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Ah, so sad.


I can’t believe Rue McClanahan passed away.  I was a huge Golden Girls watcher in college.  It was always on Lifetime in the morning when I was getting ready for class.  I can sing that theme song with the best of them ;).  Part of me thought I should get a piece of cheesecake tonight and watch a few episodes (I’m sure I can find them on some channel — okay, I admit it, I own seasons 1,2 and 7 on DVD.  No shame.)  I think that’s what she would have wanted.

But I want to keep my eats clean leading up to this 10K, so Blanche, I’ll toast you with a late night cheesecake on Sunday.

I managed to get my “motion” in last night.  I headed down to the personal gym *ahem* basement *ahem* to do a session of the 30 Day Shred.  I started out weak, tired and only half-way working out.  Then I gave myself a little pep talk.  If I’m going to do this Shred, I’m going to DO IT.  No halfway.  Either jump when Jillian yells at me to jump or go back upstairs and park it on the couch.

Surprisingly, I did not head upstairs.  I sweated it out and it felt great.

It was just another day another dollah at work this morning.  Eats were had:

Portable Green Monster Smoothie.  A necessity for the early working girl.

Trader Joe’s Steel Cut Oats once at work.  I managed to screw these up pretty bad.  Really bad.  Terrible.  I let them soak overnight in the fridge with the intent to pop them in the nuker but in between, things went horribly awry.   The oatmeal was thick as paste.  I added a little more water before microwaving and then tried to dress it up with currants and cinnamon…but it was basically like eating newspaper paste.  The worst part came when I realized that this was it — there were no other breakfast options at 6am and I couldn’t really leave to seek them out, anyway.  I had to eat what I had.  Get your newspapers, get your papers!

I met some friends for lunch and decided against taking pics — I’d rather just wolf it down and chit chat it up.

I managed to squeeze in my VERY LAST run before the 10k — a hot and humid 3 miler.  As the weather warms, I’m trying to be better about running when it is cooler and when there isn’t direct sunlight blaring down on me, but today, my schedule was a little full, so at 3:45, I had to hit the pavement.  Whew!  85 degrees is NO JOKE.  There was some serious hydration going on when I got home — in fact, water was my main motivation for the last mile.

Dinner was courtesy of that Hungry Girl cookbook — I made Bean and Cheese Enchiladas.  I love enchiladas, I always order them when we go out for Mexican.  Um, who knew they were so easy to make?

Check out that gooey, saucy goodness!  Like most of the Hungry Girl recipes, these were a hit.  A few notes about the Hungry Girl cookbook:  while I have made several of the recipes, I don’t always follow them to a “T”.  I rarely use all the “fat free” ingredients they call for, unless I can find a version of fat free in a natural product.  It’s more important to me to eat natural than to eat super low calories — in fact, super low calories are almost never my goal.  That’s the other note:  I have a husband who is NOT a Hungry Girl, so that’s another reason not to follow the recipes exactly.  Sam needs more than 200 calories in a dinner and honest to Pete, so do I.  I’m a girl in training.  200 calories and my body would go batty. P.S.  I have ALWAYS wondered who is Pete and why does he demand such bare bones honesty?! Anyone?

Well, it’s almost bedtime…yeah, go ahead and check that time stamp.

That’s what happens when you work at 5am.

Has the change in weather affected your workout plans?  How do you cope in the heat?


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  1. Ooo, can I get that Hungry Girl recipe? Stop by The Cheesecake Factory after your run to get your Golden Girls cheesecake!

  2. I love homemade enchiladas – they are the best! And you are right, a lot easier to make then you think. Lately the weather in my area has been rain, rain rain. It’s really affected my whole ride your bike to work thing. I am not hard core enough to ride in the rain. But other than that I just go to the gym instead of running outside. Though, sometimes a good rain run is exhilerating! 🙂

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