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‘ello ‘ello, little marshmallows. How’s your Tuesday progressing?

I’ve made it through another early day at work and am about to tackle a long list of to-do’s:

🙂 Dr’s appt. — actually, let’s make that a 😦 Dr’s appt.  I just don’t like ’em!

🙂 3 mile run

🙂 walk the monsters — they’ve become little balls of energy since their schedule has been thrown off…since my schedule has been thrown off

🙂 hunt for bedside tables and window treatments for our almost-there-not-quite-finished-not-yet-photographed re-made master bedroom

🙂 work on bedroom renovation finishing touches (the project that will never be done…)

🙂 study for a Spanish final looming ahead on Thursday (yikes)

🙂 start prepping our house for a weekend of family fun (my brother-in-law is graduating – YAY! – and Sam’s grandfather’s 80th birthday party is the next day).

It looks like quite a bit, but I made another of my super Type-A lists, breaking down my time into segments and designating my duties here and there.  I should get everything done and still have time to breathe!  Yay for breathing.  Breathing is good.

Powering me through this day is a litany of awesome, all-natural eats:

Green Monster Smoothie right off the bat at 4:45 am.  Hence the surrounding darkness — although I look surprisingly awake.  Don’t be fooled.  Also, pay no attention to the leftover ladder in the background.  Again — the bedroom renovation is endless.

A bowl of Trader Joe’s High Fiber O’s with skim milk at about 6:30am while at work.

WATERMELON!  The official fruit of summer.  No, that’s not strawberries, those are the official fruit of spring.  Get your official fruits straight ;).

Lunch time came a little early and consisted of leftover tuna cassarole:

Appetizing, I know ;).  Yes, that is the same bowl as breakfast.  When you pack both meals, you have to recycle your silverware and plates.  It’s the green thing to do!  This is the easiest recipe ever.  Sam found it on the back of a Campbell’s soup can in college and we’ve used it ever since.  I made this with whole wheat pasta and soymilk plus cream of mushroom soup, tuna and chicken broth.  Cheddar cheese sprinkled on top gave a little va-va-voom.

I ate an apple, but didn’t photograph it.  Then, there were cucumbers:

I look more like a bug than a beauty queen.  Hmm.  A queen B?

Disclaimer: I never played with my food as a child — only as an adult.  Strangely more fun.

I’m pretty excited for my 3-miler today for two reasons: 1) we’re experiencing oddly cool weather for this time of the year — only a high of 75.  Love it. 2) this marks the unofficial start of my marathon training.  I don’t actually start following the Hal Higdon Novice Marathon training schedule until next week, but decided to repeat week 1 to get a jump start and keep my legs rarin’ to go.

Be sure and check back later — I’m taking you on a field trip!!! 🙂

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