“Weren’t you guys running like an hour ago?”

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Training Calls For: Rest (so…yogAHHH)

Miles Run So Far: 201.2

Days Left: 71

Whoa!  WHOA!

Peeps, yesterday, I ran 15 miles :).  That’s the farthest distance I’ve ever pushed my little running sneakers…EVER!

Let’s recap this momentous occasion.

Since Sam and I ran a 5K on Saturday, we made the executive decision to push our long run to Sunday.  Turns out this also made for a more favorable run, weather-wise.  Downpours dominated Saturday afternoon and evening and made way to cool, foggy weather Sunday morning.  Saturday = sweat pants and movie day, Sunday = bueno run day.

I fueled up, as usual, with an English muffin topped with all natural crunchy Trader Joe’s PB + bannaner and coffee with organic half and half.

Here’s something odd:  I don’t really like crunchy PB, but I always eat it before my long runs.  Maybe it’s mental.  Or maybe it’s dental.  Like I need to give my chompers an extra workout before I give my bod a workout.

Interesting.  Feel free to offer your psycho-analysis ;).

Driving out to the route Sam had picked for our 15 miles (up around our little downtown then out a long road to a state park and back again), emotions were mixed.

I was happy.

Sam seemed scared.

Then, got my game face on.

15 miles, I’m coming for you!

We pulled up to park with “Escape (The Pina Colada Song)” playing on the radio.  “If you like pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain…” Sam turned to me, “Boy, nothing gets me jacked for a long run like this song.”

Exhibit A of why I love my husband running partner.

When we got down to business, the plan was to run for 4 miles, take a walking break for water and gels and then repeat until 15 miles.  It happened more like this:

Miles 1-4: A good start.  Hilly, but enjoyable.  We kept a good pace and settled in to the run.  After a mini-walk break during mile 2 (killer hill!), it was back to jogging along.

Miles 4-8:  Like watching a horror movie, I was terrified at every turn.  Uphill.  Further uphill.  Turn left, go uphill.  Some of these hills were honestly a 45 degree angle, they must have been.  At one point, Sam declared he thought we were at the highest point in the county.  My mood was so foul, I could only think now would be a good time to jump.

At mile 8, I had no choice but to try and apologize for my negativity.  Stomping up hills, vocalizing my frustration at multiple walking breaks and repeatedly shaking my head like a 3-year-old was unforgivable behavior towards Sam.  He was only trying to help me get through this while getting through it himself.  We stopped to get gels out of Alice the Camelbak and I took the plunge and hugged him.  We were 8 sweat-laden miles in, it was wet, disgusting, smelly and there was an actual *smack* noise when our bodies bumped.  It was nasty, but necessary.

He forgave me and I pledged to be more positive.

Miles 8-12:  What goes up must come down!  I haven’t ever run downhill so much in my life.  Our course took us past a state park shooting range, where one, lonely, militia-loving soul was practicing with bone-chilling accuracy.  “Should we call out to him to let him know we’re in the area?” I asked Sam.  “No, just…just keep running,” he replied.

I think I blacked out for some of these miles, honestly.  I know I was running and moving forward, but it’s like I had an out of body experience.  We got back to the highway overpass that marked 12 and all I could think was, “how did this happen?  How did I get here?”  I was like David after dentist.

“Is this going to be forever?  Is this real life?” (after watching that video again, I have to admit my emotions were eerily similar to young lad David’s…shock, disbelief, random screaming)

Miles 12-15: Ah, yes.  Homestretch, homestretch!  With the finish line within reach, I started to fall apart, physically.  I developed a cramp in my side which wouldn’t go away and my IT band started to bother me.  Ironically, as I was physically falling apart, I was mentally getting stronger.  A man working outside on his lawn called out to us, “hey!  Weren’t you guys running like an hour ago?!”, to which I called back, “FIFTEEN MILES, BABY!”

Classy, Bethany.  Very classy.

We finally made it.  Winston Churchill once said, “If you’re going through hell, keep going.”  In case you’re wondering, this is what you look like after you’ve kept going:


We appear much happier after stretching, Gatorade and the blessing of recovery time:

Meals I inhaled post-15, post-shower, post-recovery lounging:

Green Monster Smoothie.  A delicious recovery drink full of protein, healthy fat and fruit and veg.

A E-BLT or a BELT.  Bacon (turkey, of course!), egg, lettuce and tomato sandwich with Chipotle mayo (REAL mayo) on all-natural whole wheat bread.

An unpictured Chocolate chip cookie dough Larabar.  I was so excited to try this new flavor and I am in love.  LOVE, I tell you.  It tastes like freaking cookie dough.  How does she do that?!

A Kalimotxo (said: kali-mo-cho) while I studied for upcoming finals.  A mix of red wine and Coke, I used to drink these babies when I lived in Spain.  They are a poor man’s Sangria.  I earned it and I drank it (after many, many ounces of re-hydrating plain ol’ water).

Homemade fried rice (made with brown rice, lite soy sauce, peas and carrots and egg) and homemade pizza Sam created (mine had lots of veggies, his had veg + pepperoni).  What can I say?  I still get in the mood for junky food, we just healthify it and don’t feel bad about eating it after 15 miles. 😉

I realize, re-reading this post, it sounds like I hated those 15 miles.  I did, but at the same time, I love them for what they taught me:

Marathon training is not about conquering every new distance every time.  It’s about meeting up to the challenge, pushing through and then later, realizing what was once a challenge is no longer an issue.

I used to freak out about 5 miles, now I think nothing of it.  My first 5 probably wasn’t pretty, just as my first 15 wasn’t.  It will be someday.  This was just our first dance.  We’ll get down the rhythm eventually.


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  1. Bethany, you and Sam ROCK! You inspire me to want to run a half marathon (though, I think I’ll stick with my biking). I can’t believe you hit 15 miles! That is so amazing! Keep up the mileage!

    • Thanks, Kelly. That means a lot to me. How about that 5K? Still planning on that?

      • I’m still hoping to do one. I’m looking at the Turkey Trot down here. I need to finish working on my next metric century, then I’ll start training for the 5K. I’ll be the slowest one out there, but I’m going to finish.

  2. Crunchy peanut butter may be due to the fact that there’s probably more protein in it. Just a guess.

    Congrats on the 15!!!

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