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While I’m off helping Sam tackle our jungle of a backyard (rake, anyone?), here are a couple of recipes I think you’ll like!

Last night, I whipped up a batch of Dark Chocolate Covered Apricots.  I found the recipe in a back issue of an old Fitness magazine.  Finding the recipe was serendipitous, really.  I have NO idea where the magazine came from, but it found its way into my carry-on bag and when I saw these babies, I couldn’t wait to land, rush to the store and make them.

Dark Chocolate Covered Apricots (from Fitness Magazine)

🙂 24 dried apricots

🙂 1/2 cup of dark chocolate chips (I used Hershey’s special dark)

🙂 4 tablespoons chopped pistachios

In a small double boiler, melt chips until smooth and creamy.  Dip half of each apricot in chocolate, then in chopped pistachios.  Place on waxed paper or cookie sheet.  Allow to cool, refrigerate to harden chocolate.

Could that be any easier?  These babies are chewy, crunchy, sweet and salty all at the same time.  I heart them.  The best part — the magazine lists a serving of 4 apricots as just 140 calories.  That’s a dessert I’ll indulge in without worry! 🙂

If you don’t have a double boiler, you can always fill a small saucepan with water, bring to a boil and place a small, metal mixing bowl right on top of the boiling water.  The warm bowl will melt the chips without scorching them, which is exactly what a double boiler would do.  NEVER let a lack of equipment or ingredients deter you from trying something new.  You’re imaginative and creative — you can work around it and you might just make it better with your “improvements”!

My second recipe for you is one I whipped up this morning for our dinner tonight.  We’re relying on quick and easy Trader Joe’s tortellini (plus broccoli, plus pineapple) to provide dinner while we’re working hard for the curb appeal.

Instead of tomato sauce or marinara, I wanted something different.  I present ReallyReallyEasy Red Pepper Sauce!

ReallyReallyEasy Red Pepper Sauce

🙂 one medium onion, chopped coarsely

🙂 2-3 cloves of garlic, chopped coarsely

🙂 1 large jar of roasted red peppers (packed in oil, not brine), drain most of oil, reserve scant amount

🙂 3/4 cup of white wine

🙂 1 tsp. basil

🙂 1 tsp. parsely


In a skillet, saute onion and garlic until transluscent.  Sprinkle herbs and mix thoroughly.

Add wine and reduce (for those unfamiliar, just allow the liquid to simmer, uncovered, until it is less liquid-y and thicker).

Transfer onion/garlic/herb/wine mixture to food processor.  Add roasted red peppers and reserved (scant) oil.  Process to desired consistency (I like mine a little chunky).  Enjoy over pasta!

I like to make this in the morning and let it sit in the fridge until it’s time to eat — the flavors marry a little better that way.   Haha, after writing that, I had a vision of a little bride onion and groom red pepper.  🙂

I’m off to follow Sam around the yard as he cuts the lawn and I rake up the clippings — yes, it’s THAT long.  Crazy.

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