One Big Date Night

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Training Calls For: 4 miles (5 miles in my case)

Miles Run So Far: 332.2

Days Left: 17 (?!?!!)

I checked out on you yesterday…but for a good reason:

No, Sam and I didn’t get married last night.  But we did get married three years ago as of yesterday!  While we’re actually going to celebrate our anniversary this weekend, we wanted to spend a little quality time together and bopped out to a movie.  My life is one big date night with that guy 😉 and it all started on 9-29-07. ❤

If you’re looking up at the top thinking, “why did she run an extra mile this morning if training called for just 4 miles?”, here’s your explanation:

No, no.  I didn’t run an extra mile to burn off extra calories (please, you know that’s not how I roll!)

This delicious, pre-made lasagna was waiting for me at home Tuesday night and I just couldn’t bring myself to lace up my sneakers and run when all I wanted to do was heat a square of that bad boy up and chow down.  I know you understand.  Comfort food has a hold on all of us, no?  More like a vice grip in my case.  At least I made this one with whole wheat noodles, reduced the cheese and used ground turkey to “healthify” it. 😉

In addition to my Italian-related irreverence to the training schedule, I also reasoned that if I were to run 5 miles Tuesday night and then turn around and run 8 miles Wednesday morning, that was just asking too much of my body.  Could I do it?  Yes.  Would it be a quality run?  Prob not.

I’ve done that kind of back-to-back running in the past.  It’s problematic because:

😦 Your body is still recovering from the first run when you force it into the second.

😦 I find I can’t eat enough calories to replenish from the first run and then turn around and fuel for the second.  I may like to eat, but I’m not a fan of forcing food down my throat.  Unless it’s lasagna.

😦 Odd, but true: the peeps at the running store told me it can take your running shoes 24 hours to “re-inflate” to their full stability and support after a run because you’ve been compressing them with your body weight over the course of your run.  So let’s see, a 5 mile run at 7 o’clock at night and then an 8 mile run at 6:30 AM means I’m bouncing my feet off squished shoes.  Thanks, but no thanks.  We have three weeks left, I’m taking every step to protect my leggies — no pun intended.

This all means I ran 8 miles yesterday morning (nothing says “Happy Anniversary, old lady” like a hearty long mid-week run!) then 5 this morning to make up for Tuesday.  I’ll do 4 on Friday and keep on truckin’ with the regularly scheduled 12 on Saturday.

Sunday, I will rest.  Ah, rest.

Sometimes I think it’s silly to go into such an in-depth explanation of why I’m switching it up and how I’m keeping track — but I think it’s important to show you that you can follow a training schedule without going bonkers. Hal Higdon, the great Don of Running, says himself it’s okay to switch around.  Just don’t miss your long runs and try and keep your mileage up.

The point is to get to the starting line and then get to the finish line without injury or insanity.  I’m just tryin’ to make that happen, peeps.  One run at at time.

Finish this sentence:

The comfort food that warms my heart and has a vice grip on my decision-making skills is….?

Have a fantastic day.  When I come back, I’ll tell you all about an infestation that’s gripping our house.

No.  Not bed bugs *shudders*.



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  1. Love the wedding photos! 🙂 Dislike the bug photo. 😦
    I would have to say that wine is a comfort drink for me! I will run for wine and am not afraid to admit it! But that lasagna looked delish too!

  2. Comfort food for me…cereal…any kind, but especially the sugary, kid-marketed ones 🙂

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