Sister, Sister

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So did you do something for yourself in honor of National Women’s Health week (assuming you’re of the lady persuasion)? ¬†Well, it’s okay if you didn’t — you have all week. ūüôā ¬†Just don’t forget!

My Monday wrapped up nicely, just another work day behind me!  I started off the day with a pair of Toad in the Hole(s).

I apologize that I just realized this picture looks a little anatomical.  That was unintentional.

I love this breakfast. ¬†So much fun, so unexpected — such a good way to eat eggs and toast. ¬†The key is to lightly butter the side of the bread you put down in the pan. ¬†That gives it a nice little crisp.

I took a good long walk with the monsters this morning, I feel like it satisfied my “stretch and strengthen” requirement for my 10K training. ¬†My hamstrings were pretty sore this morning…maybe because I pushed myself a little bit yesterday? ¬†At least my abs stopped yelling at me (thanks, Pilates).

This morning, I got ready for work, crated Zora and gave Ruby a treat and then headed out the door only to realize I didn’t have my car key on my key ring. ¬†Huh. ¬†I took it off yesterday so I would only be carrying just the key in my running belt during my awesome 4 miler. ¬†Now, where was it? ¬†I started tearing the house apart, dumping my purse on the floor, searching the running belt in my drawer. ¬†No avail.


As soon as I called my boss to let him know I was running a little late, I turned around and found the keys. ¬†Like a dingbat, I left it on the windowsill of the garage window. ¬†We all know that’s a logical place to put your keys. ¬†ūüė¶

I ate lunch al fresco, soaking up some sunshine. ¬†Good thing I made the best of the weather, it’s supposed to rain the rest of the week! ¬†I ate a delish salad with red lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, feta cheese and a little honey mustard dressing.

There may have been one…

Or two…

Okay, three mandarin oranges consumed.  And an apple later in the day.

An apple a day, homegirls and boys; it does a body good.  This one was a Gala.

My four o’clock yogurt with cereal mixed in made it into my tummy a little early — I was super hungry today! ¬†We bought a big tub of plain yogurt this time around and it’s taking some getting used to. ¬†I had been eating vanilla, but Sam convinced me the added sugar in the vanilla really wasn’t worth the taste. ¬†I have learned that plain yogurt is no bueno. ¬†You MUST mix in something: granola, fruit, cereal, honey, SOMETHING. ¬†I have distinct memories of my mom eating plain yogurt and grapes while doing Weigh Watchers back when I was in kindergarten. ¬†Maybe that’s why I don’t like it. ¬†Today’s mix-in of Aldi cereal was really good. ¬†The cereal is pretty low in sugar and calories and I can add way more to the yogurt than I could have with granola. ¬†Granola isn’t always good for you, gente. ¬†Check those labels!

A new dinner recipe was experimented¬†with today. ¬†I found a recipe for Mac ‘n’ Cheese with cauliflower in an old Real Simple magazine and thought it deserved a try. ¬†I am a big fan of hiding veggies in where you can and mixing cauliflower in with the mac and cheese seemed like a good way to¬†camouflage¬†a serving of veg. ¬†Sam had this bad boy whipped up when I got home.

Overall, it was pretty tasty. ¬†I had to substitute regular sharp cheddar cheese for extra sharp cheddar and I think this made it a little bland-er. ¬†Having onion and cauliflower mixed in the pasta and parsley in with the bread crumbs made for a nice flavor combination. ¬†I liked it well enough, good thing too! ¬†We have plenty of leftovers. ūüėČ

Yes, there was some of that, too ;).

The best part of my day included a Gchat conversation with my sister, Lisa. ¬†Lisa is in South Africa right now, volunteering with a group to help at a battered women’s shelter. ¬†She’s been gone a little shy of two weeks and has a little more than two weeks before she comes home. ¬†I’m incredibly close with my older sister and consider myself ridiculously lucky to be such good friends with her as adults. ¬†She is my oldest, bestest friend and I have to admit I feel a little off-kilter without our phone calls every day or every other day. ¬†I especially miss laughing about running together — she trained for the half marathon and ran it with all of us. ¬†Her insight was even funnier than mine!

Before she left for Africa, she reminded someone¬†Gandhi¬†said “be the change you want to see in the world”.

Boy, is she ever doing that! ¬†I’m so proud of her.

Are you close with your siblings? Have you ever gone a long time without talking to them?

Edited to Add: My dingbat tendencies continue!  I totally forgot to title this post!  *Shame face*

Second Breakfast

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I feel like I have been awake for eleventy billion hours. ¬†I know that’s not the case, it’s only because I have had laser-precision focus on all the tasks I’ve finished (thanks to my list).

I got up bright and early at 6 (I know this may not be early for other people, but when you A) are not a morning person and B) don’t have to be at work until 11 this is early. ¬†Way early).

I fueled up with a half slice of Sam-nana bread while waiting for Jillian Michael’s to stop yapping at the beginning of the 30 Day Shred DVD.

I get it, Jillian. ¬†You’re TV’s toughest trainer, blah blah blah. ¬†I can’t fast forward through this segment — the DVD says it’s prohibited. ¬†I wish the DVD had an option like some websites where I can agree to the “terms and conditions” of the Shred. ¬†Yes, I agree you’re TV’s toughest. ¬†Yes, I agree you’re going to shred my arms and abs. ¬†Yes, I agree you’re going to make me sweat like a man. ¬†Yes, I agree, you’ll tone and sculpt my bod.

I agree. ¬†Now, shut it and let’s get to work :).

After a pleasant *sarcasm* workout, I was ready for breakfast.  One thing was on my mind:

TOAD IN A HOLE! ¬†I think it’s because yesterday, elsewhere in Blogland, someone was talking about favorite Disney movies. ¬†No, I know, Toad in a Hole isn’t a Disney movie. ¬†I just feel like it should be.

That toad…

Didn’t stand…

A chance.


I skedaddled to a dentist appointment and then back to the casa for a serious study sesh for my Spanish exam on Friday.  Still nervous,  still worried, still clinging to my list for dear life.

I guess I should have made two Toads in the Holes, or maybe just put two Toads in One Hole (co-habitating Toads?), but either way, I was hungry when it was time to go in to work, so I took along a lovely co-pilot:

Green Monster Smoothie, please locate our coordinates.  Roger, that.

At this time, I’d like to give a shout out to the construction crews who placed big “Road Work” signs on either side of the street that goes from my neighborhood on to the main road, thus blocking all available views of oncoming traffic. ¬†Thanks for providing the heart-pumping duck-and-dash across two busy lanes of traffic. ¬†Woke me up WAY better than coffee.

Since I technically ate 2 breakfasts this morning, I made lunch a little lighter than usual.  Office watchers, remember how Kevin said he liked Pregnant Pam because they always ate together?  Well, not every meal, just second breakfast, first lunch, second lunch and first dinner.

Sometimes, I have days where I am just like Kevin…obviously, I am not like Pregnant Pam ;).

Lunch, consumed just moments ago:

Leftover Coconut Chicken Curry with Braeburn apple slices and carrot sticks. ¬†Turns out, the Coconut Chicken Curry is better the next day. ¬†Good to know. ¬†However, I have no intention of staging a sleepover at Salaam anytime soon, so I’ll still be eating elsewhere. ¬†I prefer food to taste good when I want to eat it — not after 24 hours incubation.

I was encouraged to eat any applicable meals with a spork, courtesy of Sam’s recent camping trip. ¬†I was told it would change my life. ¬†Oh, it did. ūüėČ

Nah, it was just funny.

Off to rip through the rest of my day so I can keep studying and DOMINATE this upcoming exam.

What’s something you like to eat that’s better the second day? ¬†Anything you make/order specifically so you’ll have leftovers?

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

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I got a tetanus shot this morning. ¬†The shot came with a warning that “this will feel like you’ve been punched in the arm”.

I have NEVER been punched.  I feel this was not an accurate description.

Don’t worry, I didn’t do a jig on rusty nails, I just went for a follow up doctor’s visit where it was uncovered I have not had a tetanus shot in more than 10 years. ¬†Super. ¬†At least I’m protected now. ¬†Truthfully, we do a lot of renovation work on our house (we basically bought it for the yard, the roof and the exterior walls — everything else is changing slowly but DIY surely) and it isn’t a bad idea to have an up to date shot.

But still.  OW.

Later in the morning, Ruby (the older of the monsters) scared away a Jehovah’s Witness who had the misfortune to knocking on our door. ¬†It was quite a spectacular display of territorial instinct. ¬†Zora (the younger of the monsters), joined in with a half-hearted White Fang growl.

Poor evangelist never knew what hit him.  He backed away from our door, hands up, head shaking.

I had pretty good eats in the midst of all this craziness…

TOAD IN A HOLE! ūüôā ¬†I wanted more of that fab homemade bread, so this morning, I pulled out a piece with the intent of punching a hole in it and filling the void with an egg. ¬†Warming up the skillet, I realized I couldn’t use my usual non-stick cooking spray — it obviously doesn’t fall within the guidelines of “If It Doesn’t Have a Mama” March. ¬†I channeled my inner pioneer woman (which closely resembles a character on the Oregon Trail computer game) and plopped a small pat of REAL butter in the skillet. ¬†I let it melt, toasted the bread on each side and then put that egg in its proper place.

Yummy.  A cup of coffee with organic half and half was also consumed.

Post dr’s appointment and monster walk, I was still a little hungry and knew I wouldn’t make it to lunch time. ¬†Enter, a Green Monster Smoothie.

(It always looks better in a wine glass). ¬†Still haven’t tried these babies? ¬†What’s holding you back? ¬†Is it the color? ¬†Really, that’s it? ¬†The color? ¬†You’d probably drink a smoothie if it’s pink or orange. ¬†Well, then close your eyes and pretend.

Now slug it back. ¬†It’s so GOOD FOR YOU and you’ll be surprised at how amazing it tastes.

Lunch was provided by my good friend, Bob (of Bob’s Red Mill). ¬†Vegi Soup! ¬†Perfectly natural and oh so delicious. ¬†You can read more about why I love this soup here. ¬†I also prepped a salad of red leaf lettuce, tomato and feta, drizzled in EVOO and Balsamic Vinegar. ¬†Some trail mix (walnuts, almonds and dried cranberries) and blueberries for good measure. ¬†I forgot a fork though, so the salad will be interesting to eat.

You’ll note my 4 o’clock yogurt is no where to be seen. ¬†Well, that’s because I’m switching it up today! ¬†We had left over barley from last night’s dinner. ¬†I sprinkled a little cinnamon and plan to heat it up later. ¬†There’s some research that supports the notion that cinnamon helps your body slow down its digestion (esp. with carbs) and doesn’t give you a crazy blood sugar spike. ¬†It’s the crash of that spike that can transform you into a refrigerator raider. ¬†Just thought you’d like to know. ūüėČ

That’s all for now…we’re going out to dinner tonight for a date night. ¬†Tune in to see how I manage to stick to the “If It Doesn’t Have a Mama and It Doesn’t Grow in the Ground” March challenge. ¬†Can I do it or will be I be bound to the homefront for the whole month?

We shall see!!!!  Meanwhile, talk amongst ya-selves about this.

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