Beans, beans…

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…the magical fruit the more you eat the more you….

Okay, that’s enough of that. 😉

Training Calls for: Rest

Miles Run So Far: 264.2

Days Left: 6

Bonjour, blog babes!

My new routine means I go to class MTuThF from 9-10 and then head on over to work at 11 (yes, I start my work day at 11 — be jealous 😉  I also don’t get out until 7, so in turn, I’ll be jealous of all you 9-5ers).  In the hour in between, I chill in the campus library, use their WiFi and write my posts.

Dear Library,

Get your act together.  Sketchy WiFi for two days straight was un-cool.

Dear Bethany,

Get YOUR act together.  Forgetting your camera was equally un-cool.

But I’m back now and I am ready to reveal just what I was cooking up in the cocina Tuesday night.  Ready for it?

Black beans?


Black Bean Brownies!!!

Yep.  After eating one of these babies at the 30-mile meal, I finally got the courage to try the recipe myself.  I have a hard time wrapping my mind around a dessert made from an ingredient I’m used to seeing in soups, salsas and nachos, but I am nothing if not willing.

It’s all in the name of a potentially good dessert. 😉

I found this recipe online and realized I had everything I needed to make it.  It was like the universe was telling me I needed to strap on my apron and get to work.

Here’s my other motivation for trying this recipe…

A friend of mine was recently diagnosed with Celiac’s Disease and has been restricted to a gluten-free lifestyle.  Another family member of mine is already eliminating gluten from her life for dietary and health reasons as well.  It kills me that 99.9999% of baked goodies and enjoyables include FLOUR.

What the heck?

So when I see a recipe that’s gluten-free, I think to myself, “I need to try that for them.”  Since I am NOT gluten intolerant and I know exactly what a treat with gluten tastes like, I figure I can be the discerning palate for these two and taste test these recipes until we find one that will revolutionize the G-free world.

Oh, yes.  I bear that cross proudly ;).

This might have been the easiest recipe I’ve made in a while.  Dump almost all ingredients in a food processor and whirl.

Add chocolate chips sprinkled on top (or you could use chopped walnuts).



So here’s my review of the flour-free freakishly good black bean brownies:  um, pretty close.  Most gluten-free products taste similiar (but not close enough) to the real thing.

These are a darn good imposter.  Sam declared he likes them BETTER than actual brownies.  The texture is kind of odd when you pull them straight out of the oven (really fluffy — think long-lost gluten-free cousin to the Pillsbury dough boy), but when they’ve cooled, they’re chewy and kind of fudgy like a good brownie should be.

The instant coffee the recipe calls for gives the brownies a hearty base flavor — though it isn’t overpowering.  It doesn’t taste like mocha, it tastes like chocolate.  I think the chocolate chips on the top are imperative because they give you a little nugget of chocolate amid an otherwise tastebud confusing treat.

I’m not sure how much healthier they are compared to regular brownies (since you still use sugar, oil and eggs), but they’re made from REAL ingredients, so I give them my stamp of approval!

In other news…

Did you notice we’re just 6 days away from the marathon?  OH. MY. GOSH.  I am a little bit freaking out and mostly just excited.  My 8-mile run on Saturday was so-so.  I think I was bored?  Strange, I know, but running these shorter distances (um, 8 miles is shorter? who am I??) is kind of like old hat.  I think 20 miles went so well because I was engaged in the challenge.

Let’s just hope I feel that same way on M-Day.  Pardon me while I go grab a paper back and start hyperventilating.

Sam, on the other hand, is battling a serious IT band injury.  It hurt him so badly I had to run ahead and get the car to pick him up.  I can’t believe this has happened to him with just a week to go, but I’m trying to maintain a positive attitude and grab my pom poms to be his cheerleader.  We’re in this together, no matter what.  Even if I drag him across the finish line.  Even if I drive all over God’s green earth to find another marathon for him to run.  Even if I put him on my shoulders and carry him the whole way.

Got that, Sam?  It can all turn back around just as quickly as it went south. 🙂

Leave Sam a little comment love and encouragement, okay?


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  1. Wow… interesting combination with the gluten free brownies. I am sure that I will try them soon though. Gluten free is certainly for me.

    Oh and Sam. Dad and I were talking the other day and he sent me this article:,7120,s6-238-244–10201-1-1X2X3X4-5,00.html. The article is called taper traps. It was very encouraging for me and it is a good read. Everything is going to work out. Just keep plugging away and I will be there to cheer you both on… after my minor 13.1 run. kk. Love you both.

  2. I had ITB issues my first marathon…all due to poorly fitting shoes I switched to mid-training. I also couldn’t finish my last 8-mile long run before the big day because it hurt so bad. I ran the marathon though and I did finish. Sam can totally do it. (Did he switch shoes? If so, maybe he should go back to his previous pair, even if they are a bit worn out…that’s what I did and it helped a LOT). If I were him, I would only walk this week just to stay loose, but not do any running. Save it up for the race. On race day, once I hit, I think, mile 15, I stopped and stretched my ITB every mile. It was my first marathon, so my goal was just to finish, and finish I did. You guys will do great. Just don’t even think about time. Just take in the whole experience and remember as much about it as you can. I can’t wait to read your race re-cap. Good luck to you both!!!!!

  3. Omigawsh I can’t believe it either, 6 days!!! 🙂 Tell Sam that I’m that I’m thinking happy thoughts for him. oh and thanks for sharing that recipe, it sounded interesting, but looks delish! in a few days u will be a marathoner!

  4. Ohhh! I’m so excited for both of you!! Sam, I’m thinking of you. I’d offer you advice but I really don’t have any except to listen to your body – I’m sure Bethany has already told you that though. If you need someone to hang with though I’m only running the half so I’ll be around the finish line waiting eagerly for all of my friends. Hang in there, it really can change over night.

  5. Sam, Sam, you da man! You can do it, we know you can!

  6. I am so proud and excited for you both!!! 🙂 Sam keep your head up, things can change so quickly… just keep plugging along and take it easy in the meantime!! Love you both!!

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