The Man Cave

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From Bethany:

This post is the start of a new addition to the Not Unless I’m Being Chased blog.  This “guest author” will be posting from time to time to offer a different perspective on healthy living and fitness — a male perspective!  You can search for his postings under the category “The Man Cave”.  Hope you like it!

So you might be wondering why in the heck there’s a post called “The Man Cave” on a woman’s blog.  I know, I know, a little counterintuitive.

Allow me to introduce myself.  I’m Sam, Bethany’s husband.  (Hi there.)

A few weeks back we were talking about Bethany’s transition into healthy living, running, and other newbie-isms, and we realized that her journey has pretty dramatically affected me too.  Hence, the new page and this first post.

“The Man Cave” is designed to be a place where you can come to see the other side of the coin; I’ll be talking openly about my experiences and perspective on what Bethany or I are doing.  If you’re like us and have a partner or significant other, feel free to plug them in here, or even read it yourself to understand what they’re going through if you’re working on your own healthy transformation.

So, you’ve seen Bethany’s progression (amazing, by the way) so far.  Let me take a moment to tell you a bit about my journey.

I’ve always considered myself a pretty athletic guy.  I grew up playing soccer, and maintained my athleticism through college with the Marching 110 and ultimate Frisbee.  I’ve never been overweight, mostly because Mom and Dad went on WeightWatchers when I was in high school and I experience the repercussions of their lifestyle changes (more on that later).

After Bethany and I were married, I had an epiphany one day.  I realized that if we were attacked, I couldn’t protect Bethany.  I felt weak and it scared me.  I know it’s silly and kind of caveman-ish, but it genuinely concerned me.  I felt part of my role as a husband was to keep her safe, and when I looked in the mirror all I could see was a skinny young man whose vertebrates were visible when he bent over.  Here’s a short video from that time (see 1:47):

Watching that was a BIG wakeup call.

Hence, my on-again-off-again affair with weight lifting.  I would lift for a while, then not lift.  Run, then not run.  I felt a bit like Sisyphus.  I wasn’t making any progress.  All the while, my eating wasn’t helping because I was very conscious of the amount of calories I was consuming (WeightWatchers), not taking into account that I needed more than Bethany did.  The irony was that I was so “healthy” I became “unhealthy.”

After we moved to our current location, I started doing CrossFit.  For the first time in my life, I felt like I was moving forward.  My diet started to change (in a good way), I was gaining weight and getting stronger.  Most importantly, I felt like I had a better grasp on what a wholesome lifestyle was like.  (It makes sense, right? WHOLE-some).

It was around last September when Bethany first started to toy around with the idea of a marathon, and she turned to me one day and said, “I think I want to do a marathon.”

Without missing a beat, I said, “Then do it.”

And that’s how all this started.  Many miles, calories and grocery cart tweaks later, here we are.

I’m looking forward to sharing with you all in the coming posts, and hope you enjoy hearing both of our perspectives.  You’ll be able to find them by clicking on “The Man Cave” in either post tags or categories.

Of course, if you have any feedback, feel free to comment or reply by e-mail:

In closing, there’s a great Walt Disney quote at the end of Meet the Robinsons, one that has greatly influenced my life.  Here is the full quote from which it’s taken:

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. We’re always exploring and experimenting.”

Keep moving forward, readers.

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  1. Well hello Sam. Nice to meet you. I think that the added man perspective on Not Unless I’m Being Chased will be great:) Wonderful insight and I look forward to reading more from you soon!

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