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Training Calls for: 5 miles 3 miles

Miles Run So Far: 86 miles

Days Left: 82

Sometimes I measure how busy my day will be by the amount of bags I haul around.  On a carefree Friday, it will just be my purse.  On a day like today, there will be four, moderately heavy baggagettes hanging off my limbs.  Purse, school bag, workout bag, lunch bag.

*sigh*  It’s okay.  Come Friday, I can be carefree again.

If you’re looking at the stats up top, thinking, “why didn’t she run 3 miles yesterday?”, here’s what I’ll tell you: 1) you’re paying too much attention 😉 2) I was sick yesterday and flip flopped swip swapped my days.

Monday after work, Sam and I grocery shopped (which is intense and requires two full-grown adults on their A-game).  Afterwards,  I came home and fell asleep on his shoulder.  Hard.  I might have drooled.

Off to bed I went, hoping to rest up.  When the alarm went off Tuesday morning for a 3 mile run, I felt like I actually couldn’t get out of bed.  I was so tired.  My throat was sore and I felt feverish.  I turned it off and slept for a couple more hours.

No improvement.

Sick day.  Boo.  My day went like this: sleep/study (midterm on Friday, double boo)/sleep/study/sleep/ study.

Since I had a sore throat, I had little interest in breakfast, but I foraged on.  I pretended I was making Sam breakfast instead, to “trick” myself into getting hungry.  Sometimes, I’m not hungry until the food is right in front of me.  If I am the appointed food-giver, this can be problematic in that I don’t want to make anything.  I survive on popcorn when this happens.  Bad bad.

Here’s what I scrounged up:

Cinnamon French toast triangles (shapes make food fun, take notes, moms) with all-natural syrup.  Not REAL maple syrup, but this stuff:

A little cheaper, less sugary and just as tasty.  I’ll take it.  I still put it in a bowl for dipping (and portion control) because it has almost as many calories as the REAL stuff. I created a little fruit salad on the side for some vitamins I’m sure my body needed:

When I was in college, my dad once told me (jokingly…I think): “Just study for your exams whenever you’re awake and you’ll do just fine.”  Um, that was yesterday for sure.  I definitely needed rest and I definitely needed to get my rear in gear to ace this test, so both took over my day.  I babied myself with a little tea service while camped out with my books:

Two tea pots!  Shout out to my mom for the tea set.  The woman knows her perfectly themed birthday gifts ;).

Lunch (eaten at 3:30, because I didn’t get hungry until late in the day):

You know that’s a PB&J, why spell it out for you?

More sleeping, more studying.  Mostly sleeping at this point.  The monsters were annoyed.  They looked at me often, seeming to say, “why aren’t you playing with us?  take us OUT.  W-A-L-K, woman!”.  Yep, all that translated from one, wide-eyed head tilt from Ruby and a “yeooooow” yawn/howl from Zora.  I speak monster fluently.

Finally feeling human, I made the easiest chicken dinner on the planet:

Broiled chicken with green beans and dark cherries.  This is the easiest dinner because it requires three ingredients (lemon juice, oil and salt) and the ability to push broil and walk away.  Dear Grandma, Thank you thank you thank you. It’s her recipe.  You can read how I feel about handed down recipes here.

Today, I was back to normal — still a little tired, but ready to slug through a work day.

Green Go Power:

Plus coffee (of course!).

Lunch…sadly, was nothing spectacular.  A reheated bean enchilada from Monday night.

It was more appetizing than it looks, I promise.

I’ll spare you all the gory side dish details, except for one:

That would be a slice of a plum that came off the tree in my front yard.  We planted a plum tree this year and were pretty surprised when the little baby started producing fruit!  These are the best plums I’ve ever had, even if they are teeny tiny.  Petite plums.

I busted out my 3 miles after work tonight and tried to focus more on form and hill training than pace.  I get awfully wrapped up in pace sometimes (am I alone, runners?  I think not) and I need to remember that my form (i.e. NOT slouching) and trucking up hills are more important elements.  I covered 3 miles in a little more than 31 minutes, but those 3 miles were hilly and it was hot.

I’m glad I followed through.  I gave a nano-second’s worth of thought to skipping it, but I followed the “I can do anything for five minutes” rule.  If you start working out and you don’t really want to, just give yourself five minutes.  You’ll find your groove ;).

I love running around the campus.  I work at a beautiful, red-bricked, cobble-stoned, tree-lined classic American campus.  Since it also happens to be my alma mater, I know the area like the back of my hand.  I go on auto-pilot and just run.  So nice.

I was pretty excited about tonight’s dinner, but it ended up a disappointment.

I tried to make the  Hungry Girl recipe for crispy white pizza.  It doesn’t look very good and it didn’t taste very good.  Bah.  I didn’t even take a picture.  It just looked like a white blob on  a tortilla.  No one needs to see that.  I have a reputation to uphold. 😉

I think I’ll scrounge up some dessert to make up for it.

Nighty night!

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