She Sells Seven Sea Shells

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Training Calls For: 7 miles

Miles Run So Far: 101 miles (!!!)

Days Left: 79

I have never appreciated a shower so much before.  Phew!  7 miles + yard work = stank.  There simply is no other word to describe how I felt and smelled.  Stank.

Rewinding back to Friday (remember how almost all rental VHS had a sticker that read, “Be Kind and Rewind”?  Oh…the good ol’ days!):

I whipped up a batch of Protein Pancakes to fill my belly right.  I had a statistics midterm on the agenda and needed the right brain food.

I can’t speak highly enough of the Protein Pancakes.  Simple ingredients, great taste, mega staying power.  You know those traditional ‘cakes are torched in about an hour in your belly…even though you stuffed yourself.  Not these babies, they go the distance.  I mixed 1/3 cup of each: cottage cheese, oatmeal and egg whites plus a dash of vanilla.  I wanted Banana Walnut PP, so those joined the party.  So incredibly delicious.  It made 3 good sized pancakes, which I topped with more banana.

Obliterating that exam felt so good.  I knew most of the answers and was able to slog through the ones I didn’t, so I was feeling great when I turned it in.  The feeling of having a weight lifted off your shoulders should be bottled and sold.  Priceless.  I treated myself to an iced coffee while I walked back to work.  I love that we don’t have a Starbucks in town (well, we do, but it’s in the grocery store — so kind of doesn’t count).  Only at a locally owned cafe would you find this:

Those would be the cream options.  Skim Shady, David Hassolhalf and 2 Pac-cent.  Sam told me they change them up every once in while.  Glad I could catch this run of current creativity ;).

Lunch was kind of blah:

PB and J (crunchy PB, look out!), blackberries, an unpictured apple and some chips.  Chips every once in a while won’t hurt ya.  These are all natural, Cheddar and Jalapeno.  Be still my heart.

All day, I was daydreaming about dinner.  I had an almost full tub of Ricotta cheese in the fridge, spaghetti sauce in the pantry and a half box of jumbo shells from month ago.  When these powers combine, you get:

Stuffed (sea)shells.  I loooove this meal.  I didn’t even follow a recipe for this one.  Into a bowl went the Ricotta, an egg, mozzarella cheese, chopped baby spinach, garlic powder, nutmeg, salt, pepper, parmesan cheese and red pepper flakes.  Mix, mix, mix and fill, fill, fill.  Don’t feel thwarted by a lack of a recipe.  If you know basically what’s in a dish, you can figure it out, I’m sure.

After 7 (sea)shells, I was the one that was stuffed ;).  Good thing I drank my “It’s Friday, Heck Yeah!” beer-fore I ate.

Coors Light.  That’s why it looks transparent ;).

Sam got home late (he was on a business trip this week) and after some rental car wrangling, it was time to hit the hay.  After last weekend’s Teachable Ten, we’re sticking with the improvements we talked about making, starting with: heading out earlier.

Early to bed (10:30PM) early to rise (6:30AM).

Like the library book you drive around in the back of you car for months on end, I was overdue — overdue for a good long run, that is!  I reminded myself I needed to focus on form, stay hydrated, start slow and build strong and decide when I would walk BEFORE fatigue set in.  The walking thing is mental.  If I know I told myself I can walk at X miles and X.Y miles, I can power through.  If I let my legs and my huffing breath do the talking, I’m never going to make it.  I’m not in charge anymore — the fatigue is.

Even at 7:30AM it was hot and stuffy, but it was only going to get hotter, so I’m glad we set out early.  The first 2 miles went really well: I was able to build my speed and by 3.5 I felt good and comfortable.  I set a realistic goal (read: easy to obtain) before running and I was well on my way to reaching it.

A little walk break at 3.5 and some Clif Blok shots (strawberry…mmm) and before I knew it 7 miles had come and gone!  That’s the best feeling!

Can you see Sam in this picture ;)?

Grr 7 miles!  I DOMINTATED YOU!  Warrior Bethany.

A little victory photo shoot in a field of flowers.  Okay, in the flower bed of the reception hall near the bike path.  Whatever.  I was elated to have a good run.  FINALLY!  YAY!

Thanks to everyone who gave me a little pep talk after last week’s crummy run.  You guys were right — the bad ones make the good ones so much sweeter. 🙂

My refueling breakfast:

Kashi Go Lean with agave nectar and light vanilla soymilk + nectarines.

That, plus a protein shake, was just the right amount to get me back out into the heat and mow the lawn.  What a jungle.  I am so ready for fall/winter.  Stop growing, grass!  At least it’s over now and I can relax and enjoy my weekend.

Have a wonderful Saturday!!!

Darn you, Housewives!

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Training Calls For: 5 miles

Miles Run So Far: 73

Days Left: 89

I almost, almost didn’t make it out of bed this morning when the alarm went off for my 5 miler.  Why?  Oh, I stayed up too late watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

*face palm* Somewhere along the way, during those 6 weeks I was working the early morning shift and had my afternoons free, I developed an odd interest in that show because it was always on when I ate lunch.  Is Bravo powered by anything other than Housewives, Kathy Griffin and wanna-be chefs?

When I saw that the episode where the biznass went down between Teresa and Danielle was going to be on — ooh, I couldn’t miss it.  I find that flavor of crazy so intriguing.  What has become of my moral compass? 😉 It’s okay, we all like a little trash tv now and then.

So back to this morning: I’ve heard the hardest part of a run is the part where you get out the door.  Boy, I subscribe to that idea.  I hit the snooze button once, spent about 8 minutes checking my Google Reader, made a piece of PB toast, took my sweet time eating it, considered making a cup of coffee,  stretched, and finalllllllly, laced up my shoes and left the house.


I looped around our neighborhood for two miles then trotted over to the next neighborhood for another two and finished up my victory lap back near our house.  The weather was humid but slightly cool.  I am really digging these morning runs…even if I do still end up sweating like it’s going out of style.  I was little nervous about these 5 miles — not because of the distance, but because of my ITB (iliotibial band).  Since it irritated me on Sunday (9 miles), I’ve been adopting a more proactive approach to treating the situation.  Left untreated, I could injury myself to the point of not being able to train.

Not an option.

Proactive approach to my ITB problem: constant daily stretching, rolling after longer runs, yogAHHH on rest days.  All elements in harmony should produce a nicely stretched IT band and carefree running.

Reactive approach: Run until it hurts and be forced to take days (or maybe a week) off from running.  Fall behind in Hal Higdon’s novice marathon training schedule.  Cry.  Worry.  Stress.

I think we all see the benefit in being proactive vs. reactive.  Yes? Yes.  Proactive > Reactive.

Even though I’ve been a good girl with stretching, rolling and yogAHHH, I ran with a little trepidation this morning.  Had I done enough?  Would it make a difference after just two days?  If my band started to hurt, I was going to really have to evaluate my plan.  Each mile passed and I kept checking in with my body: “does anything hurt?” Nope!


I rewarded myself with a gold star for my efforts:

Well, ish.  I know you can’t tell, but I used a star shaped cookie cutter to gut the all natural whole wheat bread for my toad in the hole breakfast.  Fancy, I know.  Too bad it didn’t work out according to plan — instead all you see if a big, eggy center.  Ah, well.  A for effort.  S for strawberries (which I ate a few).

My morning productivity levels continue to soar, which I am loving.  I took care of all sorts of things around the house, walked the monsters (which they appreciated) and high tailed it to work.

Just 15 minutes in to my work day, my stomach started to rumble.  I guess a starry-eyed toad in the hole wasn’t enough breakfast.  Dangit.  Finally, the lunch hour arrived and I met my hot-hot date (Sam) for a mid-day rendezvous.

Subway!  I don’t really count Subway as fast food, in case you’re wondering.  Subway and Chipotle.  I feel comfortable eating at an establishment that assembles my food right before my plexi-glass shielded eyes.  Yes, I’m sure technically, they are fast food restaurants, but they don’t fall into the category of freaky fast food places I avoid.  The kind that are red and yellow themed, offer kids toys relating to the latest summer flick and have ball pits.

*shudder*  I have yet to see a ball pit at a Subway.  I feel like if a restaurant is offering so much more than food, it’s probably trying to distract you from the food.

Look!  A clown!

I got one of my favorites: a BLT on 9-grain wheat with extra spinach, lettuce, tomato, red onion (love!), pickles and a light serving of the regular mayo.  Bueno.  I love that Subway serves yogurt as a healthy alternative to chips.  Double bueno.

I’m not sure what it is with my stomach, but it was like that sandwich was made of air.  An hour later, I was back to grumbling.  Luckily, I had popped into CVS during the lunch hour and picked up an emergency Clif Bar.

I’m not a big Clif Bar kind of girl — I find them lumpy and very dense…but I might just be a convert because this flavor was awesome!  Chocolate Chip Peanut Crunch.  A looksie over the label tells me Clif is doing things right by this naturalist — all recognizable products.  High five!

Phew!  I slogged through the remainder of my day (darn you, Housewives!) and then made a quick trip to Tractor Supply Company.  *she thinks my tractor’s sexy…anyone? anyone?*  We don’t live on a farm, I promise, but we do buy the monsters’ food there — it is soooo much cheaper!  Every time I go, though, the “gentlemen farmers” try to carry my 44 lbs. bag of dog food.  I always tell them I can manage.  They always end up doing it anyway.  This time, the clerk actually called an associate to load it into my car for me.

Hilarious.  Where was said associate when I was hauling buns around the neighborhood this morning?  I could have used the help then!


Protein Pancakes.  Not just any Protein Pancakes…

BLUEBERRY!  I think God made blueberries specifically for use in pancakes.  Those little fruit orbs get all warm on the griddle and then blow up inside the pancakes like tiny fruit syrup bombs.

The only kind of bomb there should be, in my opinion. 😉

I’m debating some banana soft serve “ice cream” now…but only if I can turn it chocolatey.  Mmmm.

I found you, Friday!

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This whole week, I’ve felt like Friday was hiding from me.  Almost every day I woke up thinking, “ah, it’s Friday.  Just gotta get through today.”

Then, I was sorely disappointed to find out I had 3 more days or 2 more days until the actual day.  I felt like I was playing a wack game of hide and go seek with the happiest day of the week.  Well, today, I FOUND YOU, FRIDAY!  You’re no good at hiding, buddy.

Last night was spent with my nose buried in a textbook, so dinner was somewhat discombobulated.  I wanted to make Protein Pancakes, but craved carrot cake at the same time…we had neither already on hand, so I combined them for Carrot Cake Protein Pancakes.

Into the regular batter, I added a handful of raisins, a small handful of the brown sugar granola, a little cinnamon and some chopped carrots.  Give it a stir and throw it on the griddle.  Since I had already had my sugary REAL syrup for the day, I drizzled honey on top and sprinkled chopped walnuts.

It tasted okay…not stellar, which I was a little disappointed about.  I had the most amazing carrot cake pancakes while on vacation (First Watch, you forever hold my pancake heart), so I think I got a little spoiled.

This morning, I gave myself the green light to have a Green Monster.  Haha, I crack myself up.  Sorry, lame, I know.

This might have been my best yet — the combination of soymilk, PB, frozen nanner, spinach and protein powder was spot on.  Tasted like heaven.  Just one step down from heaven was the coffee I had in my favorite mug:

Gerber daisies are my favorite flower, hands down.  I’ve tried multiple times to grow them in my garden and have failed every time.  They elude me…

Today is a rest day on the 10K training schedule, and I’m down with that.  I feel a little bit of soreness in my leggies from pushing myself yesterday.  I actually like to feel sore — how weird is that?  Not super/I can’t walk/I can’t cross my legs without groaning/getting out of bed was the ultimate challenge today soreness — just a minor reminder that I actually worked my body a little harder and my muscles knew it.  I’m eyeing a Pilates class this weekend (I’ve never been to one!), and from what I’ve heard, that’s just a whole heap of hurt heading my way…but I’m kind of excited.

I had a nice break from the usual for lunch and met my friend, Amanda, at Bagel Street Cafe.  This joint has the most amazing bagel sandwiches with adorable names like “The Kimmy Gibbler”.  They can get kind of loaded with the ingredients, though, so I skipped the one I usually get (“The Seinfeld” — roast beef, mayo, lettuce and tomato on an Everything Bagel — whoa) and opted for the “Debbie Debbie Debbie” (tomato, lettuce, sprouts and avocado with cream cheese on an Everything Bagel).

So good.  I asked them to go light on the cream cheese and I’m not sure if there was a falter in communication OR if they just ignored me.  There was a noisy fan blowing in the background, so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt…but either way,  it was one creamy, mess bagel-wich.

There will be a few changes taking place around my neck of the internet — some of them will be unveiled tonight and others over the weekend, so keep checking back to see what’s new on Not Unless I’m Being Chased…I hope you like what you see!

What’s your favorite bagel sandwich?

Breakfast for Dinner!

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Oh, I love to make breakfast for dinner.  I don’t understand why more people don’t do it more often.  Think about it — you’re usually too rushed on a weekday morning for homemade waffles or pancakes or delicious eggs, some of people don’t even have time to eat breakfast (tsk tsk).  Breakfast for dinner means having the time to make all those goodies.

Have I sold you on it yet? 😉

Tonight’s Breakfast for Dinner is a recipe I learned from my mother-in-law this weekend: the Protein Pancake.  Awesome.

Protein Pancakes: (makes about 4 smallish cakes)

1/2 cup oatmeal

1/2 cup cottage cheese (you can use fat free if you choose)

1/2 cup of egg whites (or egg beaters if you so desire)

1/2 tsp of vanilla

Sprinkle of cinnamon?

You can go the easy route and just combine all the ingredients and slap them on the griddle and cook like normal pancakes.  OR, you can run the oatmeal through the food processor to refine it and make it taste more like regular flour.  Do the same with the cottage cheese (after you remove the oatmeal — don’t combine them in there), and you’ve got smoother protein pancakes.

You kind of have to wrap your mind around the fact that these are going to taste heartier than your average pancake because they are full of more than your average pancake.  Once you accept that this is a supah cake, you’ll be okay.  I love them.  Yum.

I ate mine with strawberries and REAL maple syrup (after “If It Doesn’t Have a Mama” March, there’s no going back, I’m a REAL girl now).  Oh.  So.  Good.

After dinner, Sam and I attempted to take the monsters on a walk on the bike path (epic disaster) and then got some frozen custard.  Yummy vanilla with raspberries mixed in — so good, my camera ate the picture of it.

I’m still keeping up with the “Miami My-Abbieschallenge, are you?  I haven’t been very good about varying my routine, though. 😦  Maybe that’s part of my abdominal issue — I need to branch out.  I found this slideshow on I think I’ll give a whirl tomorrow.  We’ll see! 🙂

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