Makin’ Some Changes

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Oh me oh my.  I’ve gone and done it again.  I left the blog world and abandoned regular posting.


I think the fault lies in the fact that I lead a busy life.  I know, everyone says that.  But I do!  I just today hemmed a pair of pants that I bought back in September.  I ask you, what other reason would prevent a normal red-blooded consumerism-obsessed American woman from sporting a hawt new pair of gray dress pants?  Exactly.  BUSY.

But in my absence, I’ve made some changes.

FIRST CHANGE: (and perhaps the biggest)  I’m going to train and run a half marathon in April.  It’s the half of the full I was going to run.  I made this decision based on a few factors — I know I blogged about my struggle with iliotibial band syndrome and how it was affecting my running.  Well, after some rest and smarter stretching, I’m doing much better — running painfree.  It made me realize, however, that it was partially an overuse injury.  Obvi, I went from being an 85% couch potato to running a whole bunch.   So maybe the grueling training for a full marathon was asking for it.  It scared me a little.  I also consulted friends and family who have run marathons before.  I was more often than not given the impression that I would be leap frogging it if I ran a full without having run a half.  Finally, and maybe most personally, my sister will be running the half in April.  Why does this matter?  Without going too deeply into it, my sister has survived probably the most trying year of her life and her desire to keep moving forward and experience new things has inspired me so much.  I can think of nothing better than running our first half marathon together (well, not togethertogether.  I’m still going to dust past her 😉 — only kidding).

So, I’ll run a half in April and a full in October.  That’s the plan.

SECOND CHANGE: I’m not just going to stick to running related topics.  I mean, really, who was I kidding?  Pretty soon the blog would just look like this:


LATER DATE: Ran again.  Farther.

EVEN LATER DATE: Still running. Farther and farther.  Have reached end of earth.

I mean, c’mon.  Booooring.  The very same sister mentioned above told me I needed to start blogging some of the things I was saying.  A lot of my commentary is derived from my thoughts when I’m running.  Do you ever experience that?  You’re pounding the pavement and your mind is so clear.  It doesn’t even matter if I’m listening to music, I am so clear in my thoughts, whether they are deep, funny, a social commentary or a private matter of introspection. See where I’m going here?  It kind of loops back around to running.  Tricky, very tricky.  I’m a slick one.

So when I share my thoughts on something other than running, I’m going to call it “Off Roading“.  That way, if you’re relying on this blog f or only running-related topics (um, really? zzzzzz) then you can skip it. 🙂

So there you have it!

Goals for the short term:

* Keep up the running (tomorrow 3 miles…)

* Avoid fast food for the month of December.  If travel requires I eat on the run, make an effort to find something healthier (Subway, anyone?)

* Whittle My Middle (wonder what I’m talking about?  you’ll find it on Oh She Glows.  I’m a little late on this challenge, seeing as how I started it on December 1st, but better late than un-toned.

* Blog more regularly (which, after my extended absence, could really mean anything more than once every six weeks).

We’ll see how I do.  Life is full of challenges and most of the time, you’re the only one who knows if you followed through or wimped out.  A blessing and a curse!!!

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