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I’m not quite sure what happened…but the majority of lunch outsmarted the paparazzi and all I have to show for it is a bowl of leftover Beef Stroganoff.

Since I know you’re intelligent peeps with bright imaginations, you can mentally picture an apricot, sliced cucumbers, an apple with schmears of creamy all natural PB and trail mix (almonds, walnuts, dark chocolate chips and raisins).  Yum!

That 5 mile run I skipped out on is still on my mind, but I think I’ve got the 10K schedule flip flopped switch swapped enough that I’ll cover it eventually without over-training or missing out.  Tonight: 3 miles.  Tomorrow: cross training.  Thursday: 5 miles.  Friday: Rest and back to scheduled workouts.

I’m glad I decided on just 3 miles tonight…it was still really warm and a little muggy out.  Check out that sweat!


Oh yeah.  That’s my back.  Yuck.

I felt a little like a Nike model, I’m not going to lie.  I’m convinced the key to my sweaty success was my mismatched socks.

How did that happen?  I’m usually a very careful laundry  folder and sorter ;).

Sam was nice enough to start dinner while I pounded the pavement, so when I crossed the threshold, I was greeted with the amazing smell of Barley and Asparagus.  It was much more than that, thought.  This Betty Crocker recipe had carrots, asparagus, onion, barley and herbs like thyme and sage with a creamy stock base.  So delicious.  Betty and I have been getting closer lately; she’s basically my kitchen BFF. 😉

Mmm.  I drank a big glass of skim milk with dinner for a little protein.  Now, it’s time to kick back and see which contestant wins the Biggest Loser.  I didn’t keep up with this season as much as past seasons, but I still think the stories are inspiring and I enjoy seeing how happy the people are when they change their lives.

Do you watch the Biggest Loser?  What was with Michael’s belt buckle? 😉

A Whirlwind

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Whoa.  Where was I yesterday?  Ah…yes.  Yesterday.  I worked my co-worker’s early morning shift (at work at 5am!).  Before heading out the door, I slurped down a Green Monster Smoothie…

Time check:

Yowzas.  That’s AM, peeps.

At work, some banana oats in a pb jar and coffee made an appearance…

Take that coffee and multiply by two or three.  There was also an apricot that slightly resembled the sun…

…until I adjusted the flash…

…there, that’s better ;).

Once home from my super long morning, I had cereal on the brain.  I munched on some while I meal planned dinner.

Mom’s Best!  Love this cereal.  LOVE IT.  It is the all-natural, inexpensive answer to my cereal question.  It completes me.

I did some laundry and promptly crashed with the monsters for a 30 minute nap.  When I woke up, I tried to head out for a five mile run I’ve been putting off….but running in the middle of the day (apparently, it’s hot outside now…I missed the memo) with milk in my stomach = disaster.  I made it 2.5 miles.  Sad face.  I still need to tackle those 5 miles, though.  Why, you ask?

Hmm, because weekend exercise looked like this: Saturday — levels 1 and 2 of the 30 Day Shred.  Yes, you read that right — 2 levels.   After I did level 1, I didn’t feel like I had workout out, so I did level 2.  I felt sufficiently worked out after that.  Sufficiently sweaty, sufficiently sore, sufficiently smacked around, etc.

Sunday – I opted to spend a lovely afternoon with my hubby hiking for 5 miles.  Right distance, wrong activity.  I thought “eh, I’ll just switch it up and do the 5 on Monday.”

Well, we know how Monday worked out. 😦  Maybe today…maybe in the shade…maybe without dairy involved.

Back to eats…

When I dragged myself back in to the house post- dairy disaster run, I inhaled some mixed berries (blue and black) and started in on dinner.  Beef stroganoff!  Recipe courtesy of Betty Crocker.

Delish.  I made plans with my friend Kelly to take a bike ride and didn’t want to bail on her because of my crummy run.  Biking in the heat = easier than running in the heat.  We did a shady 16 miles along the bike path and chit chatted it up for about an hour and a half.  The fresh air and good company helped erase my self-imposed funk from the less than stellar run.  It happens, get over it, Bethany!

I woke up HUNGRY this morning and with a taste for the island.

That may look like a standard Green Monster, but it tasted like a Jamaican vacation.  In this baby:

🙂 Three handfuls of raw spinach

🙂 1 cup light soymilk

🙂 1 scoop vanilla whey powder

🙂 1 frozen banana

🙂 1 cup frozen pineapple chunks

🙂 1 tiny bit of coconut extract

🙂 1 tablespoon ground flaxseed

Ahhhh.  So good.  If you’re a GM drinker, you should try and mix things up.  I’ve loved the new flavors I’ve created with strawberries and pineapple.  Some frozen cherries await me in the fridge, so you know those will hit the blender soon!

Hope you’re having a loverly day, whatever you’re doing!  Don’t worry — I’ll be back later tonight.  I only unplugged for the weekend and yesterday!  Back to blog! 🙂

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