Little of This, Little of That

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What a fabulous weekend!  It was jammed packed with a little of this and little of that, starting with a good sweat session at the gym on the stationary bike and then on the incline bench for some screamin’ abbies awesome-ness.  But not before a little of this:

Earth Grains thin with Trader Joe’s Crunchy PB and half a nanner.

Lunch was rapidly consumed (no pic, sorry) and then my parents arrived.  We headed into town for a little of that:

Nothing like a strong African beat to bop to as you tour the International Street Fair.  A quick jaunt down the road and we got down to business digging in the dirt.  A little of this:

Then a little of that:

A little shish kabob was so good, I scarfed the protein portion and then took the picture.  Whoops.

Post-dinner, we split up, girls and boys and hit the movies.  Mom and I saw Letters to Juliet while Sam and Dad took in Robin Hood.

Next morning, we headed to Jana’s Cafe…

…where I had a little of this:

Killer French Toast.  I obviously dominated it.

More hanging out with the fam, snacking on a little of this and little of that.

Finally wrapping it up with salad and a movie with the hubs.

Seem like a blur?  That’s exactly how it felt, but it was a great weekend. 🙂

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