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During a night of thunderstorms and lightening, I kept rolling over with each “kaaaaabooooom” thinking, “there’s no way I’m running in that.”  When that alarm went off at 5:15, I thought, “no way.  No way.  NO way.”

Yes, way.  Time to run.  Up and at ’em, sunshine.  I had four miles to bang out before an 8 o’clock class and then a full day of work.  Sam and I have a date night planned tonight, so running after work was out.  With no other choice, I rolled out, got dressed and hit it.

Ever had one of those mornings where you spend a few minutes while getting dressed staring at yourself in the bathroom mirror going, “am I really going to do this?” 😉

It turned out to be a great run.  With just four miles to accomplish, I felt like I had only started to run when it was time to wrap it up.  I love those kinds of runs!  Of course, it may have felt short because my mind was occupied with this:

The KFC double down sandwich.

I’m so confused by this concept.  I’m confused by the fact that they have an ACTUAL countdown running on their website for it.  KFC  says it’s two boneless chicken filets sandwiching strips of bacon, two kinds of cheese and the Colonel’s sauce.  Wow.  Don’t worry, you can get it in grilled form if you’re counting calories ;).

The fact that they put the nutritional info right out there is also befuddling (well, they put the calories, fat and sodium — all of which are too pricey for me to even darken the doorway).  Is this like a fair warning?  Hey, you knew what you were getting yourself into with this meat-fest.  We gave you the information, the tools, and you chose to double down.

By the way, it’s my understanding that “double down” is a BlackJack term that means you make double the wager because you feel like you have a good hand.  I feel this is erroneously applied to this sandwich.  Quite literally, upon purchasing your Double Down sandwich, that which you have in your hand is NOT a good bet.  At least not in my eyes.  Are you feeling lucky?  Do you think you’ll actually make it through the gastrointestinal “pleasure” that awaits you in between all that sandwichy “goodness”?

I understand replacing a bun with a sandwich thin or a wrap.  I even get the need to use lettuce sometimes, if you’re feeling carb conscious.  It has never occurred to me to use pieces of meat to encase other pieces of meat.

That’s like saying, hmm, instead of a cupcake liner, I’ll just wrap my baked good in a layer cake.  Next thing you know, we’ll turn around and see Fourth of July cookouts featuring a hot dog in a ribeye bun.  WHAT?

What do you think?  I’d love to hear your thoughts, blog world.

Rant over ;).  Sam brought the double down to my attention, so you can thank him for that!  We thought maybe it was an April Fool’s joke…but it’s still on the website (?).

Breakfast felt a little like this before I had my morning coffee:

And more like this after my ritualistic cup o’ joe with organic half and half.  Ahh, so much better.

We all know I love my Green Monster Smoothies.  Nom nom nom.  I added two scoops of protein powder this time to give it more oomph.

I wasn’t feeling as creative with lunch, so my apologies it’s an old standard:

Salad!  Red leaf, romaine, carrots, tomato and celery tossed in Ken’s Healthy Options Honey Mustard Dressing.

I sliced up some strawberries on the side — they smelled amazing (just like spring!), threw three clementines in the bag with some Triscuits and my tra-dish-ional 4 o’clock yogurt with Cascadian Farm’s brown maple sugar granola for crunch.  Yum.

I think we’ll be doing breakfast for dinner tonight, which I LOVE.  Stay tuned for a recipe you thought you knew, but you had no idea!

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