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First and most importantly: I did NOT fail my Spanish midterm.  Hallelujah.  The prof ended up knocking 10 points off the total, which gave me a good solid B.  I’ll take it.  I’ll take it and I’ll study smarter next time.  Bueno. 🙂

I got my morning mojo going with a good  sufficient 3 mile run.  You know how they say if you don’t use it, you lose it?  They are so right.  But who are they?  Where are they?  Can I met the they (them)?  I always wonder this.  My run ended with a serious pep talk:

“You *huff* can *puff* do *gag* this.  You ran *huff huff* 13.1 *puff* miles.  GO!”

Nevertheless, I ran the ugly 3 miles because *duh duh DUH!* I’m back in training!  I jumped midway into the Hal Higdon novice 10K training schedule so I could run the Columbus 10K on June 6th.  I’ve never run a 10K before, but I am psyched for three reasons:

🙂 We’ll already be in Columbus on the 5th for a wedding, so the timing is perfecto.

🙂 My college roommate, Rachel, has agreed to meet up and run with with me and I am SUPER excited to run with her again.  Rachel was the one who encouraged me to run my very first 5K our sophomore year.  It was such a big accomplishment.  So big, in fact, I felt it excused me from running again for, oh, about 6 years. 😉

🙂 Finally — I need something in the interim to keep my routine up because after the 10K, I’ll start training for the Nationwide Better Health Columbus MARATHON.  MARATHON, people.  I said it.  It’s time.  Let’s get it started.

You’ll recall, the reason I started this blog was for the accountability while I trained for my first marathon.  It has always been my goal, and though I had to be smart and scale back my timeline to avoid injury and overuse, I feel I am ready for the challenge. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Coming down from the excitement hype, let’s talk eats:

My post-run breakfast was an egg/egg white combo with a banana (separately, not together — yuck!) and a piece of whole rye toast with buttah.  Coffee also present and water for post-run hydration.

I found this rye bread at Aldi while shopping a while ago was intrigued.

It’s high in fiber and low in fat and all natural — I love that.  I also love rye bread AND, I’m pretty sure I’ve been to the castle pictured on the front.  Is that Neuschwanstein?  Anyone?  I think so.

I made it through class with the help of MORE coffee (I was really dragging today) and then hit lunch with reckless abandon.  This was by far the most random lunch I’ve packed in a while.

Over here, we have the lunch of a fifth grader: PB&J on whole wheat bread, apples and all natural sea salt and cracked pepper chips.

While a spinach/strawberry salad with feta and EVOO and balsamic bring an air of simple sophistication.

And grapefruit is present just because.

I don’t know.  I just don’t know.  I think my brain was fogged by visions of dancing marathon runners or something.

What’s your next workout/exercise goal or challenge?  How’d you pick that?


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  1. Congrats on your 10k ahead! I followed that same training plan for my first 10k and did great. I am actually doing my second 10k next weekend, and am too training for my first ever marathon in October. Sounds like we are on similar training schedules. My next workout challenge is to get my booty to the early morning body pump class tomorrow then get my 3.5 miler in after work. Two-a-day = 😦

  2. good luck with the 10k! you can do it! also good luck with the marathon training. Woo hoo! the training is the best and funnest part! (((that’s what I think, anyway)))

  3. How exciting! Enjoy the training – you will ROCK the marathon!

  4. Let me know if you want to go for a bike ride when you need some cross training!

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