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FIRST:  Thank you for all the sweet comments and encouraging words!  It never ceases to amaze me how kind blog land people can be.  The combination of your wonderful words and a runner’s high made for a GREAT day.  Let’s get to it. 🙂

Training Calls For: 5 miles

Miles Run So Far: 265.2

Days Left: 34

Buenos dias, peeps!

Another day, another early morning run.  I fueled up with an English muffin and PB plus a smidge of coffee.


The weather this morning was eerie.  It was nice and cool, about 50* but the fog was incredibly dense!  Since it’s getting lighter later in the mornings, I spent the first three miles looping our neighborhood just waiting for enough sun to come up enough to venture out on the State Route that connects our neighborhood to the one down the street, er, State Route?

Overall, I ran the entire 5 miles without any pain and I think I made good time.  I didn’t run with an iPod for safety reasons and I left my technology at home.  I just wanted to enjoy the run.  It was a great way to start the day.

Of course, you know my mind wandered as I traveled those 5 miles…let’s do a little off-roading, shall we?

You all know how I work on a college campus, yes?  So one of the fun things about this atmosphere is that every once in a while, marketers show up to target the elusive 18-25 group with the latest and greatest.  Back in the day it was Red Bull…all too often, it’s booze, but yesterday, it was something new to my eye.

Um, a Smoothie-Mobile?  This refreshment RV was set up outside a local bookstore with a table full of “REAL” fruit smoothie samples.  I was tempted to snag one on my way into work, but then I remembered that McD’s and I have a slight difference of opinion when it comes to the definition of “REAL”.

I base this on the following conversation I had this past weekend while I ordered one of the few things I’ll get at McDonald’s: coffee.

Drive Thru Diva:  Here’s your medium, black, iced coffee.  Are you sure you don’t want cream and sugar mixed in?

Me: No, but I’ll take one of each on the side.

Drive Thru Diva:  Well, here’s four of each…

Me: No, no, it’s okay, I only want one.  In fact, I’m only going to use half the sugar packet.

Drive Thru Diva: (stumped) Um, okay.  Just so you know, when we make it mixed up in the back, it usually has six creams and five sugars.

Me: (stumped) Oh.  Uh, that’s okay.  I just want one.  One.  ONE.

That actually happened — check with Sam.  WHO PUTS SIX CREAMS IN THEIR COFFEE???  FIVE SUGARS?  Pardon me while I go ballistic.  It’s coffee, people!  Get a grip.  You should not turn coffee into a magical, jet-propulsion, go-power tool with armed with caffeine, sugar and liquid heart attack.  That’s not “REAL”ly coffee.


I know I can get all high-horsey about food and the natural is better thing, but c’mon.  This has to shock someone else, too.

My REAL food for the day: 😉

Green bubbles for breakfast:

One scoop vanilla whey protein powder, one cup fat free skim milk, one frozen banana and three huge handfuls of spinach — blended until hippity bippity bop — it became a Green Monster Smoothie.

A lil’ lunch after a mega staff meeting (complete with a chorus of growling stomachs):

SSB and J.  Wha??  Sunflower Seed Butter from Trader Joe’s.  Uh-mazing.  So good.  Made a fabulous sandwich on all natural whole wheat bread.

Numerous handfuls of grape tomatoes — fun-size fruit.

Fresh pineapple.

An orange…

And a nectarine…

Completely gratuitous pictures to showcase a new haircut ;).  Good-bye pony-tail, hello Audrey Hepburn inspired ‘do.  Comparison picture:

Change is good. 🙂

An afternoon snack of the Mom’s Best Shredded Wheat cereal I absolutely….

LUV <3.


Two sweet potatoes topped with delicious, all-natural baked beans.  Yes, two potaters.  They were small.  I am a running machine.  It all evens out.

In fact, it’s just fuel for the 9 miles I gotta run tomorrow morning!  Nighty-night.

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