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I took a break from the keyboard (and the camera) last night to have a date night with Sam — little did I know, I’d be making a fresh start today!  I have no pictures for lunch yesterday (camera ate them) or dinner (I didn’t bring it).

We had great intentions of going to see a play, but after sitting down in the (finally) nice weather for a pizza and beer on the patio of a local restaurant, those plans went out the window!  We just enjoyed each other’s company, good conversation and lots of laughter.  No pictures, sorry ;).

I must have checked my brain at the door last night, because I completely forgot to take a picture of my Green Monster Smoothie this morning, but I know you’re intelligent gente and know what that looks like.  If you need a visual, just search for it on the blog.  I bet a bajillion photos pop up.  I photograph that GMM like it’s a pop star and I’m the paparazzi.   I really needed those good greens in my system after last night’s eat.  Dairy Queen may have been involved.  May.  Yes.  It was.  No, Dairy Queen is probably not natural.  Sometimes, you have to break the rules.

Then, when your stomach hurts in the middle of the night from beer, pizza and DQ, you remember why it’s important to follow the rules.  It’s fine.  I’m back on the wagon.

I’m so happy it’s Friday — I feel like nothing can touch me on a Friday.  The weather is clearing, my mom and pop are coming to visit this weekend and I feel on top of everything going on in life.  Wunderbar.

Sam will be at a work event late tonight, so I’m bachelorette-ing it up, meal-wise.  Even though our boil order was lifted (I found out by harassing the water district this morning), I felt zero inspiration to make a lunch.  Chipotle it is!

First, I ran a few errands on my lunch hour…

Which included picking up my burrito.  I usually eat the burrito bol because I feel the burrito isn’t worth the calorie-cost for the tortilla.  Today, I had a different plan.  I ordered a chicken burrito filled with rice, black beans, mild salsa, cheese and lettuce and then, I butchered that burrito:

I cut it in half with the intention of saving half for dinner. *spoiler alert ;)*  Those burritos are the size of a newborn, my tummy can’t handle that much food all at once, so half is in my stomach now and half will be later, prob with a salad.  Yay, veggies.

It’s a rest day for my 10K training, which is a-okay by me.  Rest days always feel a little odd because I wake up thinking, “what’s the exercise for today?” and then realize: nothing.  Not a thing.  Ah, bliss…but only because I’ll be back at it tomorrow.

It’s hard to remember a time when every day was a rest day, I was sluggish and unhappy and the laundry wasn’t 50% exercise clothes.  When was that?  Was that this time last year?  Just about…I think so…  While I can’t put my finger on an exact date, I seem to remember starting my fitness journey in late summer and never stopping or looking back.  Amazing how fast something so foreign can become so familiar.

Maybe I’ll have an “exercise-versary” for myself in August.  New workout clothes?  Oooh.

How long have you been an Active Annie or Adam?  Did it seem strange at first or did it feel natural to include it in your life?

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  1. I’ve grown up being active but having a flexible college schedule made my activity soar. I think it’ll decrease a lot when I have to be on a tight work schedule

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