Selective Special Splurging

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One thing I love to do on vacation or while traveling is try out the local offerings.  I would rather eat off the beaten path to find food that has a little more zing and culture than stick to a chain I know has the same food in all bajillion locations.

When we stopped by Jaxon’s Ice Cream Parlor…

With a line this l…o….n….g….

I knew it was time to splurge a little.  Obviously, this place had the goods. 😉

I’m not one to turn down sweets or say “no thank you” just because I can’t get the fat-free freaky version of it.  Far from it!  It’s not the fat or calorie content of goods like this that scares me – it’s the fact that sometimes on vacation, everything is a “special treat” and every time a “special occasion”.  You can get into real trouble reasoning like that with yourself.  I don’t believe in depriving yourself, but I also don’t believe in making everything a “gold star” kind of adventure.

When you’re choosing to splurge – be selective, make it special.  Be tough with yourself – is this really a treat or are you just labeling it that so you can have what you want?  You know yourself best, you know when you really want something or you’re just trying to be sneaky and have your stomach pull a fast one on your brain.  Often with eating, you can be your own worst enemy.  I’m not saying DON’T have a treat or count something as a special occasion – I’m saying make sure that’s actually the case.

Up until our little trip to Jaxon’s, I had been making smart, reasonable choices.  I stuck to my all-natural eating, I was substituting to make menu offerings healthier and I was digging into the snack bag when I was too hungry to think straight so I didn’t veer off the path into Sugarland.  It was going well.:)

That huge line gave me plenty of time to think about how to handle my ice cream.  I decided, based on my reasonable previous behavior, that I was going to order what I wanted, eat how much I wanted and stop when I felt full.

Another key to splurging is knowing you don’t have to push yourself just because it’s a splurge.  “Ugh, I’m so full, but it’s so good.”  Guess what?  That extra 8 bites that sends you into a food coma isn’t going to taste as good when you have to chase it with the pink stuff because your belly is in shock.  It’s worth it to splurge, it’s not worth it to hurt.  Listen to your body, especially on vacation!

In the end, I ordered a quarter of a pound (yowzas!) of Rocky Road.  I probably only ate half.  It was still incredible ice cream, it was still an incredible treat and I didn’t feel like I needed my stomach pumped when I was done because I wasn’t scraping the bottom of the bowl.

Just thought I’d show you how I was keepin’ it real with my choices on vacation, making sure I’m selective with my special splurging.  Okay, back to the beach!

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