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March 22, 2010 at 8:12 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments
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It’s always good to try something new — branch out, explore new horizons.  I’m always up for a change in pace, especially when it comes to exercise.  Last night, I scrolled through the FitTv listings and found a Sharon Mann In Shape flexible yoga program.  Perfect!  I set the DVR and was all ready to tackle it this morning.  I love yogAHHHH on the day after the long runs.  It takes all the muscles I tightened up with all those miles and stretttttttches them back into shape.

After a Green Monster smoothie and a cup of coffee with organic half and half, I hit the mat.

Not until after I staged a catalogue shoot with the adorable yoga mat bag my sister made me for my birthday.

I love the color and the ribbon closing it is perfect!  If you’re interested in placing an order, I’ll see if I can get her on ;).  Haha.

My first impression of Sharon Mann is that she is intense.  I mean, I spent a good 2 minutes thinking that I had actually DVR-ed a Saturday Night Live parody of a fitness show.  It was that kitchy.  She was popping into poses instead of flowing into them.  She’s like an aerobics instructor who’s heart never stopped racing long enough to enjoy a good yoga flow.  She’s no Shiva Rea, that’s for sure.  I’ll share a little secret: while I may make fun of the crunchy-granola-super-soothing voice most of those yoga instructors use, but I actually appreciate it.  It has a nurturing Mother Nature quality I find comforting.  That’s why I do yogAHHH, because it’s comforting.

Um, not this morning.  I generally don’t think of yogAHHH as a workout where the instructor wears an over-the-ear mic and makes the exhaling “whew!” noise as we hold a pose or counts down from 8 while encouraging, “keep going, you can do, sweat it out!”.  I like relaxing yogAHHH, not yogAHHH-robics.  I mean, you know it’s bad when the people behind the instructor in the video have the “what the heck?” look on their face.  Check out this guy:

And a close-up:

Yep.  Farhan there (yes, that’s his name) is clueless.  I did as much as I could stand (about 20 minutes) and I’m going to do a combo of abs and more stretching to round out the workout.  Zora wouldn’t even come out to watch me, and she’s my usual yogAHHH buddy.  Not this morning.  Sharon Mann freaked her out.  They say animals are very intuitive, I believe it! 🙂

What exercise did you try that left you feeling a little less than satisfied?  Any workout you did sporting the “what the heck” face? 😉


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  1. That’s a beautiful yoga mat! I love Zumba, but other dancing classes make me make a what the heck face;)

    • Oh I agree! I usually get lost in the music in a dance class, but if the spell is broken and I start looking around, I realize how silly I feel! 🙂


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