Hit the Road, Jack

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I don’t know if it’s my sudden early morning schedule or just the fatigue of hard work, but I just sat down on the couch to write this and felt the irresistible urge to nap.


I have too much to do, napping can wait until it’s bedtime.  Wait, what?  You know what I mean.

I realized re-reading last night’s post I didn’t really give a very good overview of the Boot Camp class.  It was basically circuit training, we did a ton of mountain climbers, lunges, these simulated “rowing” activities with a body bar (my first experience with a body bar), and a lot of running around the room, jumping, burpees and squats.

Ow.  I’m a very ow today as a result.  I will SO be going back for more though.  I am sore in places I would like to be sore, so I know I really worked out yesterday.  Plus, the set of ab work we did gave me some inspiration to get back to working my abs.  Remember, I was trying to challenge myself to get my abs all toned and awesome for our beach vacation.

Yeah, that’s not really happening.  I don’t know how I lost my focus, but it seems like finding 6 minutes 5 times a week to work those abbies is impossible.  Not okay!  I’ll be back at it now that I have some new moves to try. 🙂

I worked another early day today and was dragging through most of it.  When I was packing up breakfast last night, all I could think about was a Green Monster Smoothie.  I haven’t had one in a while (shock!).  Since getting up at 4 to be at work at 5 leaves little time for the effort of a Green Monster, I planned ahead.  I took the pitcher from the blender and measured out the protein powder, soymilk, spinach and pb.  This morning, I just tossed in the banana and hit “liquify”.  So good.  Just what I needed.

I also took a baggie of red grapes and a grapefruit to work (a whole one!) with a bowl and a paring knife to slice it up.  I felt a little odd bringing a knife to work, like I was sneaking something past people, but really, the same kind of cutlery is upstairs in the lunchroom kitchen, so I didn’t see the harm.  I just didn’t have the time to go and get it.

It was one juicy grapefruit.  Delicious.

I finally felt ready to go for my first post-half run today.  My legs were sore from Boot Camp, but I thought they could handle a couple of miles.  I set out to run an easy 5K, but didn’t take into account that the temp at noon today was about 84.  Yikes!  It was super humid (we’re supposed to get rain tonight and tomorrow) and I felt like I was running through a sauna.  I didn’t make it the whole 5k…more like 4.85K, but my legs felt good and I think given wiser planning and a different time of day, I’d be up for more.  Hurray!

Lunch was a leftover Black Bean burger from last night with mustard and tomato slices.  I thought my presentation on my “square ware” looked a little Food Network, no?  Just trying to keep it spicy for you.

I just finished up mowing the grass…this is the second time this season I’ve done that, which makes exactly one more time than last season ;).  I’m not usually lawn manicurist in our house — Sam’s better at driving the riding mower (our yard is huge!).  The yard might have a few “mohawks” where I couldn’t get the blades all lined up right, but whatever.  It’s my creative expression — at least I did it! 🙂

A little post yard work snack:

A piece of all natural whole wheat toast with a tsp. of cream cheese, a dash of cinnamon and a squeeze of honey.  Heaven.

And the last of the pineapple.  I will miss you, my tropical friend.

I better go get started on my homework for class tomorrow and all the other stuff awaiting me around the casa.  I should have planned ahead and brought my books with me before sitting down.  Between my post-half marathon soreness, my ow factor from Boot Camp yesterday and my running today, sitting down isn’t so much a controlled motion today as a surrender to gravity.

Down and Give Me 20!

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Sir, yes, sir!

I went to a Boot Camp class!  Since I’m taking a class at our university this quarter, my general education fees mean I get access to the recreation center…and the fitness classes!

REJOICE!  Last quarter, I was an “online” student and apparently only existed in cyberspace, ergo, no rec center privileges.  Sad face.

This is the description of Boot Camp on the website:

Want a workout you’ll never forget? Geared to the athlete and fitness enthusiast, this class includes power moves, polymeric, and strengthening exercises in a vigorous circuit format. Bootcamp will keep you jumping and your pulse pumping!

Yep, I’d say that was pretty accurate.  I was a little nervous to go because I’m older than most of the attendees (they’re all regular undergrads and I’m a “returner learner”) and that last time I went to a group fitness class I was the undergrad and I was going with my besties in college.  Well, today, I flew solo.  It was okay.  I’m more mature and wiser ;).

It was a great workout — my heart was definitely pumping and my muscles were at attention with all the moves.  I can’t wait to see how I feel in the morning!  Yikes.

I took the chance while I was at the rec center to post an Operation Beautiful note:

I knew there was a good chance I would be hungry post-workout and I had some errands to run, so I planned ahead.

The last slice of banana bread.  The way I figure, if you take a minute to throw something in your purse, the chances of you ending up chewing your arm off while you wait in the drive thru line of the nearest unsavory establishment go wayyyyyy down.  So what if you don’t eat it?  Save it for later, but at least you had it.

I ended up eating it :).

I spent some time outside…letting Mother Nature help me with the laundry:

(don’t worry,  just sheets and towels, no “unmentionables” ;))

I may or may not have played in the sheets like a 4 year-old…

Okay, I definitely did.

I took the opportunity to fill the bird feeder (we have a wooded backyard and I LOVE seeing all the birds!)

…and stumbled on what appears to be a murder.  No word from investigators yet, but detectives suspect “fowl” play.  Haha, get it?  Okay, I know.  A tad lame.

I even found a REAL robin’s egg.  I know you can’t tell in the picture, but it was Tiffany blue.

Dinner was something different: Black Bean Burgers.  I followed a recipe I found on Cooks.com.  It was easy enough and I had all the ingredients.

Onion, garlic and black beans went in the food processor.  I mixed bread crumbs, Creole seasoning and egg whites in a bowl and then added the “black bean paste”.  Take the goop and form a pattie and broil it for 10 minutes on each side.

I didn’t have any hamburger buns, so I put a pattie on a bed of salad greens, topped it with a tomato and spiraled mustard all over that plate.  I needed some veggies anyway.

It’s just about time to hit the hay — I’ve got another early morning tomorrow.  *yawn*

G’night, sleep tight.

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