Cinco de Lie-o

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I am so happy to be finally free of craziness at work.  We wrapped up our pledge drive at 7pm on the dot and I was thrilled we not only met our fundraising goal, but surpassed it.  🙂

But enough work talk.  Boo on work talk.  Let’s talk about how it’s Cinco de Mayo and I came home with a margarita on the brain.

Sam had the same thought, so while he fixed us incredible jalapeño burgers (which we say “japaleno”…who knows why?  comic effect), I worked on making those margaritas.

Fail.  Margarita fail.

We did NOT have the mix in the wine bar like I thought (probably just as well, I learned over the last week most mixes have high fructose corn syrup).  Instead, I scrounged up Mojito mix.  Well, okay.  We can pretend. It’s basically the same color…and no HFCS.  Then it was discovered there was only dark rum to mix and semi-flat club soda.  Not one to give up easily, I still mixed all components, gave a generous stir and handed my hubs his Cinco de Mayo sippy.

It tasted like a vaccine.  I don’t even really know what this means, but it is completely accurate.  Bleck.

Fortunately, two Negro Modelos were hiding in the back of Sam’s beer fridge in the basement.  Hmm.  Beer fridge, wine bar.  I promise we’re not alkies.  😉

By the by, you are aware, right, that Cinco de Mayo is NOT Mexican Independence day?  Don’t be one of those gringos…just ask a Mexican. It’s the anniversary of a big battle, not independence (somewhere, my junior year Spanish teacher just dropped to her knees, looked heaven-ward and cried, “they WERE listening!”).  Hey, I’m not saying it isn’t still a cause for celebration, just know “how come”, as in “how come we’re sloshing back margaritas” and “how come I’m stuffing my face with guacamole and salsa?” 😉

Think of it more as “Cinco de Lie-o” because we fib to ourselves every single year about it’s meaning.

Dinner’s delicious (turkey) burger was served on an Earth Grains sandwich flat.

I like this much better than the Arnold’s thins because the Earth Grains are undeniably natural, whereas the Arnold’s take a little sleuthing.  I am essentially lazy and do not want to have to Google a whole bunch of bread mumbo-jumbo.  Make it easy and I’ll eat it.  According to Sam, they are also cheaper.  Stop, Earth Grains, you’re just trying to hard now.

The season’s best (yet blurry) cantaloupe rounded out the meal.  Yum.

I have a two mile run on the schedule for tomorrow.  It looks so small, so fragile.  Not like the 8 and 9 mile monstahs I had been tackling just a month ago…and nothing like the 18 and 19 mile monstahs I’ll be tackling months from now.

*gulp*  One race at a time.  10K first, marathon second.  Perhaps this will be the new motto.  Catchy, no?


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  1. I hear you on the running – one race at a time. I am trying not to think about the ridicioulous double digit runs that are in my future. I am happy to look at the 10k on my calendar. 🙂 Good luck to you!

    Oh, and I had the SAME issue with the margarita madness last night. Went to store realized all the frozen mixes were HFCS and tried to think of a more healthier option. I ended up buying pomegranite juice, keylime flavored tonic water, and limes. So my margarita was actually a mocktail-rita / mocktail because once home i realized I had nothing alcoholy to throw in there. But nonetheless it was a tasty refreshing and healthier than a real margarita. SOrry to hear yours was a complete fail. You win some and you lose some. Atleast you had the lone Modelo just waiting for you! 🙂

  2. we celebrated cinco de mayo too! I made tacos and we drank Mexican beer! I can still hear the Mexican guitars and horns playing now.

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