Let’s Get Back To It…

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What a weekend!  My post from Saturday morning was a bit wonky, pictures in the wrong place and then WordPress locking me out of it (um, excuse me?  I’m the administrator here!), let’s start a little ways back and catch up.

Let’s get back to it…

Saturday, after a bit of shopping and gift buying, and of course, race packet pick-up:

Sam and I met up with our friends and attended the wedding of Sam’s college roommate, Jason.

Don’t he and his bride, Lindsey, look happy?  I love weddings.  I like attending other people’s weddings because my own went by so fast that sometimes I feel like I get a little piece of it back when I go to others.  Like repressed memories, haha.  Except, these are good ones.

Wedding eats:

And of course, wedding cake!

We clean up good. 😉

I stuck to my plan and only had a small glass of wine with dinner.  I chased that wine with tons and tons of water.  Since my 10K was just around the corner and I am super suseptible to dehydration, I did NOT want to feel like death the next day.  I took the proper precautions….water, tons of water.

I crashed around 11:45 and was thankful the race had a later start time (9AM).  Even though I’d have plenty of time in the morning, I laid out my running gear like a good little girl.

If you’re counting, yes, that is two too many shirts.  Rain dominated the forecast and had been pouring off and on all day Saturday.  I had planned to run in a white sport tank to keep cool, but in the end, decided if rain was present, a wet t-shirt contest would not be. 😉

The morning of the race, I woke up to a torrential downpour.  Tree smacked the window of the guest room, rain poured down in sheets and I started to get a little antsy.  I wanted to back out — but knowing that my father-in-law and sister-in-law endured a race twice as long in just as bad weather made me realize: I could back out, but I couldn’t ever live it down.  They were brave, I’d be as brave.  *gulp*

I fueled up on the drive down with a Peanut Butter LaraBar.  It wasn’t my usual fare (PB toast) but it did fine in a pinch.

Sam and I met up with former Roommate Rachel and her boyfriend Sean.  There was just enough time for some pre-race pictures…

We look a little nervous, eh?

And then…we were off!  Fortunately, the rain abated and sunshine was starting to peak through as the run got underway.  When the sun was on you, it was actually quite warm and humid, so I was glad for the shaded parts of the 10K.  It had been explained to us beforehand the race organizers had adjusted the course because part of it was flooded out from Saturday and Sunday’s downpours.  This made the mile markers off by 60 feet — as in, keep running for 60 feet and THEN you’ll be at your mile.

Oh, fun.

The course wound through parts of Columbus I hadn’t seen before (Victorian Village and the Olentangy River bikeway) so it was neat to see new parts of the city.  I stayed focused on my race pace and knew Rachel was just a little bit behind me.  I thought I was certainly almost at the halfway point when I saw the mile marker for “2”.

What?  This pretty much set the sentiment for the rest of the race.  Everytime I came upon a mile marker, I said some nasties under my breath because it felt like I should have been farther along.  The course wasn’t exactly hilly, but there were rises and dips consistently throughout.  This made it a little more difficult to keep motivated.  I stopped to walk through the final water stop (mile 5) and knew I just had to power it out.

Sam was waiting at the top of the last hill.  The race was pretty slight on the spectators and seeing my husband in his bright yellow shirt with a smile on his face was exactly what I needed to keep going (his “let’s go Bethany…let’s go Rachel!” didn’t hurt either ;)).

This picture is evidence I am not a graceful runner.  I never pretend to be.

I bolted across the street and barreled down the hill with Rachel right by my side.  There had been some talk about whether or not we were going to try and stay together, and we never officially decided yay or nay, but it worked out we crossed the finish line almost at the same time.

True friends ;).  I was thrilled by this finish because about 6 years earlier, at our very first 5K, she beat me with MINUTES to spare.  I was so jealous ;).  Check out my stride.  I was haulin’!

A post race pic to show how pooped we were:

Haha, my nostrils are kind of flared because I was still trying to catch my breath while Sam took the picture.  Then, it was off to brunch.  Well, there was a shower in there in between.  We were stanky.

Sam and I split a “protein wrap”: egg whites, turkey, provolone cheese with mushrooms and spinach in a whole wheat wrap:

And I ordered the Bananas Fosters pancakes which came topped with huge hunks of banana and caramel sauce.  So delicious.  Probably terrible for you.

After 6.2 miles and however many calories torched, who cares?  I like to eat what I like to eat because I workout like I like to eat ;).

I think even with the wind, hills, off mile markers and threatening weather, I can convince Rachel to run again with me.  Maybe this time just a 5K.  Or maybe a marathon ;).

Thank you for being a friend

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Ah, so sad.


I can’t believe Rue McClanahan passed away.  I was a huge Golden Girls watcher in college.  It was always on Lifetime in the morning when I was getting ready for class.  I can sing that theme song with the best of them ;).  Part of me thought I should get a piece of cheesecake tonight and watch a few episodes (I’m sure I can find them on some channel — okay, I admit it, I own seasons 1,2 and 7 on DVD.  No shame.)  I think that’s what she would have wanted.

But I want to keep my eats clean leading up to this 10K, so Blanche, I’ll toast you with a late night cheesecake on Sunday.

I managed to get my “motion” in last night.  I headed down to the personal gym *ahem* basement *ahem* to do a session of the 30 Day Shred.  I started out weak, tired and only half-way working out.  Then I gave myself a little pep talk.  If I’m going to do this Shred, I’m going to DO IT.  No halfway.  Either jump when Jillian yells at me to jump or go back upstairs and park it on the couch.

Surprisingly, I did not head upstairs.  I sweated it out and it felt great.

It was just another day another dollah at work this morning.  Eats were had:

Portable Green Monster Smoothie.  A necessity for the early working girl.

Trader Joe’s Steel Cut Oats once at work.  I managed to screw these up pretty bad.  Really bad.  Terrible.  I let them soak overnight in the fridge with the intent to pop them in the nuker but in between, things went horribly awry.   The oatmeal was thick as paste.  I added a little more water before microwaving and then tried to dress it up with currants and cinnamon…but it was basically like eating newspaper paste.  The worst part came when I realized that this was it — there were no other breakfast options at 6am and I couldn’t really leave to seek them out, anyway.  I had to eat what I had.  Get your newspapers, get your papers!

I met some friends for lunch and decided against taking pics — I’d rather just wolf it down and chit chat it up.

I managed to squeeze in my VERY LAST run before the 10k — a hot and humid 3 miler.  As the weather warms, I’m trying to be better about running when it is cooler and when there isn’t direct sunlight blaring down on me, but today, my schedule was a little full, so at 3:45, I had to hit the pavement.  Whew!  85 degrees is NO JOKE.  There was some serious hydration going on when I got home — in fact, water was my main motivation for the last mile.

Dinner was courtesy of that Hungry Girl cookbook — I made Bean and Cheese Enchiladas.  I love enchiladas, I always order them when we go out for Mexican.  Um, who knew they were so easy to make?

Check out that gooey, saucy goodness!  Like most of the Hungry Girl recipes, these were a hit.  A few notes about the Hungry Girl cookbook:  while I have made several of the recipes, I don’t always follow them to a “T”.  I rarely use all the “fat free” ingredients they call for, unless I can find a version of fat free in a natural product.  It’s more important to me to eat natural than to eat super low calories — in fact, super low calories are almost never my goal.  That’s the other note:  I have a husband who is NOT a Hungry Girl, so that’s another reason not to follow the recipes exactly.  Sam needs more than 200 calories in a dinner and honest to Pete, so do I.  I’m a girl in training.  200 calories and my body would go batty. P.S.  I have ALWAYS wondered who is Pete and why does he demand such bare bones honesty?! Anyone?

Well, it’s almost bedtime…yeah, go ahead and check that time stamp.

That’s what happens when you work at 5am.

Has the change in weather affected your workout plans?  How do you cope in the heat?

Off Whack

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Hello there, my sweet potatoes!  How are you?

I’m doing well, but I feel a bit off whack!  Working this new schedule means my sleeping, eating and overall time management routines have just gone out the window.

Wait!  Come back!  I need you!

I mean, check out this day of eats from yesterday:

Breakfast #1:

Mom’s Best Marshmallow Cereal with skim milk.

Breakfast #2:

PB and Black Currant Jelly sandwich on all-natural whole wheat bread.

Snack #1:

Gala apple slices, eaten covertly during class.  This is difficult, do not try it unless you’re a pro ;).

Snack #2:

Vacation-inspired Green Monster Smoothie.  Everything tastes better with fruit garnish and an umbrella.  Yes, I am the kind of girl who keeps tiny drink umbrellas in her wine bar.  Come over anytime, I’m ready for ya. 😉


Leftover Chicken Fajitas.


The fabulous, famous Miller’s Chicken.  This is the only fried chicken I will eat, as it is the only fried chicken worth eating.  KF-what?  No, no.  If I’m going to indulge in a sinful, summer meal with my hubs in a picnic shelter on an idyllic summer night before his softball game, I’m going to go Miller’s.  No question.

I have fried chicken about once a year.  No joke.  I believe everything in moderation and balance is key, so eating healthy-healthy 95% of the time means 5%, you can and should eat what appeals to you and what you want.  If you keep the scale of life in balance, the scale of the bathroom floor won’t go off whack either ;).

Looking over these pictures, I feel like I ate everything and nothing all at once yesterday.  See what I mean about off whack?  The sleep thing — ugh, well, I’m working on it.  I’m waking up at 4am, so I need to go to bed at…8?  No, that can’t be right.  Oh, but it is.  I’m an 8-hour kind of a girl.  Sadly, my body clock still thinks going to bed at 10ish is what we’re doing here.  No, body, that is not at all what we are doing here.

Exercise has kind of gone by the wayside, partly because of the home renovation and partly because of the schedule change and partly because I’m “resting” my legs in anticipation of the 10K this Sunday.  But I need to get a little motion in mi cuerpo soon or I’ll go batty.  Exercise helps with regular sleep, so we can see how this is beginning to become a vicious cycle.

It’s fine, it’s cool.  *nervous chuckle* I’ll get it under control.  This is only day 3…

Off to find some balance — for all facets of life!


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Raise your hand if you’re not ready for Memorial Day weekend to be over.

Ah, I see it’s unanimous.  😉  Me, too.   I actually had to work today, but I still got off in time to enjoy the whole day.  How is that possible?  Drum roll please….

I’m working my co-worker’s shift for the next 6 weeks while he takes time off for “paternity” leave.  Cute, huh?  As radio announcers, he works during the morning drive time and I work the afternoon/evening drive time.  This means our hours are slightly different than the average 9 to 5 Joe Schmoe.

I”ll be working 5am (yep, that’s right) until noonish until mid-July.  Whoa.  It’s okay.  I had a minor spaz attack about it, but I’m looking on the bright side of things and appreciating all the projects I can tackle by coming home earlier in the day.  Tomorrow, I’m super excited to come home and start tackling the next phase of the drywalling project Sam and I started this weekend *sarcasm*.  The sooner I work on it, the sooner we can reclaim our tranquil, awesome bedroom.

I got home around 9am this morning, ready to tackle a 5.5 mile run.  With the home renovation projects and the extra doggy visitors, running didn’t make the top of the priority list.

Sam joined me and it made for a pretty pleasant little jog (said with a soft “j” ;)).  I remembered my promise to myself to NOT get on the train to Negativity Town and only let one little “hrmph” slip out when the humidity start to get to me.  I gave myself a pep talk and started listing all the things that were great about the run.  Worked like a charm. 🙂

Highlights from today’s food intake include:

“Brunch” when we got home:

Banana pancakes!  I love banana pancakes.  Something about the way the heat can kind of caramelize the sugars in the banana.  I ate mine with REAL maple syrup and drank a ton of water.  We ran those 5.5 miles in some serious humidity and I’m particularly sensitive to dehydration, so as the weather changes, I’m being extra conscious to keep water handy at every meal.

Post brunch, more work was done on our room…nope, no pictures yet, I’m waiting until we have a perfect final product to show you.  You’ll just have to whet your whistle with this:

We kind of look like the doctor’s on Grey’s Anatomy, no?


A fave.  Tuna on an Earth Grains thin with schmeared avocado, mustard and spinach.  Want to know the true secret to portion control?  Eat on a plate with pant legs — it makes it significantly harder to heap the Kettle Cooked BBQ flavored chips onto your plate.  I gave Sam half anyway.  I made Sam the wrap version of the tuna sandwich and kept asking, “and do you want this?  how about that?”  He finally answered: “just make it like you do on the blizog.”

Love it.

After an hour and half nap (hellllllllo, Memorial Day), dinner went unpictured.  I must have still been groggy.  We went to Gran Ranchero.  I ate chicken fajitas.  You know what those look like.  Oh, you don’t?  Stick around, you’ll see them tomorrow for lunch because I couldn’t finish all of them.

Spoiler alert ;).

T-minus 5 days until 10K day.  I’m excited!  I hope former Roommate Rachel is ready to run her booty off.  It’s going to be great.

Happy Memorial Day, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing.  Take a minute and remember why everyone has today off — not just for the cookout, but for the country.

In memory of veterans everywhere.

Recipe Resurgence

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Woot woot, peeps!

How’s your day going?  I hope you’ve experienced some fabulosity so far.  If not, go find it!  Sometimes you have to search a little harder for the good parts of you day — but they’re there. 🙂

Let’s rewind a little bit, shall we?

I bopped home from work and immediately satisfied my growling belly with an Earth Grains thin smeared with creamy Trader Joe’s PB.  A little glass of skim milk helped the PB from sticking to the roof of my mouth.

Yum.  I needed a little somethin’ in my system because I had serious work to do.

Real women ride tractors.  Period.  End of story.

Okay, it’s not really a tractor — it’s a riding lawn mower.  When I’m astride my red Troy Built Pony (in fact, its real model name) I feel very country in a Gretchen Wilson yee-haw kind of way.  Empowering!  Of course, the best part of yard work is the beer you’ve earned afterward.

Dinner was a recipe taken from the Hungry Girl 200 Under 200 cookbook.  This little gem has been scoring big points in the casa lately.   I made the Crazy-Good Coconut Chicken Taco recipe on Sunday…

Which resulted in a ton of “mmm” and “yummm” and one “you have to make this again!”.  I returned to the lovely Hungry chica for last night’s dinner: E-Z Tomato Basil Chicken.  The recipe called for crushed tomatoes with basil, but since we have a basil plant growing the goods right in the backyard, I opted for fresh leaves over canned.

I love the smell of basil.  It’s so easy to grow and adds great flavor to simple dishes.  Apartment dwellers, you can grow herbs too!  Planter boxes and pots will do…no need for a back 40.  Back to dinner:

This recipe called for a lot of sliced onions and all I could find was one sad looking one, so I subbed in spinach for a little more veggie oomph.  It turned out to be a delicious dish.  In all, 5 ingredients and 30 minutes in the oven.  Sold!  Best part: the ingredients were all natural and flavor was amazing.  A few slices of multigrain baguette rounded out the meal nicely.

The moral of this post: when you’re stuck in a recipe rut, turn to a cookbook for a recipe resurgence!

I woke up this morning with a 5 miler on my mind.  I had to get that baby out of the way and off my brain.  First things first, a little fuel in the form of a slice of Nature’s Pride whole wheat bread (all natural) and some Trader Joe’s Chunky PB.

That piece of bread looks a little like the Go Red for Women dress logo, no?  Some people see shapes in the clouds, I see them in carbs.  Whatev.


I pounded out those five miles like it was nothing.  I ran on a new (to me) stretch of the bike path.  It was cool (65 degrees) and a little foggy.  It felt like nature’s air conditioning.  I’m so glad I got the five out when I did — it’s supposed to be 90 here today.  Yowzas.  I’m getting more and more excited about the 10K with former roommate Rachel.  I think this little mini-training was just what I needed to keep my focus until it’s time to start training for the big dog.

Post-run breakfast: a super helping of protein.

And another Red Dress slice of bread.  I’m trying to get better about my protein intake after exercise.  I think my energy levels might be suffering a little and sometimes I feel it takes my muscles longer to recover after a hard workout than I’d like them to.  A little protein should help that.

Back to the grind for me…

But Ruby says, “come back later to find out why something Sam said made Bethany re-think the marathon training.”


Dreams and Goals

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“It’s a dream until you write it down, then it’s a goal.” – Anonymous

What dreams are you dreaming lately?  Will you turn any of them into goals?

I loved this quote when I stumbled across it because I feel it perfectly describes how I feel about marathon training.  I haven’t started the training yet (the schedule doesn’t start until mid-June) and am keeping busy in the meantime with training for the 10K I’m running with Rachel. The marathon is in the back of my mind on every single run I take, though.  It is still a dream.  It won’t be a goal until I actually write it down — in a calendar, in this blog, in an exercise log.  We’ll get there.  One step at a time.  🙂

This morning was a good morning.  I pulled out the Awful Waffle mix I made a while ago from the freezer and baked up three waffles — one and half each for Sam and me.  Yum.  The mix seemed to do better than the last time when it got stuck in the iron and then split apart.  This ickky incident is how it earned the name Awful Waffles.

Much better, eh?  I ate mine with a little bit of REAL butter and REAL maple syrup.  Coffee with organic half and half rounded out the meal nicely.  I love coffee.

The monsters took me for a walk around the neighborhood.  We covered about 2 miles and soaked up the sunshine and checked out the ‘hood.  We have an active little community.  Kids getting on the bus, parents leaving for work, retired peeps doing their retired thang.  What do they do all day? 😉  I guess I’ll just have to wait another 40 years before I can answer that question.

The walk put me in such a good head space all I could think about for lunch was my favorite summertime salad:

Spinach, strawberries, chopped walnuts and hardboiled egg whites dressed in EVOO and balsamic vinegar.  Try it some time.  It’s best chilled.  It will change your salad world.

Sliced peppers with salsa for dipping on the side…

Who says only tortilla chips get to take the plunge?!

A banana begging to be eaten and a Golden Delicious apple in much better standing.

and this yogurt with Cascadian Farms granola has 4 o’clock snack written all over it!

Lunch photo shoot in the backyard — lunch eaten at work.  Booooo.

I’m going to hang on to this good mood as long as I can today.  Ever notice how sometimes you have to work harder to keep a good mood than to be dumped into a bad one?

Why is that?  😉

Hope you have a good mood kind of a day and turn some of those dreams into goals.  You’re the only one who knows exactly what they are!


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I’m not quite sure what happened…but the majority of lunch outsmarted the paparazzi and all I have to show for it is a bowl of leftover Beef Stroganoff.

Since I know you’re intelligent peeps with bright imaginations, you can mentally picture an apricot, sliced cucumbers, an apple with schmears of creamy all natural PB and trail mix (almonds, walnuts, dark chocolate chips and raisins).  Yum!

That 5 mile run I skipped out on is still on my mind, but I think I’ve got the 10K schedule flip flopped switch swapped enough that I’ll cover it eventually without over-training or missing out.  Tonight: 3 miles.  Tomorrow: cross training.  Thursday: 5 miles.  Friday: Rest and back to scheduled workouts.

I’m glad I decided on just 3 miles tonight…it was still really warm and a little muggy out.  Check out that sweat!


Oh yeah.  That’s my back.  Yuck.

I felt a little like a Nike model, I’m not going to lie.  I’m convinced the key to my sweaty success was my mismatched socks.

How did that happen?  I’m usually a very careful laundry  folder and sorter ;).

Sam was nice enough to start dinner while I pounded the pavement, so when I crossed the threshold, I was greeted with the amazing smell of Barley and Asparagus.  It was much more than that, thought.  This Betty Crocker recipe had carrots, asparagus, onion, barley and herbs like thyme and sage with a creamy stock base.  So delicious.  Betty and I have been getting closer lately; she’s basically my kitchen BFF. 😉

Mmm.  I drank a big glass of skim milk with dinner for a little protein.  Now, it’s time to kick back and see which contestant wins the Biggest Loser.  I didn’t keep up with this season as much as past seasons, but I still think the stories are inspiring and I enjoy seeing how happy the people are when they change their lives.

Do you watch the Biggest Loser?  What was with Michael’s belt buckle? 😉

Feelin’ Friday

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Well, hello there!  I am deliriously happy it’s Friday, I hope you’re having a great one. 🙂

Last night after the Young Professionals happy hour, I hitched a ride home with Sam where dinner was ready and waiting.  Just heat and eat!

So what was the brown goo I showed you earlier?

Black Bean Burgers!  I made this recipe again.  I can’t help but love it — four major ingredients (beans, onion, bread crumbs, egg whites) and some spices and a short cooking time.  Try making some instead of buying a box of veggie burgers, you might be surprised how much you like them (and how much cheaper they are!).

Mmm.  So pretty.  I heaped corn and sliced tomatoes for side dishes.  I wanted to eat this baby on an Earth Grains thin, but sadly, the two we had started to grow a little mold.  No bueno :(.  Funny enough, this morning, Sam remarked some leftover hamburger buns he bought for a work event about a month ago have yet to grow mold. Hmm.  Wonder why one bun grew mold quicker than the other?  *gasp* shock* Could it be?  Because one bun is made of REAL ingredients and the other probably has a bunch of chemicals and preservatives?

I think so.  This is a beautiful example of why I am committed to eating REAL foods that either have a mama or grow in the ground.  I do NOT want whatever is keeping that bun so pristine in my body.  I’ll keep my body pristine on my own with hard work and exercise, thank you!

The dessert urge forced me to make a little Roll With It Ice Cream treat.  I love the way this dessert tastes like fried ice cream, but isn’t nearly as bad for you.  Plus, portion control is built in!

I had an awesome two mile run this morning.  I left the iPhone and RunKeeper Pro at home and opted for a peaceful, technology-free run.  This is how they used to do it “back in the old days”…like the 80’s, right, Dad?  He reminded me last weekend he ran the ’83 Chicago Marathon without any music — no iPod, no Walkman, no 8-track.  Nothing.  What a pro.

I came home with oatmeal on the brain.  I made a double helping of the Trader Joe’s Quick Cook Steel Cut Oats with milk and water.  I plopped some blueberries for fruit content and sprinkled cinnamon for flavah and drizzled honey for a little sweet.

It was awesome.  That white orb is a hardboiled egg white.  I ate two, but only one peeled pretty enough for a photo shoot.  I have a sneaking suspicion I’m not getting enough protein into my meals, so I’m making an effort to include lean protein in each meal.

A little pink brightens another dreary, rain day.  I liked it because it matched my mug.

Besides, weren’t you getting tired of stripes? 😉

Lunch was pretty standard and nothing to get your panties in a bunch about:

Chicken salad (recipe here), mandarin oranges, Golden Delicious apple, Peppercorn and Ranch chips.  Delicious leftovers.  The lighting is so much better in Sam’s office (where I had a lunch date with him).  He has TWO windows.  I have ZERO.  Not fair.

Into the afternoon, some strawberries did a disappearing act…

…into some plain yogurt.  Now that’s what I call fruit on the bottom yogurt!

Do you find it tough to get all your recommended fruits and veggies in?  (don’t I sound like a V-8 commercial?)  I considered myself a moderately healthy eater before I kicked un-naturals out the door, but even then, I had a hard time eating…what is it?  5-7 servings?  It seemed like so much.  Now, not so much.  When you cut out crap foods, you don’t have much choice but to munch on natural foods like fruits and veggies.

I try and think about it like this:

🙂 add one fruit to breakfast (or if you’re drinking a Green Monster Smoothie — you’re knocking out a fruit AND a veg right there!)

🙂 pack two or three of both fruits and veggies for lunch (so, strawberries and carrots or an apple with some pepper strips and sliced cantaloupe)

🙂 have a veggie duo for dinner…a side salad and a steamed pile of broccoli or corn would take care of that!

Then you’ve easily met your recommended amount.  Just tryin’ to help you out. 😉  Fruits and veggies are good sources of important vitamins and minerals and they are often the most natural source.  Next time you’re feelin’ snacky, try reaching some produce first, then see if you still want the processed stuff.  Betcha you don’t.

My dinner was veg-rrific.  Okay, well, kind of.  It’s Friday and Friday dinner has always felt like it should unofficially be the official dinner of pizza and beer.  What can I say, I’m a klassy girl.

At least we got a veggie pizza — or Garden Fresh as the reputable chain we ordered from calls it.  Whatev.  I added a side salad for good measure.  I ate more than I should have, but care only a tiny amount. 😉  See?  Veggies!

A Friday necessity…

I’ve got 60 minutes of cross training staring me down early tomorrow morning so I’m off to whoop it up, Friday style.  I’m just feelin’ Friday.  I’m feeling a little stuck in a rut with the cross training — what should I do?

What’s your favorite way to cross train?

Domestic Arts

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There’s a rant coming at the end of this post — but first, dinner:

It’s safe to say Trader Joe’s pesto tortellini is my go-to meal.  Sam’s at a business dinner tonight, so I’m looking for the easiest way to feed myself, dirtying the least number of dishes.  Truthfully, I wanted to eat Mom’s Best cereal, but I also wanted to have a glass of wine, and the marshmallow cereal really pairs better with a dessert wine.  All I had was Sauvignon Blanc ;).

I noshed on a small handful of pistachios while dinner was in the works.

I realized after I had started the pasta boiling that we didn’t have any pasta sauce.  I made do.  Seems to be a theme today, no?  I dumped a slightly drained can of diced tomatoes in a small saucepan, added cooked spinach and sprinkled some spices (oregano, parsely, red pepper flakes, garlic, onion powder) and heated it up.  It made a pretty yummy sauce AND it added some veg to my meal.

Yes, that is a Pyrex mixing bowl.  Don’t judge.  You know you’ve been there, too — right at the intersection of Dirty Dish Drive and Too Hungry to Care Court.

I ended up eating that cereal after all.  I just can’t help it — I love Mom’s Best.  All natural, environmentally conscious AND cheaper than my other usual cereal.  Win win win.

Again, no judging.  I ate cereal in a glass.  So what?  It was delicious.

I had an awesome run tonight after work.  I set out for 3 miles for 10K training along the bike path near the river.  At first, I thought it would surely be a slow, easy, lazy run.  When it came time to hit the start button on the RunKeeper Pro and set out — something just came over me.  The good mood I’ve been feeling for the past two days travelled down to my sneakered feet and I took off.  I ran the first mile in 8:20.  I rarely talk about pace because pace is different for everyone and I never want anyone to A) think I’m super slow or B) think I’m trying to impress them.  This was too wild to not share, though.  That’s more than 2 minutes faster than the pace I was running during half marathon training.  Whoa.

I did a lot of thinking on my run…

My thoughts focused on my post earlier about “the domestic arts”.  I call cooking, baking, kitchen creativity, etc “the domestic arts” as a joke.  At least, that’s what I thought when I wrote it earlier.  After much running and thinking, I no longer feel that way.

Let’s go off-roading, shall we?

I stole the term “the domestic arts” from one of the buildings on campus — it actually has those words etched into the stone above the doorway.  While the building now houses a different department and different study, those words are a permanent reminder that at one point, the domestic arts existed.  The domestic arts were in fact, an art.  Remember them?  They also masqueraded as home economics.

Did you take home economics?  Did your class feel like this?


Or look like this?  What did you learn?  How did you feel about taking home ec?


What are they making anyway, those little apron-clad armies of pubescents?

I should stop now and make the disclaimer:  my mother was a home ec teacher.  This was before I was born, though, before she became a stay at home mom and a home ec teacher to a new class with just two pupils: my sister and me.

Home ec has pretty much disappeared.  The curriculum got cut when budgets got tight.  I sometimes wonder if this might have been one of the bigger mistakes made by boards of education everywhere.

The point of home ec (the domestic arts) was to teach you to take care of yourself.  Sure, you may have made some wonky looking pillow out of muslin fabric or pretended an egg was your baby and you had to keep from cracking it — but the core of the class was truly focused on the economics of the home life.

Food groups, balanced meals, proper nutrition and basic cooking techniques — it was all there if you were paying attention and not passing notes (incidentally, I was…).  This instruction has vanished.  I can’t help but wonder if this is why poor nutrition and obesity run rampant in our nation.  One could argue these are lessons to be learned at home, but the truth is parents are busy and sometimes uninformed.  They want what’s best for their children, but do not have the resources or background information to go about teaching the kids themselves.   Thus begins a cycle that cannot be broken: uninformed children will become parents themselves and raise equally uninformed children.

Incidentally, balancing a checkbook, determining the amount of rent/mortgage you could afford and creating a household budget were also in the lesson plans of home ec.  Sound like anything else our nation is facing?  Uh huh.  That’s what I thought.

I’m constantly telling Sam, “when we have kids, I’m going to teach them this…”  Poor offspring.  We have yet to produce them and already, they have so much catching up to do.  😉  When I have kids, I will teach them the domestic arts.  I will tell them why I’m feeding them a fruit and vegetable with nearly every meal.  I will explain why there are treats and there are staple foods.  I will show them the food pyramid (whatever incarnation it takes on by that decade) and help them understand the difference between good carbs and bad, healthy fats and “special occasion” fats.  I will show them how and why I choose the foods that I do for our family.  I’ll show them the economics of our home.

If I don’t, they surely won’t be getting it in school because the domestic arts and home ec are a thing of the past.  Sad, but true.  Home ec brings up gauzy memories of Suzy Homemaker, creating a wonderful meal for her hard working husband and loving 2.4 children.  I believe today, home ec is about survival and self-reliance.  I guess those boards of education disagreed.  Here’s a thought for the next time they modify curriculum: I haven’t identified an isosceles triangle in years and haven’t EVER quoted Chaucer, but I feed myself every day.

I also exercise nearly every day, but then again, where’s PE lately?

I think that’s a topic for a whole other post. 😉  Rant over.  I’m off to shower, sip tea, read and calm down from my soapbox frenzy. 🙂

Did you take home ec?

The Workout That Wasn’t…

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Remember earlier today when I wished you well and hoped you had as good a workout as the one I knew I was going to have today?

Hmm.  Yes, that rings a bell.

Ah, that turned out to be the workout that wasn’t.  For the first time in a while, I feel like I have a minute to catch my breath and just have a night off.  I’m going to roll with that feeling.  I lead a very full, busy, fulfilling life.  I wouldn’t ditch anything on my to-do list (well, maybe cleaning…and laundry ;)) because I want to be doing all of it.  Having a full schedule also means sometimes it’s hard to find the margins of time where you can lean up against the wall (figuratively) and take a deep breath.

I’m leaning up against the wall today, breathing deep.

This decision means I am NOT running the three miles on the Hal Higdon 10K Training schedule I’m following.  Am I freaked?  No, but I would have been about 4 months ago.

I learned through training for the half marathon that you should definitely follow a schedule if you’re new to training for a race, but don’t be afraid to make it work for you.  If there was a schedule that absolutely fit the schedule of every runner on the planet, that person would be rolling the dough.  There isn’t.  Don’t look.  You won’t find it.

It’s easy to feel like you can’t waiver from the set days and miles and activities, for fear you won’t reach your goal.  You will, you just have to make sure you’re accounting for it all and staying accountable to your training.  If you’re straying because you need a rest day earlier than the schedule mandates — that’s fine.  If you’re straying because you don’t really want to be doing this any more — um, that’s a different story.

I’m taking Friday’s rest day and using it tonight.  *deep breath*  Then, tomorrow, I’ll run 3 miles, Thursday I’ll cross train, Friday I’ll run 2 miles and strength train and Saturday, I’ll be back on track with a solid hour of cross training.  Whew!  It all makes sense and it will all get done and most importantly, I’ll get the break I need now.

Rewinding a little bit to right after my exam.  I came back to the casa to let the monsters out and my stomach was a-rumbling.  I don’t understand why I was having earthquake-like grumbles from the tum, but obviously, breakfast was NOT enough.  Instantly, that banana-strawberry Green Monster from yesterday sprang to mind.

But instead, what I ended up with was a beige smoothie.  What?  It’s a Cement Monster Smoothie.  I took this picture purposely against our back patio so we can all agree, that’s the sophisticated shade of concrete.  It tasted good…not quite right.  *face palm*  I forgot the soymilk!  This baby was all fruit, veg and protein powder.  I think the only thing making it mobile was the water naturally stored in the produce.  Wow.  Won’t make that mistake again.

Lunch was a little something new…to me.  When I think of egg salad sandwiches, I make this face:

Ewww.  Today, it was all I wanted for lunch.  I don’t even know that I’ve ever had one before…but today, my quest was undeniable.  I mixed up my own concoction of two hard boiled egg whites chopped, a small crank of sea salt and a squirt of mustard.  Work mustard through, then spread on Earth Grains thin with spinach leaves.

Yummy.  Unfortunately, this sammy does not travel well.  It’s a homebody.

I munched on pear slices…


And a clementine throughout the day.  I didn’t munch on lunch until about 2pm because that Cement Monster was enough to fill my belly until then.

I may or may not have had a spoonful of peanut butter while concocting dinner.  If you have a problem with this, we can’t be friends.  PB on a spoon out of the jar, standing at the counter is one of my favorite snacks.  Ever.  It must be eaten just like that.

Voila!  Dinner.  Shrimp stir fry.  I love stir fry because it is speedy, packed with veggies and super easy to make.  Stir fry also makes for awesome leftovers — lunch tomorrow, anyone?

Just kidding!  Imma let Sam have that one.  I’ve got my eye on something else…another something new.  You’ll just have to wait until tomorrow.

I’m off to find the margins, lean up against the wall, take a deep breath and relax.  Why don’t you do the same?  I’m sure you’ve earned it!

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