Chain chain chain….chain of fools

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I woke up this morning feeling incredibly triumphant!  Why, you ask?  Oh, we’ll get to that…

First, lunch yesterday (for accountability’s sake — we’re coming down the home stretch with the “If It Doesn’t Have a Mama” March challenge, now is not the time to start slacking!):

Salad (romaine lettuce, avocado, cucumber, carrot and tomato with EVOO and balsamic vinegar), apples, strawberries, Aldi brand multi-grain chips (natural — I checked the label!) and…

My tra-dish-ional 4 o’clock yogurt with some organic flax seed pumpkin granola (now that sounds SUPER crunchy-granola, no?).  See the pumpkin seed?

So far, so good.  Everything either has a mama or grew in the ground.  Check check check.

We had dinner plans with a friend and would be eating a little late, so I munched on a cashew cookie LaraBar between work and dinner.

Ew, blurry picture, sorry!  And please ignore the monster toy in the background.

Some men, when given the green light to take a last minute trip to see their college friend and take in a NCAA tourney game bring their wives flowers as a thank you gesture.  My husband knows better.  A bouquet of LaraBars was my thank you gesture.  What can I say?  Sam knows the way to make me happy.  Um, it’s usually food.

We were meeting our friend, Gifford, for dinner and he asked us to pick a restaurant.  Sam deferred to me since I’m the one with the self-imposed odd eating this month and I boldly chose a CHAIN restaurant.  Yup, a chain.  *duh duh DUHHHHHH*  Remember how earlier this month, I basically swore off chain restaurants because I thought it was a doomed mission to eat at one and honor the “If It Doesn’t Have a Mama” March rules?  I stared that chain restaurant in the face and laughed.  I am 22 days stronger and wiser.  Hah hah haha, chain restaurant.  Bring it.

How did I manage?  Well, I took control.  I’m the consumer, I should be able to make the changes I want.  So what if they charge me a “substitution” fee (bull! do they NOT have all the same food back there in the kitchen?  is it THAT troubling to heap something different on my plate?  did they have to travel a great distance to accommodate my wishes? whatevah!), I’ll pay an extra $2 for a different veggie as long as I can leave with my conscience clear.  I did just that.

I ordered the “Chicken Fresco” which according to the menu is:

A fresh, all-natural grilled chicken breast topped with vine-ripened tomatoes, lemon-butter sauce, and a splash of balsamic vinaigrette. With steamed broccoli and white cheddar mashed potatoes.

I made some changes, though.  No lemon-butter sauce, please.  I don’t know if what you consider butter is what I consider butter.  Oh, and while you’re at it, I’d like double the broccoli instead of the white cheddar mashed potatoes — who knows how processed that cheddar is.

It actually came to me the way I ordered it!  SUCCESS!  TRIUMPH!!!

My favorite part was when the server said, “wow, I wish I could eat that healthy all the time.”  Secret’s out, dude, YOU CAN.

Overall, a great night with great company.  Sam met Gifford through work (Gifford is a retired history professor) and we love to spend time together and hear his stories.

This morning, oats were in order.  I whipped up some Trader Joe’s Quick Cooking Steel Cut Oats…

Mmm, fiber… 😉

I threw it in an empty PB jar with banana and cacao nibs.  If you’re wondering what cacao nibs are, according to the box, they are roasted cacao bean pieces that have a nutty flavor and crunchy texture.  They don’t really have any astounding nutritional value, but they’re yummy and add a hint of chocolate taste to my oatmeal.

Of course, no morning is complete without a cup of coffee with organic half and half and light agave syrup.

A morning without coffee is like an atmosphere without oxygen — UN-INHABITABLE.

It’s raining here, but the monsters and I are going to brave the drizzle for a quick walk and then I’m off to work!  A 5 miler is on tap for later tonight (maybe the rain will fade by then…?)  Hope you find a little sunshine wherever you are.

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