And the thunder rolls…

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I put lunch off for so long today that my stomach was practically turning itself inside out by the time I had a spare minute to eat.  This is never good!

Late lunch + traveling this weekend + house with no groceries =

Lunch courtesy of Subway.  I ordered a turkey breast 6 inch sub on Nine Grain Wheat with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, spinach and mustard.  Having gone through a month of eating only natural foods has re-ignited a love of mustard.  Sorry, mayo, you’re sloppy seconds now.  I opted for the yogurt on the side instead of chips and got a light lemonade to drink.

It was okay, but wasn’t as tummy filling as I usually need.  Dinner was a monstah!

I’ve shown you the Spanish stacker before, yes?  I thought so. 😉  The most wonderful tasty souvenir of my time living in Spain — a stack of roasted red peppers, spinach, rice with lightly breaded chicken on the bottom and an egg on the top.  Sounds crazy, tastes amazing.

I’m in full “returner-learner” mode, taking a Spanish class this quarter.  While I studied for class tomorrow, I succumbed to the craving for a Cadbury Creme Egg.  So bad, but so good.  It’s a good thing my mom gave me a set of 4 instead of like a dozen.  They would all be gone.  Must exercise self control

I have to admit, it was pretty strange to look at the half marathon training schedule and see that it’s only a 4 mile run for tomorrow.  Whoa!  We’re getting SO close to the actual day of the race (the 11th), I’m already starting to get a nervous stomach!  It’s thunderstorming right now, I love the sound of the rain and the rolling thunder.  Just hope it lets up by 5am tomorrow when I have to go pound the pavement! 🙂

G’night, sleep tight, don’t let the KFC double down sandwich bite.  Ohhhhh yeah, you know we’ll be talking about that tomorrow!

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