Sunday Funday

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I dropped off the face yesterday and for good reason!  It turned into quite a busy Saturday.  After an almost 3 mile hike with the monsters, I decided to mix things up a little with my crosstraining.

I have a subscription to Self magazine and every month, they include cards you can rip out and use for weight training or circuit training.

I have ALWAYS ignored these cards — considering them nothing more than a nuisance like the bazillion little postcards that fall out of the magazine on the first read asking if you want a subscription for well below the newsstand price (where are all these newsstands??).  I tore the cards out this time around, grabbed my 8 lbs. weights and got to it.

This particular series had 8 moves with two parts each, so there was a 1A move and then a 1B move for after.

Most of the muscles worked were butt, thighs and abs, along with some arms.  It took me about 25 minutes to complete all the moves and all the reps recommended and I found it helpful that has videos you can watch if the written explanations are too tricky (“um, I put my arm where and then move it how???).

Overall, it was a good workout.  It changed up my routine, which I needed at this half way point of the half marathon training, and it taught me some new strength training moves.  I’ll be going back to all my old issues and tearing out those cards to have on hand too. 🙂

After all that, it was time.  Time to open the package from the Fitnessista.  You can read about why I’m getting this loot in this post here — the short of it is I won a giveaway and helped her name her new healthy eatery cafe.

(that’s a “ooh, neat” face, not a “what the hell is this?” face — hard to tell, I know ;))


It was a lot of fun digging through the box.  As soon as the macaroons came out, though, my photographer lost interest in the picture taking and started ripping into the package.

The result?  Well, as the Fitnessista says herself, foodgasms.

These things are AMAZING. When that online store is open, I hope she’s ready for the tidal wave of orders that are coming her way.  They were sweet without being overpowering, with a coconut-y taste and a nutty texture.  Incredible.  When they’re gone, I’ll be sad — which may be sooner rather than later!

I’ll be writing about my thoughts on the other products she sent my way as I work through them — basically everything (with the exception of the honey) is something I’ve never had before, so I’m really excited!

Last night was filled with fun, laughs and overall debauchery as we met up with some friends, had Mexican (yuuuuuuum) and staged our own beer tasting (danger!).

Off to prepare for the Not Unless I’m Being Chased 5k (I’m going to whoop the competition!) and then get started on my post for tomorrow about a challenge for the month of March.

Sometimes, you gotta take what life teaches, peaches!

You Win Some, You Lose Some

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So the score this morning for Not Unless I’m Being Chased household kitchen successes stands at:

Sam 1 Bethany 0

Good old Mother Nature dumped about 3 inches overnight, so we woke up to another winter wonderland.  Pardon my lack of enthusiasm, this is Winter Wonderland 4.0 for us.  The first version was exciting and new, the second one was mind boggling, the third one was annoying and we’re just resigned to accept with the fourth one that spring is never going to arrive.  Sam looked at all the snow and said very softly, “I don’t like snow anymore.”  All the childhood folly has been removed.

So we baked.

Sam got down to business making some of the best french toast I’ve had in a while, as I attempted something no one should try at home.  I tried to bake a Green Monster smoothie.  I don’t know what came over me, but yesterday, sitting at work, I felt like it was a brilliant idea.  In fact, I couldn’t believe no one had tried this before.  I should have taken that as a cue not to try, but unless you mess around in the kitchen, you’ll never know.

I found a basic muffin recipe online, swapped out some of the unhealthies (oil, sugar) for healthies (natural applesauce, bit of honey) and added the ingredients of my traditional Green Monster (spinach, pb, banana, soymilk).

They look cute enough…

But they taste like bread.  I spent all morning whipping up a batch of individual loaves of green bread.  Happy St. Patrick’s day?

Sam actually said he liked the taste, I couldn’t get over the fact that the kitchen smelled less like muffins and more like cooked spinach (note to self — drinking raw spinach is less taste bud offending that eating cooked spinach in bread form).

Luckily, no harm no foul.  I had all those ingredients on hand and really, it satisfied my curiosity.  Doesn’t mean I won’t try again, mwhahaha.

Off to go get a good long walk in with the monsters (Ruby and Zora) while Sam is at his indoor soccer game.  Then it’s back to the casa to open….

MY PACKAGE FROM THE FITNESSISTA!  WOOOOOT.  It came this morning, but I wanted to take pictures and I was still in my pajamas.  No matter my dedication to blogging, I draw the line at bed head and my alumni t-shirt/ancient pj pants combo.  No siree, that image isn’t going world-wide.  Sam said this was bull, as he wanted to put agave on something…anything.  We’re eager to try it all!

Later, tators.

Not to rub it in…

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…but I am more excited than I was on Christmas morning.  Here’s why…scroll down….farther….farther.  That beautiful batch of goodies you see on the Fitnessista is heading my way.  I still can’t believe it.  After I drooled over the picture, I read the listing of goodies Gina picked out for me — treasures!

You see, I have this slight issue with health food stores and picking out products — I get stuck on the details.  more specifically, the detail where I feel like I don’t belong in the store with the products.  Let me explain.

I only really started running over the summer and I only really started reading healthy living blogs and following a healthier lifestyle for not much longer than that.  So, in a way, I feel very much like a newbie to all of this.

It’s a similar feeling to the one I got when I went into Babies ‘R’ Us to pick up a baby shower present — I stepped into the store and immediately knew they could tell I was not one of them.  One of the gestational types.  Not being a mother and far off from the baby years (bun in the oven? please, the oven’s not even pre-heating) I felt like…an imposter.  Same with my first trip to Fleet Feet (although the staff was incredibly kind and welcoming, so I got over it quick).  You can ask my sister — I made us wear our running shoes so we didn’t look out of place.

Neurotic, I know.  But I bet deep down, you recognize this feeling I’m talking about.

This package from Gina, though, I think will open my eyes to some awesome products (and the reality check I should stop being such a nerd and just go buy some of it myself — it’s a store, I have money, they want money, should be a good fit).

But those macaroons she’s sending me, baby, you can’t put a price on those!  Actually, you can, and she’s going to when she opens her eatery, G.R.O.O.V.E. and online store! 🙂




Unexpected Inspiration!

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This is crazy, just crazy.

Have you ever noticed how sometimes, you get inspiration from the most unexpected places?  One minute, life is just the same as always, the next minute, it’s like your pants are on fire and you can’t move fast enough to do something.

That, friends, was my day today.

I won a contest.  Not just any contest, but a contest I really actually wanted to win.

Let me back up.

To say that I read healthy living blogs is an understatement.  I have a Google Reader chock full of feeds and I love it when they update. Geeky, but true.  It is the first thing I check in the morning, what occupies me if I’m eating lunch at my desk and the website I wander to while watching a fabulous NBC line up at night.

So, one of the bloggers (and admittedly, my fave), Gina, from is in the process of opening a healthy eatery.  She’s an organic, high-raw, vegan, gluten-free kind of girl, so she wanted a name to reflect that, but not scream “carrot sticks”.  You can read more about it here — but the general gist is she asked her readers to suggest a name and if the name was chosen,  that person would receive a batch of macaroons (one of the eats that helped launch the idea!) and health food store goodies.

I read the original post and thought, “huh.  Gluten free.  Raw.  Organic.  Vegan.  Eating…..” and kept rolling it around until it started to spell out “Groove” in my mind.  Add one more “O” and I got to “G.R.O.O.V.E” for Gluten-free Raw Organic Original Vegan Eats.  So I submitted it and then promptly convinced myself she was going to go with “Pure” or “Cafe Tranquility” instead.

I WON! Wowza.  I cannot believe it.  I haven’t won anything before (except for a Dallas Cowboys sweatshirt in the 4th grade — and that was during the post-Super Bowl blowout years and not worth wearing) so this makes me feel really geeky-giddy.

It ALSO makes me want to get back to blogging.  I don’t know how winning a giveaway correlates to wanting to blog, but like I said,  my pants are on fire, I can’t move fast enough.

So look for another post soon — and NOT with a two-month lapse!  I’m especially excited to receive the health food goodies from Gina.  She’s a personal trainer with an awesome nutritional sense, so for someone (ahem, ME) who wasn’t even familiar with words like “raw” ,”vegan” and “gluten-free” before all these food bloggies, this is a treat.  I might find something I can’t live without but never knew about before this.  I think I’ll review the products I receive.  How do you like them apples?

Well, really, it’s more like how do you like them nut butters/protein bars/nutritional yeast.  Haha!

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