more stressful watching the race than it was when I was the runner myself.  My personal sense of urgency was supah-high because I didn’t want to miss a single opportunity to wish Jim and Kate good luck.  Bopping from one mile marker to another in time was no easy feat, either!  Especially in flood waters and torrential downpour.  I am so impressed by their determination.  SO impressed.  They were FO-cused.

While we waited at each of the three marks (mile 0.25 — haha, right after the gun went off, mile 4 and the finish line), we cheered on other runners.  I would be lying if I didn’t admit I turned into a sentimental sap when I saw t-shirts that read things like “this is for Mike” and “I’m gonna fly this pig”.  I got swept up in the emotion. 🙂  I tried to be uplifting and motivating for all these strangers with “good job!” and “you can do it!” and “you’re looking great!”, but at one point, my lack of sleep caught up with me and I yelled, “real runners do it in the rain!”

I thought it was clever when it was rolling around in my brain.  Instead, it came out odd and slightly creepy.  Ah, well.  Perhaps I motivated someone to run faster away from me ;).  Like this blurry gentleman.

I got a good shot of my family members just about the cross the finish line and the *poof* it was over.  Amazing how so many months of training is climaxed by one 2+ hour race.  I’m so proud of them — they looked happy and relaxed all the way to the end. 🙂

Afterwards, we got Mexican.  Because you know, when you’ve been up since 3:45, Mexican brunch at 10:30 seems logical.

I got my usual — chicken enchiladas and they did NOT disappoint.  We found this hole in the wall restaurant (one of few open at 10:30am) and it was incredible.  The mole sauce was so authentic — holy MOLE!  Haha.  (Ah, there’s that fatigue talking.)

If you’re even in Newport, KY on Monmouth Street — La Mexicana is the way to please your estomago.

Post race meant loading the car, driving home to our actual house, staring mouth-agape at our forest of a yard (dandelions as tall as elephants, I tell you) and wondering why we left sunny Miami for the rainforest that is now our hometown.  May showers bring….flooded basements?

Dinner was a copy-cat of one I see all the time on the Healthy Tipping Point: sweet potato and baked beans.  Yum.  The beans I found (at my super thifty neighborhood store: Aldi) are pretty rocking, nutritionally.

For a 1/2 cup serving: 100 calories, 0 grams fat, 0 mg cholesterol, 5 grams fiber, 3 grams protein…and ALLLLLLLL NATURAL.   I threw in a side of strawberries for good measure.

Now that I’ve given you cross-eyes with this text heavy post, I’m off to make a tasty treat I’ll share tomorrow.

Have you ever been on the “other side” of the race — cheering people on?  How did it make you feel?  Were you nervous or just glad you weren’t running? 😉

Three For Me

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Stopping back in after a busy weekend away from the interwebs?  Here’s what you missed!

🙂 I got down with my green self, biking to the farmer’s market.

🙂 The battle of the bathing suit began, but I won with the help of a secret weapon.

I had a great morning — it was one of those mornings where everything seemed to fall into place, I got everything done I needed to tend to and I had a few minutes to take a deep breath and enjoy the sunshine.  I usually pack a lot into my days, so the chance to pause and breathe sometimes whizzes by me.

I spent about an hour studying for an upcoming Spanish midterm (eek) and getting myself organized (remember, I’m a returner learner).  Flashcards were made, brows were furrowed.  My professor is allowing me to take the exam early because it falls smack dab in the middle of our Miami vacation.  She’s a gem.  However, this means I feel even more pressure to ace it and I won’t have the same opportunity to ask questions of the prof during the exam (I’ll be taking it proctored somewhere else), so I have to be on my A game.  Studying is in full schwing.

Breakfast was slurped while studying:

I know, I know.  ANOTHER Green Monster Smoothie.  I’m sorry :(.  I know you’re probably over seeing so many pictures of the magnificent green goodness, but it really is my go-to breakfast and I think it should be yours too.  Think about it, how else is a vegetable going to taste so bueno in the AM?  Exactly.  No one puts asparagus on their pancakes or carrots on their cereal.  But you can put spinach in your smoothie.

I’m just sayin’.

I cut myself off from the studying at 8ish to lace up my sneaks and hit the pavement.  I know I went for one run last Thursday, but it just didn’t really feel like I did any kind of running last week.  After training for 12 weeks for the half marathon, this felt akin to something like cutting off your arm.

I did an easy 3 miles and it felt great!  I had been experiencing some calf pain in my left leg (another reason I put off a return to running), but I did some deep stretching before and after and I think the combo of stretching and taking it easy really helped.  I’m excited to get back into the routine.  It was actually chilly this morning and it felt pretty odd to be so covered up.  I was sporting my super-sexy (ehem, not so much) black and hot pink running tights and a long sleeved Nike fit top.  I started out with gloves, but realized after the first mile, it wasn’t THAT cold.  I was just that much of a weenie.

A nice walk with the monsters rounded out my morning exercise and I came into work with a smile on my face.  Let’s see how long that lasts, shall we?  Haha, I joke, I kid.  I love where I work and I like my job, so it’s okay. 🙂

Lunch featured my new obsession: Fit & Active wraps from Aldi.  Did you know that Aldi is owned by the same company as Trader Joe’s?  Another reason not to shirk the good deals to be had there.

My veggie wrap had a schmear of farmer’s market hummus (garlicky and so good), carrots, avocado and farmer’s market lettuce.  Some fruit friends on the side:

And it was delish.

I’m off to resume my work day, but truthfully, my mind is in vacation land.  I’ve already started a mental packing list.  C’mon, Miami!

What’s the one thing you always bring on vacation?  What’s your dream trip?

P.S. The speaker at last night’s event that Sam and I attended was Nancy Cartwright — the voice of Bart from The Simpson’s!  She was so sweet — too bad I wasn’t allowed to watch it as a kid and never got into it as an adult :(.

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