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Whew! ¬†That was it — my LAST run before the half marathon. ūüôā ¬†The half marathon schedule called for an easy two miles, so it wasn’t nearly as daunting to lace up the sneakers when I knew I only had about 20 minutes of running ahead of me.

The forecast called for 90% chance of showers and thunderstorms, but luckily, no rain when I started out! ¬†Yay! ¬†I got about 1.44 miles in to it and then it started to sprinkle, so I looped back past the house and threw my iPhone in the mailbox for rainproof purposes. ¬†The last half mile was all me — just me and the rain. ¬†It was very soothing in a way and it gave me a chance to remember why I trained for 12 weeks to run this half marathon. ¬†I needed that extra little quiet time with my thoughts and I think Mother Nature planned it that way. ¬†Mothers, no matter what type, always seem to know what you need ;).

Post run, I challenged a foreign land and made up some French toast. ¬†I mixed up two eggs, a glug of light vanilla soymilk and a splash of vanilla extract. ¬†This made enough dredge for 4 pieces (no, I didn’t eat all four — two were for Sam). ¬†I sprinkled on some cinnamon for a little extra spice love. ¬†Yum!

I attempted to do this “crunchless” ab workout as part of my “Miami My-Abbies” challenge. ¬†It was…interesting. ¬†I’m not very good at following written instructions for exercise (I’d rather actually see someone do it and then imitate them), so usually, I rule out all workouts in the Self magazine. ¬†Well, this is the time in my life where I’m challenging my “usual” attitude toward exercise (hence the half marathon!), so I really pushed myself not to get frustrated and quit. ¬†Of the 7 workouts, I think I did 5 exactly right. ¬†The other 2…well, we’ll just see if I’m sore tomorrow where I’m supposed to be sore. ¬†I had to pump up my stability ball for the workout. ¬†I forgot how much time that took! ¬† I’m just leaving it inflated from now on. ¬†Maybe it will inspire me to actually use it more. ¬†Or, it will add a splash of unexpected 80’s color to our living room decor. ¬†Either way, whatev.

Time to go prep the guest room — our weekenders will be showing up in trickles. ¬†My mom is coming in tonight. ūüôā ¬†I took tomorrow off and we’re going to tackle some landscaping and food prep. ¬†Then my dad and Lisa will be in Saturday night and Sunday morning, WE RUN! ¬†Wow. ¬†It’s getting closer and closer.

P.S. Yesterday, I ate a Lemon LaraBar and actually found a REAL WHOLE ALMOND in the bar. ¬†They aren’t kidding when they say you might find nuts or nut pieces. ¬†So cool. ¬†Total proof those bars are fabulous and made with REAL food. ūüôā

Sunday Funday

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I dropped off the face yesterday and for good reason!  It turned into quite a busy Saturday.  After an almost 3 mile hike with the monsters, I decided to mix things up a little with my crosstraining.

I have a subscription to Self magazine and every month, they include cards you can rip out and use for weight training or circuit training.

I have ALWAYS ignored these cards — considering them nothing more than a nuisance like the bazillion little postcards that fall out of the magazine on the first read asking if you want a subscription for well below the newsstand price (where are all these newsstands??). ¬†I tore the cards out this time around, grabbed my 8 lbs. weights and got to it.

This particular series had 8 moves with two parts each, so there was a 1A move and then a 1B move for after.

Most of the muscles worked were butt, thighs and abs, along with some arms. ¬†It took me about 25 minutes to complete all the moves and all the reps recommended and I found it helpful that has videos you can watch if the written explanations are too tricky (“um, I put my arm where and then move it how???).

Overall, it was a good workout. ¬†It changed up my routine, which I needed at this half way point of the half marathon training, and it taught me some new strength training moves. ¬†I’ll be going back to all my old issues and tearing out those cards to have on hand too. ūüôā

After all that, it was time. ¬†Time to open the package from the Fitnessista. ¬†You can read about why I’m getting this loot in this post here — the short of it is I won a giveaway and helped her name her new healthy eatery cafe.

(that’s a “ooh, neat” face, not a “what the hell is this?” face — hard to tell, I know ;))


It was a lot of fun digging through the box.  As soon as the macaroons came out, though, my photographer lost interest in the picture taking and started ripping into the package.

The result?  Well, as the Fitnessista says herself, foodgasms.

These things are AMAZING.¬†When that online store is open, I hope she’s ready for the tidal wave of orders that are coming her way. ¬†They were sweet without being overpowering, with a coconut-y taste and a nutty texture. ¬†Incredible. ¬†When they’re gone, I’ll be sad — which may be sooner rather than later!

I’ll be writing about my thoughts on the other products she sent my way as I work through them — basically everything (with the exception of the honey) is something I’ve never had before, so I’m really excited!

Last night was filled with fun, laughs and overall debauchery as we met up with some friends, had Mexican (yuuuuuuum) and staged our own beer tasting (danger!).

Off to prepare for the Not Unless I’m Being Chased 5k (I’m going to whoop the competition!) and then get started on my post for tomorrow about a challenge for the month of March.

Sometimes, you gotta take what life teaches, peaches!

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