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Oh boy.  Oh boy.  Where to even start?

Well, let’s start with breakfast:

I had a piece of all natural whole wheat toast with almond butter and some cantaloupe to fuel up pre-10k.   Good, yummy carbs and a little protein.  See a monster nose over on the left side of the picture?  Ruby looooooves nut butters.

I hit the bike path and ran the first 3.1 miles with a little huffing and puffing.  I’m definitely fighting a cold, but I didn’t want to let the day pass me without at least trying to run.  At the turnaround point, I took off the long-sleeved shirt I had on over my moisture-wicking top (ah, much better — I totally underestimated the power of spring!) and ate some Clif Blok shots (strawberry — mmmm).

At mile 5 I noticed a dog up ahead.  I’ll go ahead and admit that it bothers me when I see dogs walking with their people unleashed.  It’s illegal and as a runner, it makes me nervous.  I can’t be sure what that dog will do.  I assumed this was the case with this dog, so I started to give it a wide berth.

I got closer and realized, it was a runaway.  It had a red collar on with a registration tag dangling, so I knew there was a chance it could be reunited with it’s owner.  If I could catch it.

Now, everyone, repeat after me: you should NOT approach dogs you don’t know.  You should NOT try and catch dogs you don’t know.  You should NOT try and wrangle dogs you don’t know.

So, of course, I did.  That long-sleeved t from earlier sure came in handy ;).

After seeing that sad sight, I gave the spoiled monsters an extra hug.  I heard from the dog pound a while ago that they know who the owners are and they’ll be contacting them in the morning.  *happy tear*  It kinda ruined my run, but you know, I feel like the karma payback I’ll get is worth sacrificing that run.

Lunch was super delicious (and met all the “If It Doesn’t Have a Mama” March rules).  My mother-in-law, Ann, drove in to town take me to a birthday lunch.  Much to her credit, she wasn’t even phased by the dog story.  “Bethany, dogs just find you!” was her response.  Yeah, they kinda do.  Like the lost dog I found during a 5K last summer.  I totally added 9 minutes to my time trying to find someone with a cell to call the number on his tags.  Those 9 minutes were worth it because his owner was super happy to have him back!

After visiting (and receiving a super sweet b-day present!) we headed to Jana’s Cafe.  Jana’s uses locally grown and organic produce and products.  I trust them.  I love their food.  I would tell more people about them, but then I’m afraid I’ll never get a table ;)!

Lunch was the “Happy Hills” — potatoes and peppers with onions and provolone cheese with two eggs over medium and a piece of marbled rye toast.  Yuuuuuum.  Everything has a mama or grew in the ground here.

Since I ate such a big, late lunch, dinner was a little small:

Green Monster Smoothie!  Wait, what?  Don’t believe me?  Oh, the color is throwing you off.

Better? 😉  Kelly gave me that adorable cup (it comes with a screw on lid and heavy duty straw! and it’s RED!)

I also ate a handful of grapes.

So let’s look back, amigos, over the past couple of  weeks of the “If It Doesn’t Have a Mama” March challenge:

🙂 I twisted my mother’s arm into cooking an all-natural birthday dinner, including cake and frosting (the woman is a saint!)

🙂 I slipped up and ate a cupcake — but for a good reason.

🙂 I made a bootie cake for an office baby shower to ensure I could eat the sweet treats at the party.

🙂 I still managed to eat out and enjoy some typical girly noshes.

I also had to make my own bread crumbs and honey mustard, but it wasn’t really that big a deal.  I still feel really good and I’m pretty confident it’s because I’m filling my belly and my body with whole, natural foods.  I’ve even had some compliments lately (okay, one of them was from a drunken St. Patty’s day reveler ;)) about my appearance and while it might be the running, I think it’s actually the food.  When you fuel your body with good food and you’re exercising it, you’re bound to give off a healthy glow.

Budget-wise…oh no, I’ll save that for the final wrap-up post.  That and how this has affected my weight.  You’ll just have to hang on to March 29th for that! 🙂

I still miss my coffee creamer and I wish I could just reach for a snack instead of having to dissect the ingredients, but this is actually getting easier.  Today, Sam mentioned he was heading to Dunkin Donuts and I got jealous for a minute (I’d kill for a Boston Creme pie…I’m not gonna lie) and I started to say, “oh well, just another week or so and I can go back to eating real…” what?  Real food?  Nope.  What I’ve eliminated wasn’t real food.  That kind of put it in perspective.

If you’re a reader who is telling youself, “I should try this” then you should!  Maybe just start with a day.  If a day goes well, try three days.  See how a week feels.  Start recognizing what you’re eating and what you CAN’T recognize, don’t eat– then let me know how you’re feeling.  🙂

What is something you usually eat that you know doesn’t have a mama or grow in the ground?  Could you give it up?  Would you try and swap for a natural alternative?


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  1. Poor pup. He looks sad. But he is safe and sound now. I myself have two monsters too (no, not the kids–there are three of those little rug rats). Anyway, one is a beagle who is constantly catching a scent and taking off. He is a rescue pup, so I feel certain he wandered off from his previous owners before we got him. We have always been able to find him when he takes off, but I gotta hope that if there ever comes a day when we can’t find him, someone like you would pick him up and get him somewhere safe. 🙂 Good job on your healthy eating. I have been doing good too. I drank another green monster smoothie this morning for breakfast! Cafe mochas are a tough treat for me to give up. It makes me sad just to think about it.

  2. I have angrily yelled at many a person that had their dog off their leash – I’ve been chased far too many times and my husband actually got bit! It’s against the law for a reason people!!!

    Still thinking hard about doing “Mama”. Wait, that sounded terrible. lol 😉

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