Quick like a bunny…

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…maybe an Easter bunny?

Hope you’re having a good day so far.  How about that video post ;)?  I wanted to show you how ballistic the monsters go when they hear the word “walk”.  It’s a banned word in our house.  We have to say “w” instead.  If you’re going to say “walk” to the monsters, you better put your walking shoes where your words are!

I started the day off with a bit of a jolt — I meant to wake up at 6:20 only to wake up an hour later.  I remember Sam’s alarm going off at 6, I remember hearing him start the shower (our master bath is right off our bedroom, so it’s hard to miss that!) and then I laid there thinking, “I’ll just wait for my alarm to go off, it’ll go off any minute”.  Next thing I know, a fully dressed Sam is leaning over me saying “are you going to get up soon?”  WHAT?  It’s 7:20?  I had things to do!  OH NO!

I hate those mornings.  I hate mornings in general (I find them all equally offensive), but the ones that begin with your heart jump starting are my least faves.

Quick like a bunny, I threw on my clothes, took Ruby for a walk, came back, made a quick change into running togs (if I had been thinking, I would have just put these on to begin with) then grabbed Zora for a 2 mile run.  I haven’t taken her jogging in a while and it kind of showed.  We had to stop and sniff everything (and by we, I mean solely her. I did not, at any time, put my nose to something foreign for closer inspection) there were a few potty stops and of course, she had to prance by her “boyfriend’s” yard more than once.  We ran an 11 minute mile, but it’s okay, I enjoyed taking her out.  At the end of it, I caught her standing in our hallway, panting with a look of “I can’t believe I just ran 2 miles” on her face.

It’s okay, girl.  I used to look like that too ;).

On to breakfast!  After all that rush, I took time to feed my body right — everything had a mama or grew in the ground, per the “If It Doesn’t Have a Mama” March challenge.  I was super hungry (I’m basically always hungry lately — training much?), so I made a mega breakfast:

Behold mega breakfast!  One (nuclear looking) egg, piece of whole wheat toast with a scoop of real strawberry jam and coffee with organic half and half and light agave.  Oh, and a Green Monster Smoothie in a martini glass.

I like switching it up.  Besides, I don’t drink martinis, so I never get to use these glasses.  Well, I changed that up.  I had a Greenitini ;).

Look how the smoothie sticks to the side of the glass as you drink it.  I like to think it sticks to my ribs the same way ;).  Since I make my Green Monster smoothies with protein powder, they usually run betweeen 350-450 calories I think (I can’t be sure, I don’t really count calories).  It used to be just a Green Monster would fill me up and hold me over, but lately, I’m ravenous and I need more food!  So, I added the egg and toast and it seemed to have done the trick.

Lunch was a tuna sandwich (with avocado and mustard) on two slices all natural whole wheat bread, a Gala apple, cantaloupe and cucumbers.  Oh, and those Aldi Multi-Grain chips.  I picked them up because they’re all natural and I thought they would taste like SunChips, but they are SunChips posers.  They taste like Bugles.  Bag will be eaten,  lesson will be learned, chips will be avoided next time.

Go ahead, take a peek ;).

Putting avocado on my tuna gives it the creaminess that I usually get from mayo (oh, mayo, you “If It Doesn’t Have a Mama” violator, you!).  Mustard gives it some taste (I find avocados very mild) and boom!  Sandwich satiety.  Avocado is a healthy fat, friends.  You should embrace it.  Just don’t squeeze too hard.  Your heart and your body likes this kind of fat.  In fact, I bet if you gave your body the choice between a healthy fat (avocado, EVOO, unsalted nuts like almonds) and a fat free fraud, your body would respond better to the healthy fat.  Just sayin’.

This morning made me realize I’m not really listening to my body about my sleep.  My wake up call today was actually the second time this week I slept through my alarm and then had to rush.  I’m not going to bed at the right time and then I’m over sleeping and then I’m trying to accomplish everything in the morning with an hour less to do it. *phew*  Not good.  So I’m taking control back.  I made a list for tonight, dividing up my time to accomplish things I need to take care of and I set a cut-off point.

See it at the bottom?  It says: Whatever doesn’t get done can wait another day — get ready for bed!

If I make good use of my time, hit the sack earlier and wake up on time tomorrow, I’ll be back on track and my life (and my home) will look a little less like tornadic activity.

At least that’s the plan. *crosses fingers*

How do you handle it when life seems to be getting away from you?  Do you tackle it head on or stick your head in the sand?

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