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These have got to be the two busiest days at work for me in a long time!

Last night, I got home well after midnight because I was helping our radio station cover the primary elections that took place last night.  *whew* It was a loooooong night — I almost fell asleep at my desk a couple of times. 😦

Then this morning, it was back to the grind to help out with pledge drive — I’m a public radio announcer, remember?  I can hock a travel mug for your generous contributions like no one’s business.  Pledge drive is always a slightly tense time, so I’m trying to help out as much as I can.

With all the hubbub, my some of my eats went un-pictured.  I know you’ll forgive me because I tried to make it up to you with a breakfast photo shoot this morning:

Quite the JC Penney models, aren’t they?  A Green Monster Smoothie (I needed the go-power, especially since last night I ate a piece of pledge drive pizza that didn’t agree with my stomach — yuck), Trader Joe’s High Fiber O’s, skim milk and coffee (my usual way).

After my delicious and filling breakfast, this sweet face was looking up at me, begging for some snuggling.

When those eyes look into yours and say, “I missed you.  Pet me.  Love me.  Snuggle with me” you snuggle.  You snuggle with reckless abandon…or until your co-snuggler’s face slides back against your hip, creating an unattractive and surely uncomfortable squishy face.

What a doll.  Yes, those are my pajamas.  I think they’re slamming, so I didn’t mind sharing a peek with you ;).

I managed to squeeze in my 35 minutes of cross training as mandated by the Hal Higdon Novice 10K plan.  I hit the student center gym and hopped on an elliptical.  Imagine my intruige when I saw this note:

Increased resistance = increased power?  Huh?  Another sign hanging near the elliptical notified me that the set of trainers I was using were somehow connected to generators that created energy for the university through people’s movement.

UH-mazing!  I felt pretty good about my sweat session knowing I was helping keep things a little greener-er.  Isn’t that neat?!

I made it about 30 minutes on the elliptical (something that never happens — I get so bored!) because I was totally lost in thought.  Before I knew it, the workout was over, I was drenched in sweat and it was time to hit the showers.  Bueno!

I have to confess, I’m almost kind of glad some of my eats went un-pictured; they haven’t been very stellar.  *Shame face*  I ate dinner out last night with my co-worker bestie and chowed some less-than-nutritious Chinese.  Then a piece of pizza the students had for the election coverage.  Then today, half a burrito brought in by one of our food sponsors.  None of these things are terrible on their own, but I feel like I don’t have my self-control in check (I have very little anyway), so I need to be a little stricter and remind myself natural is best and I like how I feel when I eat well.

But it’s so harrrrrrrrrd. 😉

Back to work!  See you tonight!

Let’s Get It Started!

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First and most importantly: I did NOT fail my Spanish midterm.  Hallelujah.  The prof ended up knocking 10 points off the total, which gave me a good solid B.  I’ll take it.  I’ll take it and I’ll study smarter next time.  Bueno. 🙂

I got my morning mojo going with a good  sufficient 3 mile run.  You know how they say if you don’t use it, you lose it?  They are so right.  But who are they?  Where are they?  Can I met the they (them)?  I always wonder this.  My run ended with a serious pep talk:

“You *huff* can *puff* do *gag* this.  You ran *huff huff* 13.1 *puff* miles.  GO!”

Nevertheless, I ran the ugly 3 miles because *duh duh DUH!* I’m back in training!  I jumped midway into the Hal Higdon novice 10K training schedule so I could run the Columbus 10K on June 6th.  I’ve never run a 10K before, but I am psyched for three reasons:

🙂 We’ll already be in Columbus on the 5th for a wedding, so the timing is perfecto.

🙂 My college roommate, Rachel, has agreed to meet up and run with with me and I am SUPER excited to run with her again.  Rachel was the one who encouraged me to run my very first 5K our sophomore year.  It was such a big accomplishment.  So big, in fact, I felt it excused me from running again for, oh, about 6 years. 😉

🙂 Finally — I need something in the interim to keep my routine up because after the 10K, I’ll start training for the Nationwide Better Health Columbus MARATHON.  MARATHON, people.  I said it.  It’s time.  Let’s get it started.

You’ll recall, the reason I started this blog was for the accountability while I trained for my first marathon.  It has always been my goal, and though I had to be smart and scale back my timeline to avoid injury and overuse, I feel I am ready for the challenge. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Coming down from the excitement hype, let’s talk eats:

My post-run breakfast was an egg/egg white combo with a banana (separately, not together — yuck!) and a piece of whole rye toast with buttah.  Coffee also present and water for post-run hydration.

I found this rye bread at Aldi while shopping a while ago was intrigued.

It’s high in fiber and low in fat and all natural — I love that.  I also love rye bread AND, I’m pretty sure I’ve been to the castle pictured on the front.  Is that Neuschwanstein?  Anyone?  I think so.

I made it through class with the help of MORE coffee (I was really dragging today) and then hit lunch with reckless abandon.  This was by far the most random lunch I’ve packed in a while.

Over here, we have the lunch of a fifth grader: PB&J on whole wheat bread, apples and all natural sea salt and cracked pepper chips.

While a spinach/strawberry salad with feta and EVOO and balsamic bring an air of simple sophistication.

And grapefruit is present just because.

I don’t know.  I just don’t know.  I think my brain was fogged by visions of dancing marathon runners or something.

What’s your next workout/exercise goal or challenge?  How’d you pick that?

Forgive me, Hal, for I have sinned…

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10K Training Day: 32

10K Mileage so far: 36 miles

Miles this week: 3 miles


Forgive me, Hal, for I have sinned.  I have NOT followed your training program exactly as you instructed, and I am paying my penance now.

*gasps all around*

So we all know the background.  I’m training for a marathon, but first, I’m training for a 10k so that I’m in fighting shape when it comes time to really buckle down and start the m-training (approx. Dec. 7th).  Right now, I’m following the Hal Higdon 10K Novice Training Schedule.

I had to adjust the days, since the Turkey Trot is aptly named in honor of  a Thanksgiving Day run.  But this is neither here nor there.  Do you see where the schedule says such words as “Cross Train” and “Stretch and Strengthen”? These are just words to me, they have not been actions.

*more astounding gasps*

I know.  I know.  I hang my head in shame that I have not followed Hal’s advice and guidance to a “T”.

Hal Higdon

Master of the Marathon Himself

This is Hal.  Doesn’t he have trusting eyes?  I betrayed those eyes.  I bet he wouldn’t be smiling if he knew I was such a lackadaisical runner.  I think Hal is kind of like my dad — he would never get angry with me, he would just get quiet and disappointed.  This is worse.

I didn’t really do any of the cross train days or the stretching days.  And by “not really” I mean I did the first ones and that’s it.  I didn’t think they were important.  I thought they were just filler.

I was wrong.

I’m now working through a bout with iliotibial band syndrome.  What?  I know.  All these new words!  Sound it out with me (um, I had to the first time I saw it): ih-leo-tib-ee-uhl band syndrome.  I don’t know how people ran before they could Google their aches and pains to find out the proper running term.

This is your iliotibial band: iliotibialAnd I’m sure that’s just what mine looks like, too, being the finely tuned athlete that I am. *ahem* Moving on.

What I’ve learned from Google, YouTube and Runner’s World is that the iliotibial (besides being fun to type a bajillion times in a blog that no one is reading) is a band of connective tissue that runs from your hip to the outside of your knee.  When you flex your leg in a running movement, this tissue moves back and forth across the outside of your knee.  Now, let me take this moment to impress upon everyone not really reading this blog that I am not a doctor and I only got this knowledge from the interwebs.  Okay?  If this were the 1800’s, I’d be the medicinal equivalent of the shady cod liver oil dealer who promises it will cure all your ailes.

Now, where were we?  Oh yes, the band moves back and forth back and forth backandforth — thousands of times over the course of a long run.  My internet research reveals this can be problematic if: one of your legs is shorter than the other (for real?), you have under-developed quadriceps (uh-oh) or over-exertion of the band (oh boy).

I haven’t gotten out the tape measure to double check, but I’m pretty sure I’m a culprit of at least two of those — and no, I don’t actually think my legs are uneven.  Now, I’m starting to see why maybe cross training and stretching and strengthening would have been a good idea.  It probably would have help build up my quads and would have adjusted my iliotibial band to all the work I was putting it through — which for a former couch potato, was a LOT.

So now, I’m taking a couple of days off the training and am beginning to stretch daily.  I need to figure this all out before I get back into training.  The pain in my knee is starting to take away from the joy I feel when I run and I CANNOT HAVE THAT!!!  Instead of starting off a run thinking, “this feels great!”, I think to myself, “wonder how long this is going to last?”  I will be doing stretches like this:

Forgive me, Hal.  You are wiser than I am.  I know that now.  I won’t stray from your running flock again.

And now, I leave you with this quote I saw somewhere that I’ve been smiling about fora while:

“My slow running is STILL faster than sitting on the couch.”

Now go take a jog for me, since I’m on rest until Friday. 🙂


Where Have You Been?

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I know, I know.  I dropped off the face of the earth.  I didn’t just drop, I plummeted.  I don’t even have a good excuse…um, life?  No, that’s no excuse.  I even have the WordPress app on my iPhone — I could blog from anywhere.  And I didn’t.   Believe me, I gave serious thought to just shutting down this blog out of shame because of my absence.

Then I though, nah.  I think only 3 people have actually read it so far.  I can catch up.

Let’s see.  First the important stuff…the stats!

10K Training Day: 27 (50 minutes cross train) Almost Halfway!

10K Training Mileage So Far: 29 miles

Miles this week: 3 miles

Wow.  It has been a long time.  That’s embarassing.  But so is this blog, a little bit. 😉

Training is going really well.  I’m continuing to surprise myself with how far I can run and I’m actually starting to notice a change in my speed and pace.  I ran my three miles on Saturday and I shaved 6 minutes off my old time.  Not shabby!  I wasn’t even trying, which is the best part!  I attribute the improvement to two things: 1) my body is finally accepting this as a normal, routine form of exercise (I have beaten it into submission!) and 2) I didn’t stop to walk for as long–just long enough to catch my breath and start again.

I think one of the neatest things about running is that I can actually seeeeeeee a change taking place.  I have muscles in my calves I didn’t know existed just a month ago.  It’s neat, it’s also one of nature’s tricks to keep you going, I think.  Kind of like the runner’s high.  I think the runner’s high came about because bodies across the globe suddenly decided it was time to hook people on something that was good for them.  Tricky, very tricky.  Runner’s high, to me, is like golf.  You have one good game or drive, you have one exhilarating run or time and you’re hooked.  You keep doing it trying to replicate the experience.  Sometimes it’s there, sometimes it’s not.  In this example, however, one is healthy, the other is expensive.  Can you guess which? 😉

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my attitude toward running and why is it that suddenly, I enjoy it.  I’m in my mid-twenties…I could have figured this out a long time ago.   I’ve traced it back to my attitude toward exercise in general.  I mean, hullo, look what I named the blog.  I wasn’t exactly the exercise queen.  I played sports when I was younger, but when high school rolled around, I just accepted I had good genes and didn’t think I needed to exercise.  Exercise was for weight loss — so I usually only engaged after the holidays.

This trend progressed into college.  Sad, but true.  I attended a beautiful university on a very hilly campus with academic buildings spread far and wide, which meant my Freshman 15 was a LOSS, not a GAIN.  Go ahead, haters, bring it.   During that time, I also was making new friends in the dorms, attending cardio kickboxing classes to hang out with said friends and I was shunning the dining hall offerings in exchange for a life of salad bar options.  I came home from my first quarter weighing about 15 pounds less than I do now.

Sadly,  seeing that number actually did a bad thing to me: it made me equate exercise with dramatic weight loss.  Um, no.  Now I recognize it was a total lifestyle change (college is a lifestyle change, right?) not just the cardio kickboxing.  But it didn’t matter.  Because from that point until very recently, I was on a treadmill/exercise bike/elliptical/rower with only the goal of sweating out the exact number of droplets it would take to baptize me from my sugary sins.  Seriously.  I can’t remember not working out with a goal in mind, sporadically and with the wrong intent.  Graduation, wedding, pre-holiday prevention, post-holiday penance, and of course, let’s don’t discount BATHING SUIT SEASON.


So what changed?  Well, I think I realized one day that these are my 20’s.  People always look back at their 20’s and say, “I was so thin/pretty/youthful/healthy and I didn’t even know it.”  Well, pardon me, but that’s dumb.  I’m going to know it!  I started to re-define my attitude.  Who cares what I weigh?  Do my clothes fit?  Fine, then.  Am I slim?  Yes.  Am I fit? No.  Which matters more?  Fit, of course.

Another thing I attribute to my change in attitude is a blog I stumbled across.  I absolutely love this blog now.  I check it every day.  Head over to OhSheGlows.com to see what I’m talking about.  After reading a couple of posts, I was incredibly inspired by Angela and her attitude toward health and fitness.  I think that’s when the summer running really started.  I wasn’t running to lose weight, I was running to run.  To just do it.  Amazing.

A new blog I also love is similar to Oh She Glows, it’s Healthy Tipping Point.  I agree with Catlin’s idea that it isn’t about a dramatic change, it’s about little changes that stick.  Give it a click if you have a minute to kill.

I don’t know if I was trying to make up for my absence by rambling and making this post incredibly long, but either way I’m sorry.  For both! 🙂

Happy Trails, kiddos.  Lace up those tennies and run, even if just for five minutes.  Don’t do it for calories, cake or Christmas…do it for you!


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