Sweet Sixteen

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Training Calls For: Rest ūüôā

Miles Run So Far: 233.2

Days Left: 49

What a fantastic, busy, lovely weekend! ¬†I’m sorry I disappeared. ¬†We traveled out of town and hung out with friends and family and all those going-ons left very little time to pop into the world wide web. ¬†Let me catch you up and you’ll see what I mean ;).

Friday, I got out of work early and once Sam came home, we hit the road. ¬†This weekend, Sam was taking his friend Joe to a baseball game (it’s always what he gives Joe for his birthday) and I was meeting up with Joe’s wife, Kathy and some other girlfriends for a little shopping and dinner. ¬†Our paths crossed with Joe’s at Chipotle (it was fate, I tell you!) and we stopped for dinner.

I tried the Chipotle tacos for the first time.  Not bad!  I intended to leave one for later, but Chipotle is laced with some kind of addicting ingredient, so before I knew it, they were gone!

My dinner companions were pretty entertaining.

The testosterone levels were spiking.

Saturday morning meant there were miles to run before our fun afternoons/evenings could get underway. ¬†I was little nervous to run all 16 of those miles in W-ton (Sam’s parents hometown), because my past runs in W-ton (both ten milers!) were less than stellar. ¬†I prepped my traditional breakfast of PB toast with a lil’ coffee and gave myself a pep talk.

Don’t think of this as 16 miles. ¬†Think of this as a four mile run. ¬†You’re going out on a four mile run. ¬†Four times. ¬†That’s all. ¬†Take it one run at a time. ¬†Have one good four mile run, then have another. ¬†Leave the negativity or frustration with that four mile run. ¬†Don’t bring it to the next one or it’s going to turn into one huge 16 mile run.

Joe was our agua angel, meeting us along the route Sam mapped out. ¬†He brought Gatorade and Gu and best of all, he brought encouragement. ¬†He was the best cheerleader, rushing out of the car and clapping us on until we met up to him. ¬†I wonder if I can convince him to do this for the rest of our long runs? ūüėČ

Between the cooler weather, the personal pep talk and the spectatular spectator, I was elated when we were done.  Sixteen fingers for sixteen miles:

(I don’t really know why Sam is half naked, but I give you permission to oogle his abs ;).)

I was proud of myself and proud of my run. ¬†We weren’t obsessive about time and pace (we took our time chatting with Joe when he met up with us) and we walked after each 4 mile segment (or there abouts), so when Sam told me we finished in a little more than 3 hours, I was happy. ¬†What a sweet sixteen!

There may have been an un-pictured ¬†milkshake afterwards. ūüėČ ¬†I ran past an empty milkshake cup on the side of the road about 10 miles in and it was all I could think about until we finished. ¬†Protein, right?

After some lunch (baked ziti), a nap (ahhh, so good) and a little key switcheroo snafu (two spouses should never share one car key), I was off to meet up with five other lovely ladies.

Before I could get my shop on, I had to get my caffeine on.

And my snack on. ¬†Annie’s Organic Snack Mix bunnies at Starbucks? ¬†It’s like they knew I would have the 16-mile munchies.

We shopped until I almost dropped (my legs were giving me some serious backtalk) and then hit the Cheesecake Factory.

I love the Cheesecake Factory and always have a hard time deciding what to order.  This time around, I chose the Bang Bang Chicken and Shrimp:  a mix of curry and coconut with a spicy peanut sauce served with rice.  It was delicious.

Unfortunately, it was late. ¬†Like mega late. ¬†Like everyone else had their meals for 15 minutes late. ¬†I told them to go ahead and eat (who wants to be responsible for all that cold food?!) and just had to sit and twiddle my thumbs. ¬†The server apologized and the manager came to “check on me”, ¬†but I was still pretty upset they didn’t offer me a discount or comp my meal. ¬†Actions speak louder than words, Cheesecake Factory.

Probably won’t be going back to the Cheesecake Factory again. ¬†Too bad. ¬†I ‚̧ cheesecake (but I hate bad service).

The company was lovely, though. ūüôā

Sunday morning I accompanied my mother-in-law and father-in-law to church and then we took a little detour so I could see their gardening plot at the local college.

The Grow Food, Grow Hope program is an incredible sight to see up close.  The program matches community members with local experts and mentors to help folks with square foot gardening.  All this produce is pesticide free and grown with lots of love.

The farmers survey their land.

And taste test some soybeans right off the vine.  Edamame, anyone?

A little harvest helper?

For a small patch of land, it sure did produce a lot of goodies!

We came home with a bunch of red tomatoes, orange tomatoes (low-acid, according to my mother-in-law), petite green peppers and soybeans!  Yum.

Seeing (and tasting) these beautiful veggies reminded me that it never fails that when we travel, I forget all about fruits and vegetables and go straight for the carbs, treats and wine.  This trip was no different, so I was pretty stoked to give Green Monster Smoothie a big wet kiss when I got home.

Mmm.  Spinach.  It is purely coincidental my shirt matches my smoothie.  Or is it?  GMM on the brain?

So that catches you up and all the weekend’s events. ¬†I think a little shoe shopping is in order for me tonight. ¬†I love shoe shopping, but lately, my focus has taken me away from the killer stilettos and crazy tall boots…

I guess you could say my perspective has changed a little. ūüôā

Something to do: If you have ever, are or are going to train for a marathon, be sure and submit a comment to Linzi’s “running” list of “you know you’re training for a marathon if…” ¬†It’s getting pretty funny over there!

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