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So what’d you think of that article?  Interesting, no?

Here’s what I took away from it:

  • I was surprised that she was so concerned about losing her job.  Let me clarify — I am NOT surprised she was concerned the blog could lead to her losing her job, I’m actually surprised she went ahead with it, even with that fear in the back of her mind.  This must really be an important issue to her.  And why not?  I give her props for doing it.  My heartbeat quickens when I hear reports that say things like this generation of youngsters is most likely going to have a shorter lifespan than their parents.  Are we digressing?  Why aren’t we harnessing some of the amazing knowledge and resources at our fingertips to reverse this trend?  I don’t get it.
  • It was interesting to learn the food contractor for the school Mrs. Q works at was linked to a group of fast food partners.  How much thought do you give to what’s put in front of you (or your children for that matter)?  This is one of the reasons I started the “If It Doesn’t Have a Mama” March challenge.  It’s time to start saying, “well, where did this come from?  is it REALLY a salisbury steak, or is it just a recycled quarter pounder burger from a combo meal?” (I have to make the disclaimer that I don’t actually know that’s how this company worked.  It was somewhat up in the air as to who was actually supplying the food, which is a whole other topic…).
  • The fact that another contributor to Mrs. Q’s blog stated her school- supplied pizza contained about 62 ingredients blew my mind.  62?  When I think of cheese pizza, I do not think of 62 elements that make it up.  Maybe, maybe if I really strain my brain, I think of 8.  That’s if I were to make a pizza from scratch in my own kitchen with whole, natural ingredients.

Of course, you’re free to make your own judgments and opinions — I just wanted to bring this article to your attention.

My memories of school lunch go something like this:  I was allowed to buy lunch from school one day a week.  Every other day my mom (bless her heart) packed my lunch until I was old enough to be packing it myself.  I remember always buying on a Friday (um, hello, it was Wacky Cake day, who’s going to pass that up?) and it was a choice between 2 entrees (one of them was pizza), fruit cups and veggies and milk or juice.  Plus the Wacky Cake.  So we could argue that left to my own devices, I could be making some really poor nutritional choices as a 7 year old.  But the thing is, that was just one meal one day a week.  I wonder how it goes for the child whose mother does NOT have time to pack their lunch, can NOT afford to accept anything but a subsidized school lunch or does NOT know enough to help teach her child good nutrition.

It makes me sad.

Okay, I’m off my soap box now, promise.

Here’s my lunch for today (no, I didn’t get it from the school cafeteria;)):

I turned that Pecan Crusted Chicken from last night into a sandwich on two slices of whole wheat bread with a little extra mustard, packed some cucumber slices with the last of the homemade hummus, an apple, cantaloupe and clemetines.  Everything you see either grew in the ground or had a mama — check check check for “If It Doesn’t Have a Mama” March.

Since I planned on running after work, I chose to pack a Luna bar instead of my four o’clock yogurt.  I was pleasantly surprised that this one actually tasted like a Caramel Nut Brownie.  My attitude towards the bars that claim chocolathenticity when it comes to taste is that they are liars.  Do you know how good chocolate tastes?  Me, too.  But it almost never tastes like that in nutritional bar form.  So, kudos to Luna for making this a tasty bar.  However, my heart still belongs to Lara Bars. 🙂

I had a great 5 mile run along the bike path near the river.  It was another t-shirt and shorts run and I kept up a pretty good pace.  I even achieved negative splits (which is something totally new to me!)  For the runner newbies, negative splits is when your pace on the second half of your run is faster than the first half.  Mine actually started out fast for mile one and two, slowed at three, then sped up at four and even faster at five.  So….I think that’s still negative splits, but I would have to defer to more experienced runners out there.   I bet Elizathon knows. 😉  I was so happy to be out in the spring weather!

Dinner was another quick and dirty — a one egg/two egg white omelet with red pepper, yellow pepper, onion, tomato and spinach inside and avocado on top.  No cheese :(.  The kind of cheese I would normally put in it is a serious “Mama” march violator.  *tears*

Oh, and a bowl of Trader Joe’s High Fiber O’s cereal with skim milk and light agave later in the night…those post-run munchies caught up with me.

Something to chew on: people rarely sue vegetable producers for the effects the products have on their lives and no one has died from death by vegetable…but the same can’t always be said for *ahem* other foods.

Mystery Meat

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Do you have your milk money for today’s lunch at school?

I don’t have time for a full post on this, but you can bet your bookbag I’ll be back later tonight to offer my thoughts on this blogger’s efforts:

Teacher Eats School Lunch for a Year, Blogs Results

Let me know what you think ;).

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