Peaceful, Easy Feeling

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I’ve got a peaceful, easy feeling…and I know it won’t let me down…

The hippy in me loves that song.  It’s the same hippy in me that loves to garden, recycle and ride my bike to work. I definitely took advantage of two-wheeled transportation today.  Linzi‘s post about riding her Sea Breeze (love that!) to work reminded me I needed to follow suit.  It’s a beautiful day and I have been waiting for it to stop raining so I can take part in National Bike Month.  The month is almost over!  I was afraid foul weather would mean I couldn’t celebrate in all my Physio Fit bicycle glory.

Don’t worry — I totally did. 🙂  Biking to work 🙂 saved on gas 🙂 helped the Earth out 🙂 doubled as cross training for today.  Awesome!

Pre-cycle trip to the office, I was up bright and early after three snooze button pushes and enjoyed a Green Monster Smoothie for breakfast.  Look how foggy it was!  I felt like I was in Ireland.

Okay, okay.  A stretch, I know.  I was still in the Midwest.  A girl can pretend.

We were out of regular coffee beans this morning, so Sam fired up his espresso percolator and super charged our mornings with a little bit of the strong stuff.

I only had about a half a cup…twice.  So, okay, a full cup of espresso.  It’s fine, I am a coffee addict, I can handle it.  Here’s a fun tidbit: Sam is actually the reason I’m such a coffee drinker.  When we were getting to know each other in Spain, we couldn’t really hang out at each other’s host homes, so we’d meet for coffee after class.  We’d sit for hours, talking and laughing and doing homework (only sometimes…actually, hardly ever ;)), learning a little more about each other.  We even became regulars at this one shop, Esperandote.  They started on our orders when we walked in the door.  It was like a Spanish, caffeinated version of Cheers.  *sigh* Memories.

Lunch consisted of leftovers (tortellini with spinach/tomato “sauce”), cucumbers, grapes, the last of the farmer’s market strawberries *super sad face* and some mixed nuts to snack on later.

Nutritious and delicious.  I don’t think it’s just a coincidence those words rhyme, do you?

See you later tonight!  I’m meeting up with friends for a Young Professionals Happy Hour after work.  Dinner is already set and ready to be ateAte up! Stay tuned to see what I built for the ‘buds (taste buds, that is).

What’s that?


Undercover Cross Training

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Well, hellllloooo!  I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already.  Where is the week going?

I want to show you what happens when someone finishes up an entire month of restrictive eating, comes home after a five mile run on an empty stomach and does NOT have a plan for dinner or the groceries to get creative.

Pizza.  Pizza happens.  The kind that’s hot when you are ready.  Wow.  It was so bad, peeps, so bad.  All through yesterday, I was thinking about how I was going to keep up my all-natural healthy eating.  My breakfast was good, my lunch was stellar.  I was keepin’ it clean with all my eats.  But I am human.  I finished my 5 mile training run absolutely starving and when I got home, Sam was ready to go re-stock his beer fridge at our local fave beverage store (I suggested the re-stock = 3 awesome wife points).  He asked, “what’s for dinner?” and I said “how about a pizza?” before I could stop myself.  Whatev.

At 8:10pm, after a beer run and a drive thru the pizza place, we were stuffing our faces in the parking lot like famished animals.  Oh the horrors.

The rest made it home, somehow. 😉

Do I feel terrible about this?  Not really.  I did have a little bit of a guilty belly after the massacre was over, but I realized, this eating is very out of character and is a good representation of:

🙂 why you should always have a dinner plan

🙂 why you should properly fuel your runs so you’re not running on empty

🙂 why Michael Pollan says sometimes you should break the rules 😉

It’s also a good look at why diets don’t work.  Now, I know I wasn’t exactly on a diet for the last month, but I was eliminating foods from my digestive vocabulary.  To me, it’s six of one and half a dozen of the other.  Tell your body no no no over and over again and soon, it’s going to rebel.  At that point, you’re just along for the ride while your stomach takes over and your mouth is second-in-command.  It’s not a good feeling.  It’s pretty much binging and it creates a vicious cycle.

Instead of beating myself up over a pizza, I’m just going to move on.  No biggie.  I indulged.  It’s fine. 🙂  I’m back on track.

In other news, I tried a new form of cross training: undercover cross training.  Hal Higdon says today I should be either running 3 miles today or cross training.  I almost always choose cross training, but lately, it’s gotten pretty vanilla.  My cross training is always the 30 day Shred or yogAHHH.  Not today!  Today, I was going to spice it up AND kill two birds with one stone.

I BIKED TO WORK (I feel hard core saying that!).  My cross training was going undercover as my commute.

I know you’re jealous of my PhysioFit bicycle.  Haha, I know, I don’t know what kind of brand that is either.  I “inherited” the bike when my grandpa passed away, it’s his old one.  I like free things, don’t you?  At least I took the AM radio off the handlebars before I ventured out. 😉  I also packed my backpack with my lunch, laptop and change of clothes for work.  You didn’t think I was going to wear sweats to the office, did you?!  Of course, safety first.

If they ever make a cute looking bike helmet, I’ll be the first in line.  Until then, I will resemble a mushroom.

It took about 50 minutes to bike the 8.62 miles in to work.  I tracked it using my RunKeeper, which has alternative settings for cycling, walking, hiking, downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding and skating.  Hmm, skating?  Oh well, the RunKeeper has proven its worth!

I wasn’t really pushing myself, just enjoying the sunshine and the ride.  For the last two miles, I was cursing my bony rump.  I either need to get a padded seat for the bike, or figure out how to add padding to MY seat, if you know what I mean. 😉

I got changed at the office and was thankful I remembered this crucial tool for biking to work…

Oh yes.  I have a desire for fitness — not to be the questionably odorous co-worker.  Since it was about 40* out, I didn’t really break a sweat, but better safe than smelly.

It was pretty fun.  I can see myself doing this maybe once a week, maybe more sporadically.  I did have to bike on the actual street, which made me nervous.  I know, I know, I’m a big baby.  I just have a lot of life to live and I would hate to get hit by a car.  It would really put a crimp in my plans!

Ever taken “alternative” transportation to work?  Ever thought about it?  What’s holding you back?

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