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Ah, so sad.


I can’t believe Rue McClanahan passed away.  I was a huge Golden Girls watcher in college.  It was always on Lifetime in the morning when I was getting ready for class.  I can sing that theme song with the best of them ;).  Part of me thought I should get a piece of cheesecake tonight and watch a few episodes (I’m sure I can find them on some channel — okay, I admit it, I own seasons 1,2 and 7 on DVD.  No shame.)  I think that’s what she would have wanted.

But I want to keep my eats clean leading up to this 10K, so Blanche, I’ll toast you with a late night cheesecake on Sunday.

I managed to get my “motion” in last night.  I headed down to the personal gym *ahem* basement *ahem* to do a session of the 30 Day Shred.  I started out weak, tired and only half-way working out.  Then I gave myself a little pep talk.  If I’m going to do this Shred, I’m going to DO IT.  No halfway.  Either jump when Jillian yells at me to jump or go back upstairs and park it on the couch.

Surprisingly, I did not head upstairs.  I sweated it out and it felt great.

It was just another day another dollah at work this morning.  Eats were had:

Portable Green Monster Smoothie.  A necessity for the early working girl.

Trader Joe’s Steel Cut Oats once at work.  I managed to screw these up pretty bad.  Really bad.  Terrible.  I let them soak overnight in the fridge with the intent to pop them in the nuker but in between, things went horribly awry.   The oatmeal was thick as paste.  I added a little more water before microwaving and then tried to dress it up with currants and cinnamon…but it was basically like eating newspaper paste.  The worst part came when I realized that this was it — there were no other breakfast options at 6am and I couldn’t really leave to seek them out, anyway.  I had to eat what I had.  Get your newspapers, get your papers!

I met some friends for lunch and decided against taking pics — I’d rather just wolf it down and chit chat it up.

I managed to squeeze in my VERY LAST run before the 10k — a hot and humid 3 miler.  As the weather warms, I’m trying to be better about running when it is cooler and when there isn’t direct sunlight blaring down on me, but today, my schedule was a little full, so at 3:45, I had to hit the pavement.  Whew!  85 degrees is NO JOKE.  There was some serious hydration going on when I got home — in fact, water was my main motivation for the last mile.

Dinner was courtesy of that Hungry Girl cookbook — I made Bean and Cheese Enchiladas.  I love enchiladas, I always order them when we go out for Mexican.  Um, who knew they were so easy to make?

Check out that gooey, saucy goodness!  Like most of the Hungry Girl recipes, these were a hit.  A few notes about the Hungry Girl cookbook:  while I have made several of the recipes, I don’t always follow them to a “T”.  I rarely use all the “fat free” ingredients they call for, unless I can find a version of fat free in a natural product.  It’s more important to me to eat natural than to eat super low calories — in fact, super low calories are almost never my goal.  That’s the other note:  I have a husband who is NOT a Hungry Girl, so that’s another reason not to follow the recipes exactly.  Sam needs more than 200 calories in a dinner and honest to Pete, so do I.  I’m a girl in training.  200 calories and my body would go batty. P.S.  I have ALWAYS wondered who is Pete and why does he demand such bare bones honesty?! Anyone?

Well, it’s almost bedtime…yeah, go ahead and check that time stamp.

That’s what happens when you work at 5am.

Has the change in weather affected your workout plans?  How do you cope in the heat?

A Whirlwind

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Whoa.  Where was I yesterday?  Ah…yes.  Yesterday.  I worked my co-worker’s early morning shift (at work at 5am!).  Before heading out the door, I slurped down a Green Monster Smoothie…

Time check:

Yowzas.  That’s AM, peeps.

At work, some banana oats in a pb jar and coffee made an appearance…

Take that coffee and multiply by two or three.  There was also an apricot that slightly resembled the sun…

…until I adjusted the flash…

…there, that’s better ;).

Once home from my super long morning, I had cereal on the brain.  I munched on some while I meal planned dinner.

Mom’s Best!  Love this cereal.  LOVE IT.  It is the all-natural, inexpensive answer to my cereal question.  It completes me.

I did some laundry and promptly crashed with the monsters for a 30 minute nap.  When I woke up, I tried to head out for a five mile run I’ve been putting off….but running in the middle of the day (apparently, it’s hot outside now…I missed the memo) with milk in my stomach = disaster.  I made it 2.5 miles.  Sad face.  I still need to tackle those 5 miles, though.  Why, you ask?

Hmm, because weekend exercise looked like this: Saturday — levels 1 and 2 of the 30 Day Shred.  Yes, you read that right — 2 levels.   After I did level 1, I didn’t feel like I had workout out, so I did level 2.  I felt sufficiently worked out after that.  Sufficiently sweaty, sufficiently sore, sufficiently smacked around, etc.

Sunday – I opted to spend a lovely afternoon with my hubby hiking for 5 miles.  Right distance, wrong activity.  I thought “eh, I’ll just switch it up and do the 5 on Monday.”

Well, we know how Monday worked out. 😦  Maybe today…maybe in the shade…maybe without dairy involved.

Back to eats…

When I dragged myself back in to the house post- dairy disaster run, I inhaled some mixed berries (blue and black) and started in on dinner.  Beef stroganoff!  Recipe courtesy of Betty Crocker.

Delish.  I made plans with my friend Kelly to take a bike ride and didn’t want to bail on her because of my crummy run.  Biking in the heat = easier than running in the heat.  We did a shady 16 miles along the bike path and chit chatted it up for about an hour and a half.  The fresh air and good company helped erase my self-imposed funk from the less than stellar run.  It happens, get over it, Bethany!

I woke up HUNGRY this morning and with a taste for the island.

That may look like a standard Green Monster, but it tasted like a Jamaican vacation.  In this baby:

🙂 Three handfuls of raw spinach

🙂 1 cup light soymilk

🙂 1 scoop vanilla whey powder

🙂 1 frozen banana

🙂 1 cup frozen pineapple chunks

🙂 1 tiny bit of coconut extract

🙂 1 tablespoon ground flaxseed

Ahhhh.  So good.  If you’re a GM drinker, you should try and mix things up.  I’ve loved the new flavors I’ve created with strawberries and pineapple.  Some frozen cherries await me in the fridge, so you know those will hit the blender soon!

Hope you’re having a loverly day, whatever you’re doing!  Don’t worry — I’ll be back later tonight.  I only unplugged for the weekend and yesterday!  Back to blog! 🙂

Second Breakfast

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I feel like I have been awake for eleventy billion hours.  I know that’s not the case, it’s only because I have had laser-precision focus on all the tasks I’ve finished (thanks to my list).

I got up bright and early at 6 (I know this may not be early for other people, but when you A) are not a morning person and B) don’t have to be at work until 11 this is early.  Way early).

I fueled up with a half slice of Sam-nana bread while waiting for Jillian Michael’s to stop yapping at the beginning of the 30 Day Shred DVD.

I get it, Jillian.  You’re TV’s toughest trainer, blah blah blah.  I can’t fast forward through this segment — the DVD says it’s prohibited.  I wish the DVD had an option like some websites where I can agree to the “terms and conditions” of the Shred.  Yes, I agree you’re TV’s toughest.  Yes, I agree you’re going to shred my arms and abs.  Yes, I agree you’re going to make me sweat like a man.  Yes, I agree, you’ll tone and sculpt my bod.

I agree.  Now, shut it and let’s get to work :).

After a pleasant *sarcasm* workout, I was ready for breakfast.  One thing was on my mind:

TOAD IN A HOLE!  I think it’s because yesterday, elsewhere in Blogland, someone was talking about favorite Disney movies.  No, I know, Toad in a Hole isn’t a Disney movie.  I just feel like it should be.

That toad…

Didn’t stand…

A chance.


I skedaddled to a dentist appointment and then back to the casa for a serious study sesh for my Spanish exam on Friday.  Still nervous,  still worried, still clinging to my list for dear life.

I guess I should have made two Toads in the Holes, or maybe just put two Toads in One Hole (co-habitating Toads?), but either way, I was hungry when it was time to go in to work, so I took along a lovely co-pilot:

Green Monster Smoothie, please locate our coordinates.  Roger, that.

At this time, I’d like to give a shout out to the construction crews who placed big “Road Work” signs on either side of the street that goes from my neighborhood on to the main road, thus blocking all available views of oncoming traffic.  Thanks for providing the heart-pumping duck-and-dash across two busy lanes of traffic.  Woke me up WAY better than coffee.

Since I technically ate 2 breakfasts this morning, I made lunch a little lighter than usual.  Office watchers, remember how Kevin said he liked Pregnant Pam because they always ate together?  Well, not every meal, just second breakfast, first lunch, second lunch and first dinner.

Sometimes, I have days where I am just like Kevin…obviously, I am not like Pregnant Pam ;).

Lunch, consumed just moments ago:

Leftover Coconut Chicken Curry with Braeburn apple slices and carrot sticks.  Turns out, the Coconut Chicken Curry is better the next day.  Good to know.  However, I have no intention of staging a sleepover at Salaam anytime soon, so I’ll still be eating elsewhere.  I prefer food to taste good when I want to eat it — not after 24 hours incubation.

I was encouraged to eat any applicable meals with a spork, courtesy of Sam’s recent camping trip.  I was told it would change my life.  Oh, it did. 😉

Nah, it was just funny.

Off to rip through the rest of my day so I can keep studying and DOMINATE this upcoming exam.

What’s something you like to eat that’s better the second day?  Anything you make/order specifically so you’ll have leftovers?

Heavy Eyes

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I have to admit, doing the 30 Day Shred DVD, biking 24 miles with Kelly and walking around an outdoor mall for several hours in search of swim suits and vacation clothes may have been a little much for this chica.  My eyes are getting heavier and heavier.

I’m going to bed in a little bit, but don’t fret, I’ll be back tomorrow to fill you in with all the details :).  It was quite the shopping trip!

In the meanwhile, check out this organization.  Neat, huh?

Tools of the “train”

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Nothing like starting the day off right with a Green Monster smoothie.

Yum!  I stay pretty traditional with these and drink them every morning, so it’s probably time to show you what I’m slugging back!

🙂 1 cup light organic soy milk

🙂 1 frozen banana

🙂 1 scoop EAS vanilla whey protein powder

🙂 2 cups (for 4 big handfuls) of organic spinach

🙂 1 big tablespoon of peanut butter

Throw it in a blender and blend til creamy — tastes just like a peanut butter banana smoothie.  I love drinking these because they really fill me up in the morning, they taste delicious AND by drinking it, I’ve already knocked out 2 of my 5 recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables.  Ka-BLAM!  Any time you can sneak fruits and veggies in (especially veggies) you should, in my opinion.  Trick yourself just like your mama would ;).

Today is a cross-training day (since I switched it with Wednesday for a day of rest), so I’ll be hitting the Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred DVD while you’re reading this ;).  I’ve finally made it to level 2…obviously for over-training reasons, I’m not doing 30 days of this (crazy much?) but I kind of want to and see if I really do get “shredded”.  I’ll put that on the blog back burner for now.

In the meantime, I thought I would share some tools I’ve been using for the half marathon training that have worked for me, and may work for you should you choose this special level of insanity as I have.

First up, my Hal Higdon Half Marathon Training Schedule for Novices.

I’m relying on Hal (maybe a little too heavily) to get me through this.  His website was really informative and he has a ton of different levels of training schedules for a bunch of different levels of races (5K, 10K, Half, Full) so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.  Plus, he has definitions of his training terms, so it’s fool-proof.  I keep my copy printed out and I cross through each day I’ve accomplished, keeping track of my mileage for the week (which, scarily enough, just keeps building like the odometer on an old Ford).

Second, I use a training log.

Similar to the training schedule, this is a daily log Sam’s parents got me for Christmas.  His dad used one to train for his marathon in 2006 and found it really helpful.

With a page for each day and spaces to log your workout, weight, water and vitamins and energy levels, this little book has become essential for tracking my training.  Plus, I personalized it.  🙂

I love those Chinese fortune cookie sayings.  I think the best part of the log is the space that’s provided for your own commentary.  Sometimes I write down the factors of my run (weather, illness, etc), sometimes I write down how good I felt after running, sometimes I write down how surprised I am that I even ran at all!  It all depends, but it helps me to identify patterns for the future.

Finally, my last and most beloved tool of the train is my RunKeeper Pro on my iPhone.  I know I’ve mentioned it before (well, her really, because I named her Gertrude) but I thought I’d give you a glimpse into what she really looks like.

So when I’m running, this is the screen I see:

Obviously, this isn’t an actual screen, I had to manufacture one, so don’t judge those stats.  I was walking the monsters (Ruby and Zora) and it was windy AND garbage day, so the rolling Rubbermaids created quite a cautious walk.

Audio cues (which I’ve set for specific intervals) tell me every mile my pace and my distance.  I can play my running playlist on my iPod at the same time, it just quiets the music, Gertrude comes on and tells me (either encouraging or depressing) numbers and then we move on.

I can log on to RunKeeper online to see an accumulation of my stats like this:

I can see maps of where I’ve run, splits for my runs and all sorts of other cool things.  If you have an iPhone and want to start running, I really recommend the RunKeeper.  It’s a pretty cheap app, too, if I remember right.  At least it’s cheaper than a Garmin running watch (which, um, I still covet even with Gertrude by my side.  She understands.  It’s like a celebrity crush.)

So there you go!  Hope any of that inspired you to start training for whatever closeted run you’re thinking about.  Just get out there and start running!  I’ll be back tonight ready to toast the weekend...

What tools can’t you live without?  Anything that you find helps your training or exercise programs?

It’s kind of like a baseball game

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First, a matter of very important business: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY WONDERFUL SISTER! My oldest and bestest friend celebrates another year today and I wanted to wish her a happy one in style ;).

Now, on to other matters.

Yesterday was a 4 mile training run, per the half marathon schedule.  Sam and I woke up early and hit the road, but we both complained it was not the best run.  I couldn’t figure out why I was dragging so badly — but it was one of those runs where you can only focus on putting one foot in front of the other.  TERRIBLE!  I think I know why it was so bad now.

My case of the sniffles is now a full-blown cold.  I guess I was just up to bat yesterday — wait, what?  Yeah, that’s right, I like to think of a cold like a game of baseball, with different bases (not the ones you tried to get to on a Saturday night in high school ;)) and everything.  That tickle in your throat, slight ache in your head — that’s the wind up and the pitch.  The start of a sore throat — that’s the swing and the hit.  Your really sore throat is first base, a stuffy nose and congestion is second and that part where you’re just waiting around, not really feeling sick anymore, just trying to get your nose to stop running is third.  Home plate and you’re back to healthy!

I’m on second base right now, I think.

I’m trying to focus on other methods of dealing with this gunk, other than OTC medicine, so this morning, I added some citrus fruit to my breakfast (hello, Vitamin C) and this afternoon, I’m lunching on some yummy soup.  Not just any soup.  SOUPER SOUP.

I lurve this Bob’s Red Mill Vegi Soup.  It is SO hearty.  I appreciate, too, that the folks at Bob’s threw in some alphabet letters, because let’s face it, you never really grow up, you just get bigger.

If I had been more creative, I would have made those alphabits spell out “Not Unless I’m Being Chased”, haha.

A one to four ratio of soup mix to water, simmer for an hour and voila!  A lovely main dish for lunch (ignore our messy stovetop).

Look at those nutritonal stats!

There are the ones I like:

– only 2 grams of fat and NO saturated fat

-low sodium (so many soups are stuffed with NaCl!)


There are ones that I love:

– 8 grams of fiber!

– 20 grams of protein!  That’s a lunch, peeps!  Click here for tips on nutritional label reading.

I only took about a half a serving (it really fills you up) and packed some other “good for yous” in my lunch bag.  I also elected to take my weekly rest day from training today instead of Friday.  I know conventional wisdom recommends you can (and maybe should) still workout if your illness is above the neck (which mine is), but I’m going to listen to my body and take it easy.  It was only a cross training day today anyway.  My 30 Day Shred DVD can just wait until Friday!

Hope your lunch bag is full of “good for yous” and you’re enjoying every bite!  See you later for a sweet treat — just roll with it ;).

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