Along for the Run

June 9, 2010 at 12:47 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 8 Comments

Come along for a run with me, won’t you?

We’ll start out at the usual place…

…where the bike path meets up with the old coal mining town.  See the old company store and the neat row of old company houses?

Down a little ways, we’ll pass the swampy bog coated in green goo…

….and appreciate the shade the canopy of trees provides.  We won’t be the only ones on the path…*rustle rustle*

See the deer?  I got as close as I could without scaring her off.  Jane “Doe” is the brown dot in the middle of the path.  Maybe she’s out for a run, too.

Just a little farther, we can stop to take a breather on the bench…

…but I’m not sure the view is much to look at. 😉

Leave your GPS, Garmin, RunKeeper, iPod, iPhone, iAttachments at home…

…we’ll use the trusty mile markers.

Look quick or you’ll miss the view of the hidden beach.

Just around the corner peeks an old white farmhouse…or maybe a current hippie comun, I’m not sure ;).

Scenes from an evening well spent…

…watching the crops grow.  Those veggies aren’t the only farm friendlies…

Two bulls, one authentic, one artistic, inhabit a nearby field.

The passel of goats congregating in a nearby culvert seem curious.

That’s not the American Eagle I’m used to seeing ;).

A chain of old boxcars feels a little like a rusted-over memories of childhood hours reading the Boxcar Children’s series from summers past…

…and the tracks they used to run along remind us it’s time to turn around.

Hidden among the brush…

…lies the entry to a dangerous place someone used to call “work”.  Coal was king in these parts once upon a time.

We’ll see remnants of the damage from last weekend’s windstorm…

…and the reminder that somehow, Mother Nature always takes care of her own.

Before you know it, the time has come to pack up and hit the road once more.

What’s it like where you run/exercise?


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  1. Oh wow that is beautiful. My route is crap compared to that. I do a 3.7-mile loop around a neighborhood lake, where there are always lots of cars, people and barely any wildlife or signs of days past. I’ve got lots of goose poop, though.
    I’m jealous.

  2. Nicely done post, Bethany.

  3. Where I exercise it’s humid, rusty, and filled with geriatrics. Back to Ping this fall. BTW, am I the only one that thinks carpet in a gym is a breading ground for disease?

  4. I saw Larabars on sale at Kroger this morning for $1.00. I thought of you. I picked up a couple to try out during my rides and am quite excited to sample them.

    • Oh my gosh! I almost cried in the aisle when I saw that. This might have been the only time I bought 10 for $10 of anything at Kroger ;). Let me know what you think.

  5. it’s like a city with angry drivers and plenty of awkward stares from people at bus stops. I’d rather go on your run!

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