Lunch with a side of Vitamin D

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Today, I decided that my cross training would be running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  It seemed aerobic enough and it was all that fit in my schedule ;).

This came up while I was walking the monsters, thinking about all the things I should/need to be doing.  Ahh, yes.  Those nagging thoughts.

Breakfast was pre-headless chicken running.  A bowl of puffed wheat (which I have decided tastes exactly like air — but it’s in the cupboard, so I’m eating it to get rid of it) with skim milk, one egg + one egg while over easy with pepper and ICED COFFEE!

Like my plates?  In case you can’t tell, they are a Hawaiian shirt and a pair of board shorts.  My cereal says “aloha!”  Can you tell I’m ready for vacay?

Sam worked at Starbucks many moons ago and knows the secret of making iced coffee at home.  No, smarty pants, it is NOT just simply pouring coffee over ice.  There’s more to it than that, particularly if you want it to taste delicious and not like watery coffee.  Eww.  We’ve had some really warm temps in our midwestern state and it just seems seasonal to start the day with iced coffee.  It looks swell in my Green Monster cup, no?

I rushed and rushed to tackle tasks left and right both at home and at work and took a break to meet up with a friend for lunch.

Haha, yes, Sam is my friend as well as my husband.  It all counts.  We ate lunch outside in the middle of campus, enjoying some sunshine (yay Vitamin D) and aesthetics.

I had a pb&(strawberry)j on natural whole wheat bread.  Mmm.  Whoever first paired pb&j should be sainted, don’t you think?  They go together so well.  I also had some veggie chips (unpictured), tried to pack a vine ripe tomato in a baggie (packaging FAIL), a banana (conveniently in its own packaging ;)) and some applesauce.

It was nice to see Sam in the middle of the day.  We work at the same university, but some days we could be working on different planets because our jobs are so different, we never run into each other in an official capacity.

A funny thing is happening among those of us in my family who are running the half marathon on Sunday, a mere 4 days away!  We’re all getting way more cautious and worried.  Sam skipped a usual CrossFit workout to avoid potential injury, I fretted about tripping over an open kitchen drawer (did I break anything?  sprain anything?) and Lisa (my sis) is wondering if she’s ready to run despite having to take it easy because of a cold.  Anything that might derail us from running Sunday and the culmination of 12 weeks of training is given a wide and generous berth.

The only one not acting like this is my dad.  My hypothesis is because he’s run a marathon before, he’s way more chill about this half.  Well, truthfully, he’s way more chill than anyone else I know.  I did not inherit this calmness.

I am freaking out.  A co-worker pulled up the race map today to see where in town it will be run.  Just looking at the map made my stomach do flips.  Eek!

It’s a combination of excitement this is finally happening AND that this is my first half marathon ever.  Double eek.

If you’re a runner/racer: How early does your race excitement/anxiety set in?  A week before?  The morning of?  At the starting line?

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  1. For marathons, i start getting nervous a few weeks beforehand…once the taper starts…and then the night before, i am a bundle of nerves. Race day though I have found isn’t that bad. Just make sure you hit the bathroom a LOT before the race starts. For half marathons,I don’t get as nervous. I think of it as just another long run. But I am a little nervous about the one coming up on April 25, mainly because I have set an aggressive time goal for myself (aggressive for me, maybe not so aggressive for you). You are lucky you have people running your half with you. That makes a huge difference. I’ll be all alone 😦 Are you all running it together the whole time? Or do you each have a different pace and so will not actually be running together?

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