Today is the Day!

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While you’re reading this, I am probably running my very first half marathon right now, or I’m celebrating with friends and family.  Either way, I haven’t left you hanging…I left you with some thoughts about the last 12 weeks (and really, the last 8 months) that got me to today.


I started running in August of last year because on a whim, I decided to run a 5K for which I had done almost NO training.  The run itself wasn’t anything to write home about, but what it inspired me to do was keep running.  Run a half marathon, run a full marathon, run run run until I had met my goals.

When I started running, I could make it just one quarter mile around our neighborhood before breathlessness and exhaustion would get the best of me.  I would stop, hunched over, gasping, thinking, “I am only in my 2o’s.  I should be able to do this.  Why am I so out of shape?  Why isn’t this easier?”

Luckily, I happen to be very stubborn.  I didn’t quit and I didn’t just decide, “eh, running is not my thing”.  I kept pushing and pushing and soon, I was running a mile and then a mile and a half and then three miles.  I was running without stopping and it felt good.

I had the encouragement of a running buddy…

Or two. 😉

And the miles started adding up.

This half marathon means a lot of different things to me — it means I am living life instead of just surviving it.  It means I am honoring all my grandparents, who in their individual ways, led active and full lives.  It means I have put a stop to the voice in the back of my head that told me for far too many years, “you can’t, you won’t, you’re not good enough”.

It means today, I am a runner.

I have done an incredible amount of thinking about what makes you a runner.  Is it how fast you’re pacing? Is it that you wear shorty shorts?  Is it that you look like a gazelle as you glide along a bike path or roadside?

No.  None of those.  Thankfully.

I’ve decided being a runner is about being committed to a goal and realizing that commitment.  I committed myself to running this half marathon, less than a year after I started running at all, and I’m going to see it through.  Take that, little negative voice in the back of my mind.

I started blogging as a form of accountability in my training and because the running was changing my life and my lifestyle and I appreciated that.  I started blogging because I am a newbie and I thought my perspective might at least give someone else a smile.  When I named the blog “Not Unless I’m Being Chased” it because that was how I would answer when someone would ask me, “oh, do you run?” Not unless I’m being chased.

Today, that name takes on a whole new meaning.

I still maintain I don’t run unless I’m being chased, but this time, I’m not joking about it.   I know exactly who is chasing me.  Coming up fast behind me is the woman I used to be — out of shape, embarrassed, uncommitted and nurturing a minorly unhealthy relationship with food.  She’s moving at a good clip, but it’s okay.  As long as she’s chasing me, I’m reminded the path of regressing to couch potato status isn’t that far off, so I’ll be running.  I will run, with her chasing me, for the rest of my now very active life.


Not Unless I’m Being Chased.

Hello, Stranger

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*peeks in* um, hi.  Remember me? 😉

Just kidding.  I know I only dropped off the grid for a day or two, but it felt longer!  My mom came in town Thursday night and I took the day off Friday to spend time with her.  Somewhere in the in-between, I decided it was more important to just be focused on hanging with the madre than blogging my eats and inner thoughts.

Wad up your Kleenex, I’m back.

Just a quick recap of what I’ve been up to, then it’s back to what I need to do!

Mom and I spent a ton of time working on the yard and cleaning it up and making it look beautiful for spring.  Then, we did a monster of a grocery shopping trip, because in addition to hosting my family here for the race this weekend, we’re having a bunch of people over for a post-half-marathon brunch.  Sam’s grandma basically told me she thinks I’m crazy for running 13 miles and then hosting a brunch for people afterwards.  Eh, it’s a special kind of crazy. 🙂  I think it’s going to be an awesome time.

The house is clean, the yard looks fantastic, Mom’s spaghetti sauce is simmering for a pre-race pasta dinner tonight and as soon as my dad and sister arrive, we’ll be off to pick up our race packets.

I can feel my stomach turning already!

That’s All Folks!

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Whew!  That was it — my LAST run before the half marathon. 🙂  The half marathon schedule called for an easy two miles, so it wasn’t nearly as daunting to lace up the sneakers when I knew I only had about 20 minutes of running ahead of me.

The forecast called for 90% chance of showers and thunderstorms, but luckily, no rain when I started out!  Yay!  I got about 1.44 miles in to it and then it started to sprinkle, so I looped back past the house and threw my iPhone in the mailbox for rainproof purposes.  The last half mile was all me — just me and the rain.  It was very soothing in a way and it gave me a chance to remember why I trained for 12 weeks to run this half marathon.  I needed that extra little quiet time with my thoughts and I think Mother Nature planned it that way.  Mothers, no matter what type, always seem to know what you need ;).

Post run, I challenged a foreign land and made up some French toast.  I mixed up two eggs, a glug of light vanilla soymilk and a splash of vanilla extract.  This made enough dredge for 4 pieces (no, I didn’t eat all four — two were for Sam).  I sprinkled on some cinnamon for a little extra spice love.  Yum!

I attempted to do this “crunchless” ab workout as part of my “Miami My-Abbies” challenge.  It was…interesting.  I’m not very good at following written instructions for exercise (I’d rather actually see someone do it and then imitate them), so usually, I rule out all workouts in the Self magazine.  Well, this is the time in my life where I’m challenging my “usual” attitude toward exercise (hence the half marathon!), so I really pushed myself not to get frustrated and quit.  Of the 7 workouts, I think I did 5 exactly right.  The other 2…well, we’ll just see if I’m sore tomorrow where I’m supposed to be sore.  I had to pump up my stability ball for the workout.  I forgot how much time that took!   I’m just leaving it inflated from now on.  Maybe it will inspire me to actually use it more.  Or, it will add a splash of unexpected 80’s color to our living room decor.  Either way, whatev.

Time to go prep the guest room — our weekenders will be showing up in trickles.  My mom is coming in tonight. 🙂  I took tomorrow off and we’re going to tackle some landscaping and food prep.  Then my dad and Lisa will be in Saturday night and Sunday morning, WE RUN!  Wow.  It’s getting closer and closer.

P.S. Yesterday, I ate a Lemon LaraBar and actually found a REAL WHOLE ALMOND in the bar.  They aren’t kidding when they say you might find nuts or nut pieces.  So cool.  Total proof those bars are fabulous and made with REAL food. 🙂

Lunch with a side of Vitamin D

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Today, I decided that my cross training would be running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  It seemed aerobic enough and it was all that fit in my schedule ;).

This came up while I was walking the monsters, thinking about all the things I should/need to be doing.  Ahh, yes.  Those nagging thoughts.

Breakfast was pre-headless chicken running.  A bowl of puffed wheat (which I have decided tastes exactly like air — but it’s in the cupboard, so I’m eating it to get rid of it) with skim milk, one egg + one egg while over easy with pepper and ICED COFFEE!

Like my plates?  In case you can’t tell, they are a Hawaiian shirt and a pair of board shorts.  My cereal says “aloha!”  Can you tell I’m ready for vacay?

Sam worked at Starbucks many moons ago and knows the secret of making iced coffee at home.  No, smarty pants, it is NOT just simply pouring coffee over ice.  There’s more to it than that, particularly if you want it to taste delicious and not like watery coffee.  Eww.  We’ve had some really warm temps in our midwestern state and it just seems seasonal to start the day with iced coffee.  It looks swell in my Green Monster cup, no?

I rushed and rushed to tackle tasks left and right both at home and at work and took a break to meet up with a friend for lunch.

Haha, yes, Sam is my friend as well as my husband.  It all counts.  We ate lunch outside in the middle of campus, enjoying some sunshine (yay Vitamin D) and aesthetics.

I had a pb&(strawberry)j on natural whole wheat bread.  Mmm.  Whoever first paired pb&j should be sainted, don’t you think?  They go together so well.  I also had some veggie chips (unpictured), tried to pack a vine ripe tomato in a baggie (packaging FAIL), a banana (conveniently in its own packaging ;)) and some applesauce.

It was nice to see Sam in the middle of the day.  We work at the same university, but some days we could be working on different planets because our jobs are so different, we never run into each other in an official capacity.

A funny thing is happening among those of us in my family who are running the half marathon on Sunday, a mere 4 days away!  We’re all getting way more cautious and worried.  Sam skipped a usual CrossFit workout to avoid potential injury, I fretted about tripping over an open kitchen drawer (did I break anything?  sprain anything?) and Lisa (my sis) is wondering if she’s ready to run despite having to take it easy because of a cold.  Anything that might derail us from running Sunday and the culmination of 12 weeks of training is given a wide and generous berth.

The only one not acting like this is my dad.  My hypothesis is because he’s run a marathon before, he’s way more chill about this half.  Well, truthfully, he’s way more chill than anyone else I know.  I did not inherit this calmness.

I am freaking out.  A co-worker pulled up the race map today to see where in town it will be run.  Just looking at the map made my stomach do flips.  Eek!

It’s a combination of excitement this is finally happening AND that this is my first half marathon ever.  Double eek.

If you’re a runner/racer: How early does your race excitement/anxiety set in?  A week before?  The morning of?  At the starting line?

And the thunder rolls…

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I put lunch off for so long today that my stomach was practically turning itself inside out by the time I had a spare minute to eat.  This is never good!

Late lunch + traveling this weekend + house with no groceries =

Lunch courtesy of Subway.  I ordered a turkey breast 6 inch sub on Nine Grain Wheat with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, spinach and mustard.  Having gone through a month of eating only natural foods has re-ignited a love of mustard.  Sorry, mayo, you’re sloppy seconds now.  I opted for the yogurt on the side instead of chips and got a light lemonade to drink.

It was okay, but wasn’t as tummy filling as I usually need.  Dinner was a monstah!

I’ve shown you the Spanish stacker before, yes?  I thought so. 😉  The most wonderful tasty souvenir of my time living in Spain — a stack of roasted red peppers, spinach, rice with lightly breaded chicken on the bottom and an egg on the top.  Sounds crazy, tastes amazing.

I’m in full “returner-learner” mode, taking a Spanish class this quarter.  While I studied for class tomorrow, I succumbed to the craving for a Cadbury Creme Egg.  So bad, but so good.  It’s a good thing my mom gave me a set of 4 instead of like a dozen.  They would all be gone.  Must exercise self control

I have to admit, it was pretty strange to look at the half marathon training schedule and see that it’s only a 4 mile run for tomorrow.  Whoa!  We’re getting SO close to the actual day of the race (the 11th), I’m already starting to get a nervous stomach!  It’s thunderstorming right now, I love the sound of the rain and the rolling thunder.  Just hope it lets up by 5am tomorrow when I have to go pound the pavement! 🙂

G’night, sleep tight, don’t let the KFC double down sandwich bite.  Ohhhhh yeah, you know we’ll be talking about that tomorrow!

On the Road Again…

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Hi there from a new location — we’re at Sam’s family’s house!  Wait, didn’t we just see them last weekend? 🙂  What can I say, we love our families.

We made the trek across our Midwestern state to spend Easter AND my dad’s birthday (happy early, bday, Dad) this weekend with family.  Dinner was quick and delicious last night: Chipotle.

Ahhh, Chipotle, I missed you in the month of March.  My burrito bol had chicken, rice, black beans, mild salsa, cheese and lettuce.  Of all the places you can get food fast (ahem, not fast food), I love Chipotle best.  You can read more about their food philosophy on their website.

Are their burritos huge and calorically large?  Yes.  Can you eliminate some unneccesary carb-age by getting a bol?  Yes.  Am I concerned I inhaled all this food in one sitting?

No.  I’m running 10 miles today, I need to fuel my body right.  Given the choice between burrito bol beauty and fast food freakiness, I choose Chipotle.

Sam managed to eat his while driving — what can I say, he has mad skillz. 😉

Um, that pic was taken at a stop sign, FYI.  He wasn’t really eating and driving.  He was stopping and eating and then driving.

The GPS took us on a different route than usual and for most of the drive, I felt like I was in Montana.  It was so hilly and farm land-y, just beautiful.  Some views from the the drive (taken with my arm stuck out the sun roof)…

While the monsters chilled in the back.  They are such good sports.

We stopped at a gas station and I found this:

Skinny Water?  Hmm, worth a try.  I like what I see on the label:

But I dislike I can’t see all the ingredients.  I’ll still give it a shot.  The nutritional values look good to me.  I was surprised to see Vitamin A and E listed.  Those vits are fat soluable (as are D and K — you can remember it like this: All Dogs Eat Kittens.  Gross, but effective).

I learned wayyyyy back a long time ago in a college nutrition class that A, D, E and K are fat soluable, meaning when you body gets them, it stores them for later use.  Water soluable vits (like C) go into your body and when you have had your fill, your body just, um, pees them out.  So I take very little stock in overloading on vitamin C when I’m sick.  Too much and my body just says “why are you doing this?  I’m just going to flush these out!”  At least that’s why my prof said ;).

I tried the “Wake Up” flavor, which was Orange Cranberry Tangerine.  I really liked it.  It had more body to it than Vitamin Water and more flavor.  I’ll probably drink it again.

This morning, I fueled up with an Arnold’s Sandwich thin and some PB, plus water and cup of joe.  I’m ready to hit those 10 miles!  Wish me luck!!!  Then it’s time to make good on my “Miami My-AbbiesChallenge!

P.S. I watched Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution this morning on my in-laws DVR…I know, I’m a day late and dollar short on that one, what can I say?  I’m a busy babe.  Did you see it?  What did you think?

The Final Countdown

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April is here and I welcome it with open arms!  It’s a beautiful day with sunshine and warm temps.  Yay!

April also means we’re in the final countdown to the half marathon.  T-minus 10 days.  Nerves, anyone? 😉

Last night, Sam picked me up after work (I wasn’t going to bike home — my tush couldn’t handle another 8.62 miles on that horrible seat!) and we did a little light grocery shopping.  It was a perfect night to…

(that’s drink a beer on the patio, hang out with the monsters outside and grill!)  Ruby is part beagle, so that nose-down pose you see her in is her natural state in the backyard.  She is our hunter.

Sam created another amazing meal we’re calling “One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila…Pork!”.  UH-mazing.  It had lime, cilantro, garlic and tequila (obviously) in a marinade.  I’ll get him to post the recipe later, because you know you want it.  😉  We kind of ate in courses, because the pork was taking a while to cook.  Salad and grilled asparagus first:

And pork second:


I had two Girl Scout Thin Mints for dessert — I had missed these little ladies!  They were off-limits last month and my mother has a tradition of giving me a box for my birthday every year.  It was a sad sad day when I had to put them in the freezer and not touch them until now.  Yay!  There are a lot of things I’m not going back to in the post “If It Doesn’t Have a Mama” March days, but these aren’t among them!!

This morning was my very last 5-miler for my half marathon training.  I wish I could say it was stellar, but really, it was pretty “meh”.  After a mile and half, I realized I hadn’t shut our bedroom door and this could mean disaster.  When the monsters are left to their own devices, naughty things happen.  Usually involving shoes, sometimes involving important paperwork, or even (one time) an ink pen.  I started to fear more hours of Resolve-action were in my future.  I couldn’t run another 3.5 miles with this on my brain.  I looped back around and shut the doors.  After that, it was tough to get moving again.  I don’t know what the deal was, but I tried to look on the positive side.  I’ve decided it just means I will have an AWESOME 10 mile run on Saturday.


I was so busy experimenting with a new recipe for tonight’s dinner that I ran out of time and didn’t have time to pack a lunch.  Whoops.  I headed over to the student center (remember, I work on a college campus) to hit up the salad bar.  I’ve done this in the past and have been really excited by the amount of different offerings.  I know, I know, I am a veggie geek.

Not today. 😦  My salad was ho-hum with spinach, arugula, radicchio, red leaf lettuce, tomatoes and carrots.  Oh, and sunflower seeds.  *snooooooze*  I tried to spice it up with some cheese and REAL honey mustard dressing, but there was no denying it was boring.  Where was the edamame?  Where was the broccoli?  Where were the snap peas?  WHERE?

I put a little fruit salad on the side and got a cup of chicken tortilla soup.  After paying $8, I decided this was ridiculous.  It would have been cheaper and more filling to go to Chipotle.  Lesson learned.

I pre-made dinner tonight (I’ll reveal/review the recipe for you tonight) because I’ll be busy in the kitchen creating other mouth-watering masterpieces.

Wondering what that means?  You’ll just have to wait…but here’s a hint: I talk about it in this post.

See you later, tators!

Undercover Cross Training

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Well, hellllloooo!  I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already.  Where is the week going?

I want to show you what happens when someone finishes up an entire month of restrictive eating, comes home after a five mile run on an empty stomach and does NOT have a plan for dinner or the groceries to get creative.

Pizza.  Pizza happens.  The kind that’s hot when you are ready.  Wow.  It was so bad, peeps, so bad.  All through yesterday, I was thinking about how I was going to keep up my all-natural healthy eating.  My breakfast was good, my lunch was stellar.  I was keepin’ it clean with all my eats.  But I am human.  I finished my 5 mile training run absolutely starving and when I got home, Sam was ready to go re-stock his beer fridge at our local fave beverage store (I suggested the re-stock = 3 awesome wife points).  He asked, “what’s for dinner?” and I said “how about a pizza?” before I could stop myself.  Whatev.

At 8:10pm, after a beer run and a drive thru the pizza place, we were stuffing our faces in the parking lot like famished animals.  Oh the horrors.

The rest made it home, somehow. 😉

Do I feel terrible about this?  Not really.  I did have a little bit of a guilty belly after the massacre was over, but I realized, this eating is very out of character and is a good representation of:

🙂 why you should always have a dinner plan

🙂 why you should properly fuel your runs so you’re not running on empty

🙂 why Michael Pollan says sometimes you should break the rules 😉

It’s also a good look at why diets don’t work.  Now, I know I wasn’t exactly on a diet for the last month, but I was eliminating foods from my digestive vocabulary.  To me, it’s six of one and half a dozen of the other.  Tell your body no no no over and over again and soon, it’s going to rebel.  At that point, you’re just along for the ride while your stomach takes over and your mouth is second-in-command.  It’s not a good feeling.  It’s pretty much binging and it creates a vicious cycle.

Instead of beating myself up over a pizza, I’m just going to move on.  No biggie.  I indulged.  It’s fine. 🙂  I’m back on track.

In other news, I tried a new form of cross training: undercover cross training.  Hal Higdon says today I should be either running 3 miles today or cross training.  I almost always choose cross training, but lately, it’s gotten pretty vanilla.  My cross training is always the 30 day Shred or yogAHHH.  Not today!  Today, I was going to spice it up AND kill two birds with one stone.

I BIKED TO WORK (I feel hard core saying that!).  My cross training was going undercover as my commute.

I know you’re jealous of my PhysioFit bicycle.  Haha, I know, I don’t know what kind of brand that is either.  I “inherited” the bike when my grandpa passed away, it’s his old one.  I like free things, don’t you?  At least I took the AM radio off the handlebars before I ventured out. 😉  I also packed my backpack with my lunch, laptop and change of clothes for work.  You didn’t think I was going to wear sweats to the office, did you?!  Of course, safety first.

If they ever make a cute looking bike helmet, I’ll be the first in line.  Until then, I will resemble a mushroom.

It took about 50 minutes to bike the 8.62 miles in to work.  I tracked it using my RunKeeper, which has alternative settings for cycling, walking, hiking, downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding and skating.  Hmm, skating?  Oh well, the RunKeeper has proven its worth!

I wasn’t really pushing myself, just enjoying the sunshine and the ride.  For the last two miles, I was cursing my bony rump.  I either need to get a padded seat for the bike, or figure out how to add padding to MY seat, if you know what I mean. 😉

I got changed at the office and was thankful I remembered this crucial tool for biking to work…

Oh yes.  I have a desire for fitness — not to be the questionably odorous co-worker.  Since it was about 40* out, I didn’t really break a sweat, but better safe than smelly.

It was pretty fun.  I can see myself doing this maybe once a week, maybe more sporadically.  I did have to bike on the actual street, which made me nervous.  I know, I know, I’m a big baby.  I just have a lot of life to live and I would hate to get hit by a car.  It would really put a crimp in my plans!

Ever taken “alternative” transportation to work?  Ever thought about it?  What’s holding you back?

A Soggy Sunday

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It was raining softly when the alarm went off this morning and the forecast says 100% of rain and thunderstorms, so it seems Sam and I made the right choice about running our 9 miles yesterday.  It was tough enough to slug it out in good weather — in the rain, I think the negative thoughts and four letter words would have poured down. 🙂

But let’s back up, shall we?

After the nine mile run  victory, it was time for a little day trip.  Sam drove…

While I sucked down a portable Green Monster Smoothie.

I burned something like 935 calories during that run and was HUNGRY.  I also packed some blackberries so yummy my camera ate the photo and a cherry pie LaraBar (Dear Lara, I love your bars).  Sam mixed up some trail mix.

Just where were we headed?  Oh, for a little family rendezvous.  It was sibs weekend at my sister-in-law, Katie’s, college.  She’s already a junior and I had yet to see her collegiate dwellings.  In case you’re wondering, yes, this does qualify me as a semi-bad sister-in-law. 😉  She forgives me.  Her campus is beautiful.  I loved all the green space and the Adirondack chairs they had scattered everywhere.  I could have totally dozed in one of those bad boys.

Kate is pre-med and has been doing some VERY impressive work with a herpetologist (reptile freak?) so we got to check out her work.  She’s such a model scientist, they took a picture of her and put it in the glass case.  She’s the one on the end in the blue shirt and lab coat.  Fancy!

I, on the other hand, got an actual demonstration.  I am clearly VIP.

I don’t really totally understand what she does with all this fancy equipment (I was a communications major, we just talked at lot, we never DID anything), but I know it’s important and she’s published for it.  So proud.

At one point of our tour, I muttered, “this makes me want to go back to college”.  Sam replied, “you are back to college.  Classes start Monday.”  Oh, yeah.  I’ll be taking a Spanish class this quarter as part of my journey of returning to learning.  🙂  But it’s not the same as Katie’s cool sorority room and science labs and coffee shop.

I was mega jealous this is their coffee shop.  Mega.

For dinner, we hit up a wonderful Mexican restaurant.  Normally, I stay with the same thing at every Mexican eatery: chicken enchiladas.  Since we’re still in the throes of “If It Doesn’t Have a Mama” March, I had to change it up.  I’m not really sure what’s in the enchilada sauce, but experience has taught me to simplify simplify simplify when eating out if I’m going to stick to my rules.  I ordered the chicken fajitas.  Grilled chicken, onion, red bell pepper, green bell pepper and tomato.  Looks to me like everything there either grew in the ground or had a mama, wouldn’t you say?  No flour tortillas though, I couldn’t verify them.

It came with refried beans and guac and pico de gallo and sour cream and etc etc etc on the side, but I really only ate the beans.  Beans grow in the ground, yes?  Agreed.

Since no trip is complete to a Mexican restaurant without chips and salsa, there was some of that too.  One of the things I’ve been pleasantly surprised by is that most tortilla chips are natural.  HURRAY!  This salsa was out of this world tamale terrific.  Incredible!  So fresh, so yummy.

And, beer. 😉

It was such a nice visit, it was really hard to get back in the car and come home.  Those monsters were waiting on us, though, and we couldn’t be neglectful pet parents.  I got a black coffee at Tim Horton’s and was surprised by the size.  Um, pardon me, I ordered a small.  Not a teeny tiny.

Oh well.  This morning in the pre-church rush, I scarfed down plain vanilla yogurt with organic granola and strawberries.  Coffee was consumed, but went all Britney Spears and avoided the paparazzi, so sorry, no photo.

And post-church, a little brunch to munch.  All natural whole wheat french toast dipped in egg/egg white/soymilk/vanilla extract/cinnamon combo with ground flax seed sprinkled on top.  A little sliced banana nuked in the microwave and cacao nibs with REAL maple syrup and I was in heaven! 🙂

For a little background on why flax seeds are awesome, check this article on WebMD.  Some highlights include:

🙂 FIBER!  Yay, fiber.  Your colon will thank you.

🙂 Omega 3 fatty acids.

🙂 Plant estrogen and antioxidant qualities found in Lignans.  No, men folk, you will not grow boobs if you ingest the plant estrogen.  Promise.

Go learn yerself somethin’ about them thar flaxseeds.  I try and sprinkle it on french toast, fruit, yogurt, cereal…it can even go in the Green Monster Smoothie.  Just make sure it’s ground up.  The whole seeds tend to not be absorbed.  The point is to ingest the flax for its good qualities, not let it shoot through you like the body flumes at Wet and Wild waterpark.

I think we’re off to take in a movie…maybe the Bounty Hunter?  It’s a good day for a dark theater.  But no movie popcorn or soda :(.  Those are DEFINITELY “If It Doesn’t Have a Mama” March violators.

NINE is just FINE

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*whew* It’s been an exhausting day and I’ll catch you up on everything tomorrow.  I just wanted to let you know…

NINE is just FINE by me. 🙂  Our nine mile run went pretty well — although, as you can see in the picture, I was keen on collapsing once it was done!  Sam parked his car in a nearby town along the bike path and I stationed mine about 9 miles down the path.  Admittedly, the first 5 miles went better than the last 4 (particularly mile 8 and finally getting to 9), but I was psyched to have run that far!

I’m showing you how far that is on the bike path map.  Look how spread out my fingers are — INCREDIBLE! 🙂  After today’s run, I KNOW I can make it through the half.  It’s all about the mindset and my mind is in a good set right now.  Gotta keep it there for another 2 weeks (gulp!) and then I can say I’m a half marathoner.

What a feeling that will be. 😉

Nighty night.

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