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I came home last night to this sight:

My first thought, “Sam’s in the kitchen.  Baking.  Awwww……some!”

That fabulous man had spotted some spotted bananas on the counter and declared it time to make Sam-nana bread.  Sam-nana bread is your basic banana bread, and I don’t know what he does to make it taste so good, but I never turn down the opportunity to have him whip up a loaf.

I do know he follow’s the Betty Crocker recipe for banana bread, which also, conveniently, is low fat and moderately low in calories.  Score!  Since I happen to know the baker pretty well, I also know he used all natural ingredients.  🙂

Since he had his hands busy, I got started on dinner:

A simple meal of grilled chicken marinaded with Caribbean jerk sauce with whole grain take-and-bake bread and a side salad of red/green leaf lettuce with blueberries, chopped walnuts, feta and Craisins.  I dressed the salad in EVOO and balsamic vinegar.  If you’re a little leery of adding fruit to a usually veggie salad, start out with fruits you know.  Strawberries, blueberries and mandarin oranges are all tasty and I think pair well with balsamic vinegar.  Don’t let hesitation keep you from an excellent flavor combo — what’s the worst that could happen?  You don’t like it and then you end up picking off the fruit?  Oh, boo hoo. 😉  Put your big person panties on and put fruit on your salad.

Dessert was, of course, Sam-nana bread.  Soooo good.  I had a piece.  Or two. 🙂

This morning it was go-go-go because I had class bright and early, so an easy-peasy breakfast of Trader Joe’s High Fiber O’s with a handful of blueberries, fat free skim milk and (you guessed it) — a piece of Sam-nana bread.  Toasted.  Heaven.

I have to admit things are getting a little hectic in my life right about now.  I realize I pile a lot on my life plate (I work full time, I’m taking classes, I’m trying to be a good wife-y and dog mother, I’m blogging, running…), so sometimes, things get out of balance and catch up with me.  This imbalance = stress.  Mega stress.

Let me let you in on a little secret; lean close.  Closer.  Okay: when I am stressed and life is out of balance, it is usually the ones I love the most that are on the receiving end of this imbalance.  My stress will manifest in short tempers, irritability, dissatisfaction and a constant feeling of always being one step behind with so far to go.

This is unfair.  I know somewhere, Sam is nodding his head.  He’s usually the one who gets the worst of it.  I always think how horrible it is that we often let our guard so far down with the people we love the most, and then we end up acting the worst towards them.  Again, unfair.

I started to feel this imbalance coming today after class.  I have a midterm on Friday, a vacation to pack and prepare for and a whole week of work and life to get through sanely.  I felt this imbalance even more while on the phone with Sam.  I was moving my car to another parking lot when a student walked out in front of my vehicle without looking.  I hate that.  It happens all the time and usually I just grit my teeth, but today, I let out a tirade.  Sam laughed at first, but the longer I went on, the less funny it became.  Poor guy was on the receiving end of some very misplaced stress.  (Sam, not the student — the student needs to go back to kindergarten and learn to look both ways.)

Here’s how I’m going to try and head off stress and therefore, keep my life in balance and my outlook healthy and upbeat:

🙂 After posting this, I’m going to get all my nerves out.  The “to-dos” are what makes my stomach nervous and twisted, so I need to get them in order.  Lists are a big thing for me, so I’ll be making a slap-dash list of all the things that need to be done between now and when that fabulous flight takes off this weekend for vacay.  I’ll just jot them down as they come to me — I’ll essentially barf them onto paper.

🙂 I’ll prioritize. Taking what I’ve put to paper I will recognize what is absolutely essential and what can wait.  I’ll also determine what I can ask help with.  I have an incredible husband who is always telling me if I let him know how he can help, he will.  I need to actually do that more often.  I know I’m not the only one who does this in their marriage.

🙂 I’ll schedule.  Taking my priorities, I’ll block off my time (realistically) and put those “to-dos” in a spot where they will get “ta-done”.  Exercise MUST be on this list.  It is important, it does not take THAT much time and it provides a break from the go-go-go pace.  Don’t let exercise go by the wayside.  You’ll feel clearer and more focused during your busy time with it than you will without it.

I will also share this schedule with people who need to know.  My life is not solely my own — it is a shared life, so I can’t go barreling through a plan and a life that involves other people thinking I can stick to my little list without letting anyone in on what I need to do and when I need to do it.

Then I’ll take a deep breath and get going.

I realize this might sound a little Type A to some people, and that’s fine.  Honestly, I’m a little Type A. When you are going going going, sometimes you have to stop and ask if everything you’re going for is something that fulfills you.  If you’re designating time for something that does NOT fulfill you, it is just clogging up your time pipes and you’re going to get even more unbalanced and stressed.  Everything I do fulfills me and I don’t want to chuck anything, so I brainstorm, schedule and prioritize.

It helps.

No, please excuse me while I rip into my PB and Grape J sandwich…

And salad, applesauce and banana.

I’ve got important work to do.


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  1. Ooh, that salad sounds delicious! I’ve added walnuts and craisins to my salad before, but never blueberries…hmm…gonna have to do that next time I make a salad!

    • Haha, be ready for it to change your salad world ;). I find fruit on a salad usually works well with a spinach salad, too. Strawberries + spinach + feta + walnuts + EVOO/balsamic vinegar = Heaven.

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