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My Green Monster Smoothie took on a slightly different shade this morning.  Casting a taupe appearance, this baby was packing some serious fruit awesomeness.

Why the makeover?  Oh, because this smoothie included a healthy helping of farmer’s market strawberries.

My Green Monster had three big handfuls of spinach, a handful of sliced strawberries (fresh from the farm), a cup of soymilk, a scoop of protein powder, a tablespoon of ground flax seed and a frozen banana.  Tasty.

Our grocery shopping trip on Saturday included a stop first thing at the farmer’s market.  Strawberries are finally coming in, but you have to be at the market early to snag them.  Since Sam’s soccer game was just down the street, we managed to swoop in and score a quart.  They were a little pricey, but they taste so much better than grocery store strawberries.  In one quart, there was only one with a slight bruise and none of them looked like beasty berries.  We used half for a delicious dessert over the weekend…

…and the rest are kind of being rationed.  So good.

Pre-smoothie smorgasboard, I hit up a little yogAHHH.  I tried out a “new studio” — our basement!  Slowly but surely, that dark, creepy space is becoming a den for hanging out.  We affectionately call it “the man cave” because once complete, it will be Sam’s hideout.  He’s agreed to let me use it for yogAHHH so I can avoid being licked in the face by one monster or another every time I flow into cobra pose.  Those kisses were cute the first time — the 100th time, they were just wet and doggy-breath-y.  This morning, I stretched out to the soft hum of the dryer.  *sigh*  It’s the working woman’s yoga studio…multitasking and meditating all at once. 😉

I packed my lunch full of good, healthy fruits and veggies.  I’m feeling a little low on nutrients, I can’t describe it.  My body is craving fresh food.  Since I listen to my bod, I’ve got a Trader Joe’s Crunchy PB w/ reduced sugar grape jelly sandwich on all natural whole wheat bread, Golden Delicious apple, sliced cucumbers, cantaloupe, four o’clock yogurt (plain flavor) and some Cascadian Farms maple sugar granola for mixing in.  Excellent.  My tummy is happy.

Yesterday, I was bogged down by some thoughts.  You know the kind — they usually involve the future.  They usually don’t have a clear answer (because the future hasn’t happened yet).  They usually consume your mind space, unfairly affecting your mood.  Sam looked at me and said, “I think you need to run.”

Um, no way. That was my immediate thought.  All bogged down, how could I possibly run?  I felt heavy from my thoughts, I couldn’t possibly run under all that weight.

4.5 miles miles later in 43:00, I recognized Sam had the right idea.  Not only did 43 minutes uninterrupted minutes provide me with the time to sort through my thoughts, but I felt lighter, more content and confident about the future.

My point in telling you this is to remind you, just like Sam reminded me, that exercise is NOT just for your physical wellbeing.  When exercise is part of your daily routine and makes up a good part of the balance in your life — a few days without it really can have an effect on you.

Do you feel a difference in your mood when you don’t exercise?  How does it affect you?

P.S.  If you’re looking for a little time-killer this Monday, check out Be in the Game.  The folks over at there passed along their website to me so I could let you know about it.  Part of the shopping website, they offer reviews of products (some blogger written, some company rep written) and give you a glimpse into several products for an active lifestyle.  Happy clicking!

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