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April 23, 2010 at 3:31 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment
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*Whew*  My exam is over.  So glad that’s off my shoulders, now I can focus on getting packed up for vacation and enjoying a week of fun, friends and sun. 🙂  But let’s back up a little…

Last night, I became an NFL widow.  Sam watched the draft with friends, so I was on my own for dinner.  In need of something speedy, I looked in the fridge and saw leftover black beans, produce that needed consuming before we leave and eggs — the easiest food on the planet.

Boom!  A Southwest Omelet.

In this bad boy:

🙂 Green Peppers

🙂 Tomato

🙂 “Mexican” style cheese

🙂 Black beans

and and avocado on top…

I made up some “home fries” out of red potatoes for the side.  So delicious.  I was going to add onion, but when I pulled the onion bag down from the top of the fridge, I realized the onion had decided against being eaten in favor of starting a family.  Stay at home onion?

While  I studied, I baked up some goodies — oatmeal raisin cookies!  They’re a “thank you” for some special peeps who will be caring for our monsters while we’re gone.  It’s the least I could do, the monsters can be adorable, but a handful.

Yuuuum.  I made plain ol’ oatmeal raisin for the lucky recipients and set aside a few more for Sam and myself.  To that batch, I added a small handful of dark chocolate chips.  Try adding the dark chocolate chips to your cookies.  We all know dark chocolate is better for you and when baked into a cookie, you can’t really tell the difference in taste.

I had all these great plans to get up this morning and do yogAHHH before my exam.  I thought it would calm my mind and be a good way to squeeze in some exercise before the day started.  I stayed up too late studying and ended up just stumbling into the kitchen in time to slug back the coffee and make oats in a jar.

Into the empty Trader Joe’s Crunchy Natural PB jar went Trader Joe’s Steel Cut Quick Cook Oats.

I forgot to photograph lunch, but I know you’re smart enough to mentally picture a PB&J on whole wheat, apple slices and carrot sticks.  If it seems like a light lunch, it’s because it was.  I came home after my midterm and ate two oatmeal raisin cookies and the last slice of Sam-nana bread.  Yup, it was just that good of a test. 😦 Have I mentioned I am definitely an emotional eater?  It’s usually something I try and control by taking a deep breath, walking away from the kitchen/food and asking myself why I feel like I need to eat (emotions vs. hunger).  Today, though, I didn’t stand a chance.  I consider it a victory I stopped at just two cookies.  Sometimes, all you can do is recognize the behavior and stop it as soon as you can if you can’t stop it before you started.

*sigh* Back to the grind.  “See” you later!

Are you an emotional eater?  How do you handle it?

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  1. I definitely have my moments of emotional eating…i think probably everyone does sometimes. I am not a sweet eater… I lean toward salty, fatty foods… like chips or cheese or pizza! So that’s the kind of stuff I grab if I am eating for other reasons besides actual hunger. Good job stopping at two cookies!! Not bad at all!!

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