It’s kind of like a baseball game

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First, a matter of very important business: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY WONDERFUL SISTER! My oldest and bestest friend celebrates another year today and I wanted to wish her a happy one in style ;).

Now, on to other matters.

Yesterday was a 4 mile training run, per the half marathon schedule.  Sam and I woke up early and hit the road, but we both complained it was not the best run.  I couldn’t figure out why I was dragging so badly — but it was one of those runs where you can only focus on putting one foot in front of the other.  TERRIBLE!  I think I know why it was so bad now.

My case of the sniffles is now a full-blown cold.  I guess I was just up to bat yesterday — wait, what?  Yeah, that’s right, I like to think of a cold like a game of baseball, with different bases (not the ones you tried to get to on a Saturday night in high school ;)) and everything.  That tickle in your throat, slight ache in your head — that’s the wind up and the pitch.  The start of a sore throat — that’s the swing and the hit.  Your really sore throat is first base, a stuffy nose and congestion is second and that part where you’re just waiting around, not really feeling sick anymore, just trying to get your nose to stop running is third.  Home plate and you’re back to healthy!

I’m on second base right now, I think.

I’m trying to focus on other methods of dealing with this gunk, other than OTC medicine, so this morning, I added some citrus fruit to my breakfast (hello, Vitamin C) and this afternoon, I’m lunching on some yummy soup.  Not just any soup.  SOUPER SOUP.

I lurve this Bob’s Red Mill Vegi Soup.  It is SO hearty.  I appreciate, too, that the folks at Bob’s threw in some alphabet letters, because let’s face it, you never really grow up, you just get bigger.

If I had been more creative, I would have made those alphabits spell out “Not Unless I’m Being Chased”, haha.

A one to four ratio of soup mix to water, simmer for an hour and voila!  A lovely main dish for lunch (ignore our messy stovetop).

Look at those nutritonal stats!

There are the ones I like:

– only 2 grams of fat and NO saturated fat

-low sodium (so many soups are stuffed with NaCl!)


There are ones that I love:

– 8 grams of fiber!

– 20 grams of protein!  That’s a lunch, peeps!  Click here for tips on nutritional label reading.

I only took about a half a serving (it really fills you up) and packed some other “good for yous” in my lunch bag.  I also elected to take my weekly rest day from training today instead of Friday.  I know conventional wisdom recommends you can (and maybe should) still workout if your illness is above the neck (which mine is), but I’m going to listen to my body and take it easy.  It was only a cross training day today anyway.  My 30 Day Shred DVD can just wait until Friday!

Hope your lunch bag is full of “good for yous” and you’re enjoying every bite!  See you later for a sweet treat — just roll with it ;).

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